How to Buy Ark Coin

Ark is among the best possible investments! ARK can be tough to understand because it’s trying to do so much! However, ARK is making steady progress and may be on the verge of changing Blockchain forever.

ARK was one of the most successful ICOs of all time when it debuted more than a year ago, in terms of funds raised and investor returns. Those who bought their ARK coins at just a few cents each were over-the-moon when the Ark coin price topped $8. The Ark coin price is lower today, but this could change. Buy Ark coin and benefit from this unique investment potential.


5 Quick Steps to Buy Ark

  1. Go to Coinbull
  2. Create an account by entering your details
  3. Deposit funds into your new account
  4. Choose Ark and the amount you want to buy
  5. Decide your risk and submit order

Coinbull platform

Why is ARK Amazing For Investors?

Perhaps the coolest ARK feature for investors is the promise of “dividends” for people who hold ARK. This is intimately linked to ARK’s innovative governance model. ARK has 51 “delegates” who receive new ARK coins introduced into the system, and who have voting power for important decisions in the network.

  • People who own ARK coin can vote for these delegates. Users vote by “Staking” their ARK coin, which locks it into the ARK coin wallet until the user decides to take it out. The delegate who benefits from the user’s vote commits to sharing the ARK coin rewards with the voter. This results in passive income for the user.
  • Most delegates share 90% or more of their weekly coin rewards with their voters. In practice, this allows voters to receive about 9-11% in compounding passive returns each year. Full disclosure, this writer has been enjoying this system for months, during which time hundreds of free ARK have been earned with no effort at all.
  • ARK coins also stand to gain in value. The ARK coin price is several times what it was 6 months ago, but the current market cap is only about half a billion USD. Once the ARK VM and ARK core V2 are launched, a market cap of several billion is not unlikely. Today could be one of the last best times to buy ARK.

ARK Coin on Binance Exchange

Binance Quick Facts

  • Overall score: 4.5/5
  • Coins offered: more than 300 popular, up-and-coming coins,
  • Minimum deposit: $0
  • Regulation: many international regulatory bodies, primarily regulated in Malta
  • Payment methods; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether
  • Wallet included?: One for each currency supported
  • Main benefits: Affordability, one-stop shop
  • Visit Site  

ARK as an Investment?

There are many reasons to be excited about ARK, and it’s important to point out that ARK is closer to accomplishing their goals than many competitor projects. You see, the ARK team (headed by crypto genius Mike Doty) has already created two previous successful blockchain projects: LISK and Crypti.

They’ve also been working longer on this project than much of the competition. EOS and Cardano plan to do some of the same things as ARK, but neither are anywhere near to having a working product. ARK, meanwhile, is likely only a couple of months out from releasing their two most important products: ARKVM and Core V2.

We believe in ARK and that this is the time to buy ARK. If you’re feeling convinced, take some time to read about the Ark project on your own.

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How to Invest in ARK Coin

ARK is sold through many brokers and exchanges, but there are ways which stand out as the easiest and most reliable like Coinbull and Binance. These will appeal to different kinds of customers.

Both of these methods will require you to download the ARK wallet, for desktop or mobile. Both work equally well. Go to and click on “Wallets” to choose the desktop wallet, or get the ARK mobile wallet from the Apple or Android App stores. Download them, write down and store the private keys, and take note of your address. Your address can be found on the ARK wallet main page, at the top middle.

For those of you who want to buy ARK coin for yourself using a conventional cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is definitely the place to do it. First, you’ll have to buy Bitcoins, which will then have to be sent to your Binance wallet. Buy Bitcoins using Coinbase, Coinmama,, or Changelly. When they’ve arrived, send them to Binance by doing the following.

buy ark buy ark coin ark coin wallet

Create your account at Click on the links in the registration emails sent to you by Binance. Always make sure to choose a unique password and username.

where to buy ark coin ark coin buy should I buy arkOnce inside your account, make sure to set up 2 Factor Authentication. This will require you to input a 6 digit code, updated every 30 seconds, from an app on your phone each time you login with your normal password. Since no one else will have this app, this will do a lot to ensure that you are the only one who will have access to your Binance account.

How to Send ARK Coin to Your ARK Wallet for Safekeeping

Your ARK will be safest in your own wallet, off of the Binance exchange. If you’ve been following along, you already created your ARK Wallet as explained several sections above. Go there now and copy your ARK wallet address. Now head back to Binance, under the “Balances” section.

ark price

Type “ARK” into the search bar as pictured. This will bring up your Binance ARK wallet. Click “Withdrawal”.

ark coin price

This will make the above menu appear. Paste your ARK wallet address into the “ARK Withdrawal Address” line. Select “Max” under “Amount” and hit “Submit”. Your ARK coins should arrive in just a few minutes.

When you’re ready, vote for an ARK delegate. You can learn more about the current ARK delegates from Reddit. When you’re ready, input your choice into the “Vote” section of the ARK wallet. Pay your 1 ARK voting fee, then enjoy as the free ARK trickles in over the coming days and weeks. 

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