How to Buy Augur

Want to buy Augur (REP), Coinbull is the easiest way to do so. We’ll explain this and other options to invest in Augur.

5 Quick Steps to Buy Augur

  • Create a Coinbull account
  • Set up payment channel (Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Card)
  • Deposit funds (at least $200)
  • Place an order to buy Augur
  • Get those juicy returns!

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Recommended places to trade Augur

Why Invest in Augur Now?

Now is a great time to buy Augur (REP) because Augur is a more advanced platform, with a larger user community, than ever before. Despite Bitcoin showing recent signs of life, the crypto market is still very much near the nadir of an extended bear market. Even the prices of high quality projects like Augur have sunk to record lows. When the market recovers, these awesome altcoins will shoot back to the top.

Augur is one of the coolest concepts in cryptocurrency. It gives people the opportunity to bet (legally) on the outcome of various world situations, using Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment. If you make a bet on a “yes or no” question, and your answer turns out to be the right one, you’ll be paid in Auger (REP). These “Reputation Tokens” have real world value, and the more you have, the greater reputation for having a perspective that allows you to predict the outcomes of future events. People who make bad predictions lose Augur coins.

This market concept has been demonstrated in the real world using US Dollars as the base (Politifact, for example). Because learning how accurate crowds can be in useful for science, this form of betting is totally legal. Cryptocurrency and blockchain seem the natural settings for this kind of thing, and smart contracts make these financial transactions absolutely verifiable and secure.

By buying now, you’re getting these A+ crypto projects at a fraction of their inherent value. Whether the bear market continues for a day or a year longer, we can’t tell for sure. But by buying Augur when the price is at its worst, you stand to make impressive gains when (if) it’s at its best once more.

What is the Best Site for Augur?

Augur is available on many exchanges, but none is easier to use (especially for beginners) than Coinbull. Coinbull doesn’t sell cryptocurrencies in the traditional sense. Ownership of crypto is known for its steep initial learning curve. Users have to find digital wallets from authentic sources, make transfers using long & complex addresses, and avoid the many fraud hazards that stuff this industry. By offering a method of investment that eliminates all of these difficulties, Coinbull is a real boon to new and experienced traders alike. 

So if Coinbull doesn’t sell crypto, what do they sell? The answer is a financial product called the Contract For Difference, or CFD. Futures contracts like CFDs allow a user to pay a broker the market price of some asset, in this case Augur. If the buyer thinks that Augur is going to be more expensive in one month than it is today, she’ll pay today’s price and wait. If in one month Augur’s price has risen by $10 per coin, the buyer will get all of her money back, plus an additional $10 per coin.

It’s a very elegant solution that allows users to invest in crypto, without having to do all the research necessary to be a safe and cautious crypto owner. For people who just want to invest and take advantage of the incredible returns available in this space, Coinbull and its CFD model are too compelling to pass up.

Augur available on Coinbull

Using Coinbull to buy Augur is a cinch, and we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Open Account With Coinbull

First, go to and create an account. There are a number of buttons on the site that will take you to the signup screen you see above. If you’ve ever used the internet, you pretty much know how to do this in your sleep.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Once you’ve submitted your personal info and clicked the link in the verification email sent to you by Coinbull, select a payment channel. You can choose your Credit Card, a bank wire transfer, or Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments are completed in seconds, Credit cards in minutes, and wire transfers in several days. Deposit at least $200 (or your currency equivalent). Now you’re ready to trade!

Step 3: Choose Augur

On the trading page, you’ll see all of the cryptocurrencies available on Coinbull. Select Augur (REP) from the scrolling list on the left side of the page. Then think about how you anticipate the price of Augur to change over the coming days. In the middle of the screen, select a contract that fits your prediction (Buy if you think the price is going up, Sell if you think the price is going down). Commit to the contract. This will lock away some or all of your account balance. When the contract time expires, take your winnings (or cry over your losses) and try again for an even better result!

How to Invest in Augur Through Exchanges

Augur is a very popular cryptocurrency, so lots of exchanges sell it. Not all exchanges are easy, reliable, or honest, however. We’ve selected excellent exchanges that we think will work perfectly for beginning and experienced crypto traders alike.


Binance is the best of the best when it comes to crypto trading. Dirt cheap (especially when using their official currency BNB for trading), Binance also has a massive selection of excellent cryptocoins, new and old. Create an account, send over some Bitcoin, and head to the Basic Exchange (seen above). On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a little search bar that allows you to search for all of the coins traded against Bitcoin. Type in “REP”, and you’ll see the BTC/REP trading pair. Click it.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a simple little interface with a green button labeled “Buy REP”. Use that section to place your order. Select how much REP you want, how much you want to pay for each coin (the present market price will already be filled in, if that’s what you want to pay), and observe your order total. If that all looks like what you want, click the green button. Look for your new Augur coins in your Binance Augur wallet under “Funds” > “Deposits Withdrawals”. Send your Augur to an outside wallet that you control for safekeeping.

How to Store Augur in a Wallet

Augur, like all cryptocurrencies, must be stored in a digital wallet. Augur is popular, so many wallets are made to support it. You can see some of our favorites at our wallet page. Most or all of these options will work. Augur also has official wallets from the Augur development team. Always research a new wallet until you’re sure it’s legit. Some people prey on newcomers by making wallets that look real, but in reality only steal coins. If you go with the wallets we’ve reviewed, you won’t have a problem.


Augur is a really exciting coin and blockchain project. It’s part of a movement that is changing the way we are learning to anticipate outcomes of future events – in a very real way, learning to predict the future. That Augur also has its own value and income opportunities for user/investors, Augur is one of our favorite picks for 2018. When this bear market comes to an end, we expect to see Augur shooting to new heights. We can’t tell you to do with your money, but we think Augur would be quite at home on your investment consideration short list.

Augur FAQs

How Many Augur Are There? Only 11 million. That’s nearly half of Bitcoin’s already small supply, and less than an 8th of Ethereum’s. Supply and demand indicates that if Augur’s popularity increases, its price will be driven upward with some momentum!

What Kind of Events Does Augur Predict? Investment prices, sporting event winners, global elections, political news, you name it.

Is Augur Decentralized? Yes, even though the market looks like a regular centralized website, it’s actually a Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain.


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