How to Buy Cardano - The Complete Guide

Today priced almost exactly where it was before the last big bull run, now could be the best time to invest in Cardano. Now let’s show you how.

5 Quick Steps to Buy Cardano

  1. Take 2 minutes to create a new  eToro account 
  2. Link your chosen payment method (Paypal, credit/debit card, skrill, Neteller, wire transfer etc)
  3. Deposit funds (min £200)
  4. Place an order to buy Cardano
  5. Watch your profits grow!


Recommended places to buy Cardano

Why Should you Buy Cardano?

Cardano was designed as a scalable and sustainable platform that allows for the creation of dapps and smart contracts. It is similar in its aim as Ethereum but has improved scalable functionality.

On a very generic and superficial level, one reason you should consider investing buy cardano is because of their recruitment strategy. They have formed one of the most talented support networks in the crypto industry, this has been done by picking the creme da le creme out of the worlds best universities. These include Havard and Prinston in the US, as well as the Oxbridge duo in the UK and many more from around the world.

This detail to skilled personnel will no doubt only be a good thing for cardano and whilst there will always be worry about cryptocurrencies acting as a currency, there is almost zero chance the cardano blockchain will not be used by thousands of businesses around the world and that the blockchain technology will become a norm in our day-to-day.

cardano chart

For projects like Cardano which continue to innovate and develop, today’s price might turn out to be a fire sale – the last time you have to get crypto projects this good at this price. Because this is a buy page, not a complete Cardano review, we won’t sell you on Cardano’s specifications. Instead, let’s get right into how to buy this project.

Borne from some of the minds that created Ethereum, Caradno has been called “Japan’s Ethereum” – a moniker that makes sense, as Cardano is a platform built for smart contracts. The Cardano team plans to optimize blockchain beyond the capabilities of Ethereum. It is not yet live, but when it is, Cardano is hoped to outperform the older smart contract platform in speed, scalability, and even security.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Cardano?

So where should you go to buy Cardano? The answer to this question depends entirely upon how you plan to use it. Cardano famously has not yet released its mainnet – the mammoth software project that will deliver Cardano, as a product and technology ecosystem, to the world. When Cardano is finally released, Cardano ADA coins will play an important role in the resulting ecosystem, much like Ether with Ethereum.

Therefore, if you want to be a user of the Cardano platform, conventional cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, eToro  & Binance will be the best option for you. These traditional exchanges allow you to trade coins like Bitcoin for altcoins like Cardano. From here you’ll be able to send your coins to a digital wallet, where you can keep them until the platform is launched, or spend/trade them as you please.

You can buy cardano in two different states or via two different instruments. One is to buy the coin itself, whilst the other is to buy cardano as a CFD.

Buying the actual coin involves a fair amount of knowledge about the coin and the industry. You will need to open a secure wallet, and then create an account with an exchange, which are notorious for taking a long time to verify their new users. The process is very strict, often causing the user to miss the price they intended to buy the coin.

The alternative is via a CFD, to do this you need to open a brokerage account, this is normally a simple process, especially if you use our preferred brokers, whom we have tested to make sure the procedure is easy.


eToro is a global leading brokerage that was one of the first to launch cryptocurrencies as a CFD. The owners believe in the cryptocurrency vision and have invested heavily in their platform to make it cryptocurrency friendly.

Initially they started with CFDs, however now they have created their own crypto exchange as well as launching their social crypto platform in the US. They are one of the first to offer such a service to US clients and it just shows how committed they are to revolutionising the financial industry.


Investous is a relatively new brand, whilst reviews might only say they have been around for a year or so, they are actually a subsidiary of another extremely popular brokerage.

They have leveraged the knowledge of their parent company and launched Investous to be a hub of CFD trading and in particular to focus on cryptocurrencies.

Now let’s suppose you want to buy Cardano so you can use, spend, and trade it. For this, you’ll need to use traditional brokerage options, like Binance. We’ll break down their respective advantages now.


Binance, Bittrex, and the rest of the lot resemble stock brokerage sites you might have used in the past. They will allow you to deposit popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and use these digital currencies to trade for up and coming altcoins like Cardano.

Register with Binance

Register with Bitterex

This league of crypto exchanges requires a bit more knowledge from the investor, but you’ll be able to use this knowledge to get the best prices, using limit, stop-loss, and other complex order types. If you want to grow as a trader, these exchanges are the best way to improve your game.

Our preferred provider

Our preferred place to buy cardano is eToro. This is because they are a regulated broker, your money is simply safer with them compared to exchanges, where there is a history of hacks and people losing thousands if not millions of dollars.

6 Reasons to Buy Cardano with eToro

✅ Regulated Platform: It is regulated by both the FCA and CySEC, both of whom hold huge clout in the world of finance and make sure that the financial markets are controlled.
✅ User friendly: The platform is built with both beginners and experts in mind. It has all the technical indicators available for  experts and a simple buy and sell ticket system that anyone can use.
Social Trading: eToro is a pioneer in the social trading sphere. By helping beginners copy the pros and paying the pros to let beginners copy their trades, it is a win win all around.
✅ Lots of Payment Options: Unlike many exchanges you can buy Cardano using various different payment methods, these include; PayPal, Giropay, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Yandex, etc.
✅ Advanced Tools: You can open a demo account where you can hone your trading strategies before putting real money on the line. They also have dynamic stop losses, which will move with the price.
✅ Build a cryptocurrency Portfolio: They are a leading platform in offering cryptocurrencies as a CFD. You can build out a portfolio to up to 11 coins, including Stellar, Ripple, EOS, NEO etc.

Register with eToro

Some will simply want to use Cardano as an investment asset. For these people, eToro is probably the best bet. Here, users can buy Cardano at market prices just like with Binance. But instead of being given real digital coins (and all the responsibility that comes with them), users simply engage a contract. The contract is tied to the amount of Cardano the user purchased. When the contract is cancelled by the user, he will receive profits according to how much the value of Cardano went up during the time of the contract.

Basically, eToro is a streamlined option for investors, while Binance and its competitor sites (Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken) are great for people who plan to use Cardano on the mainnet, or who wish to trade Cardano for other digital assets. Given eToro’s ease we would always recommend users start off buying with eToro.

Buying Cardano: Payment Methods

There are very few places where you can buy Cardano with fiat currency like US Dollars of British Pounds Sterling. In most cases you will have to make a cash wire transfer to a Bitcoin purchasing platform like Coinbase, then use your new Bitcoin on an exchange like Binance to get Cardano.

Places like eToro however have bucked the trend and you can now buy with different payment methods. For more information about various payment methods, see below.

Various methods to invest in Virtual Currency

If you are already involved in crypto investment, you likely already have experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum, coins which can be traded for Cardano on many exchanges. To see a full list of where Cardano is traded, and what currencies can be used to trade against it, check out this complete page on CoinMarketCap.

How to Store Cardano in a Wallet

Digital Assets like Cardano have to be stored in pieces of dedicated software called “wallets”. Wallets allow you to access your cryptocurrency on your computer or other device. Wallets keep your Cardano safe, and some allow you to spend or trade it within the wallet itself. We’ve written a great deal about digital wallets, many of which will support Cardano. Check out our complete crytocurrency wallet review page to learn about the best wallets for Cardano.


Cardano is among the very best cryptocurrency projects on planet Earth. Even after the recent decline in crypto’s overall market value, we are still highly optimistic for the future of Cardano. Whether you use eToro, Binance, or another high quality investment option, getting into Cardano now could be one of the best investment decisions you make in your entire life. If you are interested in investing then we would recommend you having a look at eToro, you’re money is considerably safer with them than in a vulnerable exchange.

Recommended places to trade Cardano

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I read that the founder of Cardano has been encouraging blockchain innovation around the world, I wonder if this means they have plans to develop in other countries?

Hi Ricardo, This is a fast and highly scalable network that has the potential to make a huge global impact in the future. It is open source, has a strong community and already has backing from a number of countries.

I’m really excited about the future of Cardano, I’ve found it fascinating to read about recently

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