How to Buy Dash

Dash is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies in the entire market. Dash continues to impress with its ramifications for privacy, deflation, and speed.

5 Quick Steps to Buy Dash

  1. Create an eToro account
  2. Choose a payment method
  3. Deposit at least £160
  4. Place an order to buy Dash
  5. Cancel the contract when prices go up to take your profits!

Buy Dash Coin at eToro

Why Buy Dash Now?

Dash wants to be the #1 choice for digital money in the world. Without getting too technical here, suffice to say that Dash is a fork of Bitcoin that adds a number of updates that make its Blockchain faster and more scaleable than Bitcoin, with more possibilities for privacy and other benefits.

The Dash community is strong and growing. More vendors are signing on the accept Dash as payment, online and in the physical world, than ever before. We at believe the precipitous decline of all cryptocurrencies to be kind of ridiculous – the result of panic, not careful consideration. Dash is a great project which will recover, because it has purpose in the real world. Sooner or later the market will realize this. Hopefully you will have taken advantage of these low, low prices before that recovery happens, so you can make bank on Dash riches when all time high prices are surpassed in this exciting space.

What is Dash Coin?

Dash has a real claim to being an update on Bitcoin’s classic technology. In fact, it’s a hard fork of Bitcoin itself. This means that Dash more or less cloned the Bitcoin software back in January 2014 (under the name Darkcoin), then made its own updates. Like Bitcoin, before you can buy Dash it must first be mined, but the core developers have added some important features that make Dash a little more agile and interesting than Bitcoin.

What is the Best Site to Buy Dash?

eToro is the site we most commonly recommend to new users, because it is undeniably easier to use than just about any other option. An important distinction between eToro and, say, Binance is that eToro doesn’t sell coins. They sell profit rights to specific values of cryptocurrencies, priced at current market rates.

What this means is that if you want to buy $1,000 of Dash because you think it is going to double in value, a site like Binance would actually sell you those coins, which you would have to transfer to a wallet (for a fee) in order to trade (for a fee) or spend (for a fee). You’d have to be very careful with addresses, because if you sent coins and missed even a letter in one of the long alphanumeric codes, your coins would be gone forever.

That’s a big hassle and risk for people who just want to buy low and sell high. eToro makes it easy and eliminates those risks by not selling coins at all. They sell contracts with profits rights, priced just like real coins. Start your contract by depositing money, then cancel the contract when the value of Dash has changed in your favor. Contract cancelled, you’ll be able to withdraw your oroginal deposit and the profits associated with it. It really couldn’t be easier.

eToro is well regulated in the UK and the United States. They’re available in 60+ countries to date and are always expanded. The company has been well regarded since 2006, long before cryptocurrencies were even a thing. Their trading interface is the easiest we’ve seen anywhere. eToro doesn’t have tons of coins on offer, but the ones they provide (including Dash) are all of a very high quality. You’ll be in good hands with eToro.

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How to Buy Dash With eToro

Let’s jump right into buying Dash with eToro. It’s easier than you might think, as evidenced by eToro’s swarms of new users, and the loyalty of its long time customers.

Step 1: Open Account With eToro

Opening an account with eToro is really easy. All you have to do is input your personal information as requested. It’s about as easy as signing up with Facebook. You can even use your Facebook (or Google) account to sign in! The personal ID is necessary because eToro is subject to various anti fraud regulations, that prevent the site from being used for money laundering and other scams. All in all, this step should only take you about 2 minutes.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Now it’s time to connect your payment method. eToro takes US Dollars (fiat payment), which is a big distinction among crypto buying methods. Many of eToro’s competitors accept only Bitcoin and Ethereum. As you can see from the image above, there are a bunch of ways to pay. You may already use one or all of the above, and you may find that one or the other is more safe or better suited to your needs.

Once you’ve selected your payment method, you’re ready to buy.

Step 3: Buy Dash

eToro sells a bunch of assets, not just crypto. You’ll see indexes, stocks, commodities, and all other sorts of things that can be sold using the CFD format. Ignore all of this for now and instead click on the Crypto trading page. Here you’ll see the 10+ crypto coins traded on eToro. Click on Dash and a simple trading interface will pop up. Select how much Dash you want to buy, commit to pay, and your contract will be set! May all of the profits rain down upon your precious head from here on out!


How to Buy Dash Through Exchanges

Dash is an old and established cryptocurrency when compared to newer luminaries like NEO or EOS. This is a testament to its excellent design and ongoing utility. For all of these reasons, lots of different crypto exchanges sell Dash. We’ll give you two of the best options so you’re not sitting around researching your infinite options all day. Both of these exchanges will meet the needs of a different kind of crypto investor/customer.


Most of the world’s altcoins (coins other than Bitcoin) are sold on Binance, a relatively new but nonetheless wildly successful cryptocurrency exchange from Malta by way of Hong Kong. On this site you’ll have to have either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or Binance Coin to trade for Dash. Binance does not accept US Dollars or any other form of fiat money payment. You can get Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase or Gemini, among other sources.

Create your account just as you would with any of the other platforms we’ve discussed. Go to the wallets section and find your Binance Bitcoin (or Ethereum, Tether, or Binance – whichever one you choose to use) address. Send your Bitcoin to this address. Once it has arrived, go to the Basic exchange, find the BTC/DASH trading pair, and buy as much Dash as you want using the interface at the bottom left of the screen. Once your Dash has arrived in the Binance Dash wallet, transfer it to your exterior Dash wallet on your computer or mobile device.

How to Store Dash in a Wallet

There are tons of different digital wallets that can hold Dash. When we talk about wallets storing cryptocurrency, we’re talking about a piece of software that can safely store the secret codes (private keys) associated with your coins. The coins never actually leave the blockchain upon which they are based. You just gain exclusive access to them by having the codes that came with your purchase, and which are safely stored in your personal wallet where they can’t be hacked or stolen (very easily…nothing is perfect).

There are numerous excellent choices, from software solutions like Exodus wallet to hardware solutions like the Ledger Nano S. We’ve got a list here of the best cryptocurrency wallets, all of which support Dash.


Dash is one of the best coins in the entire cryptocurrency universe, and at these prices it is more than a steal. We expect Dash’s price to be much higher at the end of the year than it is today in the middle of the summer. Buy at your own risk, but understand that this could be one of the big opportunities of 2018. 

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