Dash Price

Dash is a relatively new cyrptocurrency that uses Bitcoin’s software. It was previously known as XCoin. Considered one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrencies, Dash is not only a cryptocurrency but a complete decentralized network that enables its users to make private transactions and pay individuals or corporations securely.

Dash Price In USD

The cryptocurrency was released on January 18th, 2014. The response it received from its stakeholders was overwhelming, and recorded an unprecedented mining of around 1.9 million coins within first two days of its launch. Dash price is showing continuous increase since its launch. You can check out real-time dash price in USD on our website.

How to Predict Dash Coin Price?

Traders perform in-depth technical and fundamental analysis to predict dash coin price. Some common methods used for predicting dash coin price include drawing trendlines, use fib numbers, assessing correlation between dash and bitcoin prices, monitoring changes in the USD value and analyzing macro-economic events.

Where to Check Live Dash Price

You can check out live dash price on our website. We show dash live exchange rate verses dollar and other currencies. We also show real-time dash charts on our website.

Dash VS Bitcoin, Which One is Best?

It is generally perceived that Bitcoin is the currency which will have the maximum value amongst all other cryptocurrencies in future. But it is not cent percent true. Bitcoin has its own problems to deal with such as weird looking 34-character long string as well as difficult scalability.

It also takes several days to process bitcoin transaction sometimes. Unexpectedly, Bitcoin now has even some transaction fee which is more than 30 cent per transaction.  On the other hand, dash has simplified the transaction process. It’s a currency even your grandma can use conveniently. The main reason for which dash price has increased is its simplicity and user-friendly scalability level. Dash also has its own funding system.

If we take a closer look at how dash funding system works, we can realize that around 90% of dash goes to master nodes and dash miners in equal proportion. The remaining 10% is dedicated to the treasury. Dash is a superfast system to fund and execute projects as well as to compensate the concerned people though dash payments.

Can Dash Coin Price Increase Further In Near Future?

Yes, according to some forecasts, Dash coin price is likely to hit the $1000 mark by the end of next year. You can perform technical analysis using dash charts available on our website. We show real-time dash price, obtained from multiple exchanges.

Other Ways to Get Dash coin


Dash is a fork of Bitcoin, and as such uses a very similar mining protocol to its parent coin. Because Dash isn’t as widely used or valuable as Bitcoin, it’s a bit easier to mine, with lower cost equipment and energy costs (to a point). Check out our Bitcoin mining guide to help you figure out how this works, then seek out the information specifically tailored to Dash mining on the forums and communities of the internet. This topic is broad and is constantly changing, so it’s well beyond the scope of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dash?
It is a digital currency. It has its own decentralized funding and payment system that is fast, secure and free of cost unlike many of its competitor cryptocurrencies. 
What is Dash Coin Price?
You can check out live dash coin price on our website.
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