How to Buy Ethereum: The Coinlist Guide

Being the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency powerhouse. Started by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is actually the name of the blockchain that powers more than just the Ethereum cryptocurrency (otherwise known as Ether).

Alongside Ethereum’s large list of achievements, the blockchain also introduced the smart contract concept to the world, cementing a huge reputation for driving innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. If you’re looking to invest in a cryptocurrency that is pushing the boundaries of technology, then buying Ethereum should be at the top of your list.

How to Buy Ethereum: The Coinlist Guide





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Buy Ethereum

Buy Ethereum in 5 Quick Steps

  1. Register free with eToro to open a trading account.
  2. Try a demo account or just hit the Deposit button.
  3. Choose a payment method (Paypal, credit card etc) & deposit into your account.
  4. In the ‘Trade Markets‘ section on the left, select Crypto and then Ethereum.
  5. Hit trade, a ticket will open, choose your risk preferences and then click ‘Open Trade‘.

Where to Buy Ethereum

Key Features
Accepts customers from the USA
Award-winning Cryptocurrency trading platform
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United States
Key Features
Accepts customers from the USA
Award-winning Cryptocurrency trading platform
Wide variety of crypto assets
One of the fastest growing brokers in the world
Top Coins
Payment Methods
Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer
eToro is a social trading platform based in Cyprus. The company has revolutionised the online trading industry by introducing innovative ways for traders to capitalise from the financial markets.
Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.
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Key Features
Low minimum deposit
Founded in 2010
Spreads from 0.3 pips
Top Coins
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Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neteller, Perfect Money, QIWI, Skrill, UPayCard, WebMoney
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Buy Ethereum with eToro

eToro is the leading CFD provider when it comes to cryptocurrencies and buying Ethereum. They were one of the first to launch Ethereum on their trading platform and continue to be a market leader in the cryptocurrency space. If you’re looking to buy Ethereum, then look no further than eToro, see below our 3 step process to getting started!

Step 1: Registration

eToro is free to sign up and has a demo account that you can use to practice before buying Ethereum for real. To sign up, click the button below and fill out the form; name, email, phone and then you’ll need to create a password. Next you’ll be required to verify your account by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

Step 2: Deposit

Once you’re account is verified, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account to make it live. We recommend starting with the minimum of $250, start small to get used to it and then begin to add more over time. Choose your payment method, eToro offers several options, pick your favoured and then fill out your details and click submit.

Step 3: Buy Ethereum

Once you have funded your account, it’s time to buy Ethereum. eToros platform is easy to use, to find Ethereum, click ‘Trade Markets’ on the left, then you’ll see ‘Crypto’ at the top. Once in this section, you will see eToros full list of cryptocurrencies. Hit Ethereum and then ‘Trade’. A ticket will open, manage your risk and then ‘Open Trade’.

Buy with Investous

Highly rated and new CFD provider, Investous, has burst onto the market and established itself with a solid reputation. It’s smooth and streamlined platform makes trading easy for any beginner looking to take the dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. It offers over 270 different assets and a great range of coins.

Step 1: Registration

Signing up is simple, click the link below and once on their homepage, hit the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right. Add your name, email and phone number, choose the account type and then click ‘Start Trading’. You’ll receive an email to verify your account before you can deposit into your account.

Step 2: Deposit

Once you have created an account, you will login and be required to fill out a questionnaire. Once complete you will be asked to choose how much you want to deposit and the payment method you intend to use. We always recommend sticking with the minimum amount before adding more once you get used to the platform.

Step 3: Buy Your Cryptocurrency Now

Now you have deposited, to buy bitcoin you will see the list of assets Investous offers on the left. Use the filter option and choose ‘Cryptocurrencies’, you will then find Bitcoin. Click and you will have the option to buy and sell. Decide how much you want to risk, click buy and then ‘Trade’.

Buy with 24 Option

Well known CFD provider, 24 Option, has extended its cryptocurrency offering, with the additions of Bitcoin Gold and Monero plus the standard collective of bitcoin, ethereum etc. The platform is suited for beginners because it simplifies the process of finding your cryptocurrency and in turn purchasing it.

Step 1: Registration

Signing up is easy and free. Fill out the relevant fields and hit ‘open account’. You’ll then receive an email to verify your identity and then will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get an understanding of your experience.

Step 2: Deposit

There are various ways you can fund your 24 Option trading account, VISA, MasterCard, Astropay, Moneta, plus many more options. To get started pick the payment method of choice and the amount you want to deposit (we’d recommend the minimum of $200)

Step 3: Buy Cryptocurrency

Once your account is all set up and funded, you can search using the filter on the left to find your cryptocurrency of choice. The asset you choose will be available on the right where you can manage your risk before pressing buy and then ‘trade’.

Buy with Binance

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It grew quickly after its launch in 2017 and now even has it’s own token, Binance Coin. It is one of the best places to buy and trade some of the more obscure altcoins, they have a huge range that is always changing with new coins being added and old ones being removed. For security reasons, we would always prefer to buy using a CFD provider like eToro.

Step 1: Registration

To get started you need to go to the homepage and click ‘Register’. You’ll be taken to a sign up page where you need to fill out the fields; email and password. You’ll be sent a verification email, click the link to activate your account. It’s also advised to set up 2FA.

Step 2: Deposit

Binance now allows you to buy bitcoin with credit card, a relatively new feature. Other coins available by credit card are Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Once you’ve bought one of these you can then exchange for any other coin on the platform

Step 3: Buy Your Coins

Depending on your experience level you have the choice of the basic or advanced exchange. If you’re unfamiliar with the Binance platform then we’d recommend using the basic version. click on Bitcoin and then fill out the ticket to make the exchange.

Why Should You Consider Buying Ethereum?

Apart from being a revised, streamlined version of Bitcoin, Ethereum also has many features on its blockchain that have an advantage over other cryptocurrencies out there. The first Ether tokens were pre-mined and sold to investors in 2014, with the platform going live the following summer. 

But why is Ethereum so different from Bitcoin? It’s all about the smart contracts. Essentially, smart contracts are algorithmic agreements between two parties, which are programmed to autonomously carry out actions once a value exchange has been agreed. This is why the whole ICO industry is built around Ethereum, as it is the perfect software solution to the issue of investing in new businesses and ideas.

Smart contracts are exciting due to their far-reaching areas of application, while the coin founders have their long-term sights set on revolutionising the internet with their technology. Reducing inefficiency, increasing productivity and streamlining workflows are key caveats of their philosophy, so it’s not much of a surprise that Ethereum has piqued the interest of several high-profile backers and supporters. 

Continued prominence and performance within the market make Ethereum an enticing prospect for investors. Those looking to expand existing portfolios, be them short or long-term focused, have plenty to seriously consider with this enduring crypto success story. Ethereum was one of the first major players to emerge after Bitcoin, with many arguing the cryptocurrency has defined the altcoin environment. While the initial boom days for investment might have passed, the far-reaching philosophy behind Ethereum suggests there’s plenty of market mileage yet to come.

It is nonetheless, worth remembering that the altcoin deviated from its initial plan after the security breach in 2016 on the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation platform. The hard fork led to the creation of its namesake Ethereum Classic. Its developers stuck to the original blueprints whilst others forked off into another way of thinking.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Ethereum?

When it comes to investing in any context, it’s crucial you have a clear understanding of both the benefits and potential for return, along with the associated risks to an investment. Such transparency will help you make wiser decisions when investing in cryptocurrency, negating potential losses when you buy and sell Ethereum. 

Ethereum is a slightly different proposition to Bitcoin, as the blockchain houses many different business ventures and ideas. This means that the de facto cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network (Ether) is used for far more than just payments between individuals and companies. With this in mind, we’ve looked at both the pros and cons of buying Ethereum;


  • Conventional currencies like the Pound, Euro and Dollar are all governed by a central institution. When a national institution makes the decision to lower or raise interest interest rates, the associated currency experiences significant changes in value almost immediately. Unlike conventional fiat currencies, Ethereum is not governed by a central authority and is therefore immune to such volatile value changes. This is known as ‘decentralisation’.
  • Sole-ownership of holdings and the potential for anonymous trading makes Ethereum an enticing investment prospect.
  • Ethereum is a blockchain that runs not just a cryptocurrency, but many different things. Want to invest in collectible digital pets? Ethereum has this. Want to buy an ICO token? Ethereum has this. Overall, if Ethereum is becoming the blockchain of choice for all of these projects, the value of the currency is more likely to go up and up over a longer period of time.
  • Smart contracts. These things completely opened up a new way of people to invest in new projects and businesses. ICOs are all ran on the Ethereum network, meaning the currency is going to be vital to the eventual growth of the cryptocurrency market.


  • Newcomers to cryptocurrency might not be prepared for the slightly advanced nature of the Ethereum network. Bitcoin is a far easier prospect to understand; one blockchain, one currency, one idea. Buying Ethereum isn’t just an investment in the actual asset, but also a vote of confidence for the wider Ethereum network. It’s a complicated world, and needs to be understood well in order to profit properly.
  • A lack of regulation of the crypto sector has implications for buying Ethereum. With no governing bodies overseeing things, there’s always the chance of prices suddenly soaring or crashing considerably. However, you can trade on Ethereum’s price with fully regulated brokers – this then mitigates your risk when dealing with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.
  • Although Ethereum has a lot more technical advancement over Bitcoin, its value isn’t as well understood. This can cause the price to fluctuate solely based on news rather than changes in the technology. 


What are the Best Payments to Use When Buying Ethereum?

If you’re interested in investing in Ethereum, you’ll be glad to know that this increasingly popular cryptocurrency can be purchased via a variety of payment methods. It’s worth spending some time considering which method to use when making your purchase, however. Each payment method has its pros and cons, with any drawbacks having the potential to dent your investment opportunity. 

Buying Ethereum with PayPal

There aren’t many exchanges that actually offer the ability to buy Ethereum with PayPal. Brokerages are a different story, as they are usually regulated by a governing body, meaning PayPal are more likely to deal with them. As PayPal is a regulated business itself, it has to put strict checks onto the exchanges and brokerages – to make sure it keeps compliant.

Obviously, PayPal is an extremely convenient and popular choice for online payments. However, it’s not the easiest to actually purchase cryptocurrency using the service, meaning most of the purchasing of Ethereum is simply for trading purposes. Most regulated brokers will offer the ability to trade on the coin buy buying with PayPal, but there are a few that don’t. 

PayPal is an established presence in the e-wallet world with a positive reputation to match. It’s one of the most secure electronic transfer systems around, so it makes sense for users seeking peace of mind when deciding on a payment method for dealing with cryptocurrency. 

What’s more, while fees are generally low if applied at all to transactions, there’s no steadfast rule on how much these might be. Always consult terms thoroughly at any given provider to be clear on how much you extra you might be forking out for fees. 


Buying Ethereum with Cash

You can buy Ethereum with cash but it is actually a very difficult thing to do. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is far less prevalent in the offline world, and there aren’t many services out there that can facilitate the meetup and payment of Ethereum using cash. Essentially, you’ll need to buy directly from a seller, in person, all offline in order to actually purchase Ethereum with cash.

Ethereum ATMs and other various Bitcoin technologies don’t exist anywhere near the level that the Bitcoin alternatives do. This makes buying Ethereum with cash an almost impossible task. 


Buy Ethereum with a Credit or Debit Card

Just like any other online purchase, buying Ethereum with a credit card or debit card would be most people’s preferred payment option. Although buying any cryptocurrency with a card is obviously a convenient and desirable method of payment, there are a lot of restrictions and regulations that have been put in place which means providers aren’t as prevalent as you might think.

Fees involved in card transactions vary. Some providers charge a lot for cryptocurrency transactions because of the added risk involved. In fact, some credit card companies flat out refuse to make any sort of cryptocurrency purchase – which of course, leaves your options limited.


Alternative Methods for Buying Ethereum

There are a few other payment methods for purchasing Ethereum, but the most popular of which is the classic bank transfer. Most exchanges and brokerages will allow you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to theirs. They then hold these funds in escrow until you purchase coins from sellers across the World.

Alongside this, there are a few Ethereum ATMs spotted across the World. Following the example of Bitcoin’s ATMs, the Ethereum ATM enables you to purchase Ethereum using your bank card, or to sell Ethereum and withdraw from your wallet in cash.

There are also debit and prepaid cards out there that have Ethereum wallets attached to them. This method of paying enables quick access to cryptocurrency, but in return, the coins can’t be transferred to anyone that doesn’t use the card provider themselves. This limits the whole purpose of why blockchains such as Ethereum were invented.


Buying Ethereum in Your Country

Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are a truly global venture, so you won’t struggle to find trading platforms and exchanges dealing in it. However, when picking a provider from the hundreds of potential options out there, it’s essential you opt for one that provides clear and detailed content in the official language of the country you reside in. 

The investors should choose an exchange that uses a language they understand irrespective of the country where the exchange is based or the investor is living. It is important for several reasons; first, it is easy to understand the different trading options on the platforms. Secondly, the trader can utilise promotions on the site. Finally, it makes it easy to incorporate a trading robot into the trading experience.

Some might consider translator tools a way to overcome this obstacle, but to enjoy maximum levels buying confidence, make sure the place you’re purchasing Ethereum has gone to the effort of explaining everything you need to know in English already. Furthermore, there are several easy to use English-based trading platforms and exchanges for English-speaking traders.

Another essential factor to consider is the legality of trading in cryptos in the country. Countries such as Nepal, China and Egypt have total bans on digital assets. However, most countries in Europe and states in the US allow buying and selling cryptos.


Is There a Difference Between Buying and Trading Ethereum?

Yes. For those new to the world of cryptocurrency, the differences between buying and trading aren’t immediately obvious. Firstly, we’ll focus on what it means when we refer to buying Ethereum. As a general rule of thumb, those who buy Ethereum are individuals looking to digitally own the actual Ether asset. This is usually so they can keep the coin for a long time, support the blockchain or to actually use the coin to purchase different things on the Ethereum blockchain itself.

Unfortunately though, owning cryptocurrencies as a whole aren’t covered by any regulatory body, meaning your asset purchases aren’t covered in cases of fraud, theft of loss. Buying the coins is also a slow, cumbersome process – meaning making quick profits on fast market shifts is almost impossible. Instead, you should look to trading on the coin rather than purchasing it directly.

Trading Ethereum usually means to buy a CFD on the coins value, earning a profit on any increases and losing money if the coin starts to drop in value. This form of cryptocurrency purchase lends itself very well to quick profits on market shifts and even allows for you to short on a currency when you think its value will drop. The added bonus is that all brokers that offer this type of trading are completely regulated by law, meaning your money will be covered in case of any unlawful activity or company mess-ups.


What Fees are Involved When Buying Ethereum?

When it comes to buying Ethereum, encountering fees is unavoidable. Generally, transaction fees are fair and won’t impede your investment returns too considerably. The reason they exist is solely down to the nature of blockchain payment processing. Essentially, the blockchain uses many users to contribute computational power to the network for payment processing. To incentivise this, Ethereum pays these people with an amount of Ethereum. This process is otherwise known as ‘mining’ and many blockchains use it to get their users to contribute computing power.

There are a few types of fees that are usually associated with any Ethereum purchase;

Transaction Fees

Most cryptocurrencies out there carry a small fee for every single transaction that is made. This is due to the mining incentives that are required to keep the blockchain network running. Ethereum is no different, and the transaction fees are baked into the way that the Ethereum blockchain works.

If you’re looking to buy Ethereum, you will always see some sort of transaction fee, but it is usually a very small amount and goes directly to the miners that contributed computational power to ‘mine’ the transaction.

Deposit Fees

It’s no surprise deposit fees exist in the cryptocurrency world. After all, trading platforms and exchanges need an income in order to stay operational. Charging users a small fee when they make a deposit can generate a substantial income for platforms and exchanges, although fee amounts vary from one provider to the next, so do your homework to get the best deal. Also, don’t automatically assume those platforms without deposit fees are the best option. Having to fork out nothing to deposit might seem enticing, but the compromise might be an increase in extra/bloated transaction or withdrawal fees. 

Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to buying or selling Ethereum, a lot of trading platforms or exchanges will charge you a small amount to withdraw your money from your platform. They usually roll this together with some sort of exchange rate fee, but overall they aren’t that high. There is sometimes a cost associated with moving money around and most platforms use this fee to cover their backs on any transactions.

Commissions and Spreads

Spread is the difference between the asking price of a currency, vs the actual amount that you bid on. This is a tiny margin that is added to every trade, and all brokers use this to make a profit for using their service. It can be likened to the small odd differences in casinos which means the house will make a commission on every single bet placed. 

In the trading world, spread can be seen in the difference between the current buying price versus the current selling price. There is always a small discrepancy, and this is the small margin that brokers will put in place to earn commission on every single trade made.

Some brokers or platforms also just put a percentage based amount on top of all trades. This is normally stated up front and can be seen as a commission that goes directly to the brokers.

Brokerages Versus Exchanges

There are multiple differences between these two forms of purchasing Ethereum, but breaking down their specific fee structure is reliant on understanding the core differences. Overall, exchanges are a middle man platform that facilitates the transfer of cryptocurrency for other crypto/fiat currencies. Usually, they bump up transaction fees and charge slightly more than the Blockchain requires, or they will add a deposit/withdrawal fee.

A brokerage usually facilitates a trade, either with a CFD or another derivative. You’re not technically buying the digital coin, but instead, making a trade on its value. Brokerages are regulated by governing bodies and don’t run the same risks as buying Ethereum through an exchange. Usually, the costs associated with using a brokerage sit within the spread and commission sections – meaning you’ll usually see the difference in buy/sell price and have an upfront view if any commission is charged.

Key Features
Accepts customers from the USA
Award-winning Cryptocurrency trading platform
Wide variety of crypto assets
One of the fastest growing brokers in the world
Min Deposit
United States
Key Features
Accepts customers from the USA
Award-winning Cryptocurrency trading platform
Wide variety of crypto assets
One of the fastest growing brokers in the world
Top Coins
Payment Methods
Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer
eToro is a social trading platform based in Cyprus. The company has revolutionised the online trading industry by introducing innovative ways for traders to capitalise from the financial markets.
Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

If this article has given you the confidence to start investing in cryptocurrencies and you want to buy Ethereum, click the button to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some Alternative Coins to Consider?

    Ethereum might be one of the more popular choices of cryptocurrency today, but it’s worth delving deeper into the market if you’re keen to keep your options open. There are many enticing alternatives worth looking into, with top contenders including: 

    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ripple
    • Monero (XMR)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Dash

    Even if you’ve decided Ethereum has all the necessary features and potential for your trading needs, it makes sense to broaden your horizons and consider alternative coins. The more serious trader should have a diverse portfolio of holdings as a standard to ensure more overall stability and to de risk any potential losses. Even the novice investor should consider looking beyond Ethereum if a newly emerged cryptocurrency seems likely to make considerable gains in the immediate future. 


  2. How Anonymous is Ethereum?

    When cryptocurrency first came into the public consciousness, one of the biggest benefits promoted was anonymity. But, this wasn’t meant to be something for illegal activity, this was purely for the purpose of keeping transactions private from banks and governments. Liberty and privacy are at the heart of all truly decentralized blockchain networks, and Ethereum is no different.

    In reality, maintaining total and complete anonymity during the purchase of Ethereum is an extremely difficult prospect. The main reason for this is that the vast majority of platforms used for purchasing Ethereum will ask you to provide multiple forms of identification in order to use their service and pass their KYC checks. Requested information can include your full name, physical address, email address and copies of photo ID. 

  3. Are Exchanges the Best Way to Buy Ethereum?

    This depends. There are multiple different ways to buy Ethereum on the market, and exchanges have their pros and cons too. The biggest cause for concern amongst exchanges is the lack of regulation and fund protection that comes hand-in-hand. Buying Ethereum through an exchange is usually a little difficult as many payment providers don’t allow users to purchase cryptocurrency. This leaves few options for deposit methods, and coupled with the complex nature of an exchange, becomes a difficult landscape to navigate for the first time cryptocurrency buyer.

    However, if you know what you’re looking for, have a good understanding of cryptocurrency and have passed all the KYC checks, then you may find it very simple to purchase through an exchange. Using a brokerage first might give you a quicker, easier understanding of the marketplace, enabling you to graduate to an exchange once you understand the cryptocurrency market a bit more in-depth.

  4. What Are Ethereum Trading Robots?

    In short, trading robots are digital algorithms that an investor can utilise to expedite their trading activity. An investor establishes parameters to govern trading robot behaviour, after which trades can be carried out automatically based on this information. Those seeking to streamline their trading activity can make good use of trading robots, especially if they’re looking to make profits in the short-term. 

    However, those new to trading may want to experience things first-hand for a while before utilising robots, individuals with more experience looking to upscale their efforts can find them an effective tool.

  5. Can You Buy or Sell Ethereum in Bulk?

    Many individuals may find themselves looking to purchase larger quantities of Ethereum at some point. For the relative newcomer, however, the process might seem daunting. Thankfully, buying Ethereum in bulk is rather simple and can be realised with the help of a third-party brokerage. These trading hosts are geared toward those with significant leverage to sell or those interested in buying at volume. 

    When it comes to selling Ethereum, things are decidedly simple. After logging into your account, all you need to do is input the amount of ETH you’re looking to sell. After that, simply select the associated e-wallet for the transaction and confirm everything is in order. Once you’ve sent confirmation, the transaction can be carried out. 

  6. What about localethereum?

    Local ethereum is another place you can buy ethereum directly using fiat currency. The advantage it has over Coinbase is that is offers a huge amount more fiat currency. For example, those in India can use it to directly buy ETH with rupees.

    Whereas Coinbase is an exchange, local ethereum is more of a market place that matches buyers with sellers and vice versa. This means that you and the person on the other side of the exchange are accountable for the exchange.

    There is a risk that the other party does not honour their side of the deal. However, this is avoided by a rating and feedback system whereby everyone gets ranked on the quality of their exchange. You are considerably less likely to buy from someone who has poor feedback.

    It is obviously advisable to go to someone who has great feedback and has never had a problem in the exchange.

    1. To buy ethereum with Local ethereum, you must sign up by clicking the 'Sign Up' button in the top right corner.Local Ethereum - Sign Up
    2. Enter your details in the field as requested.Local Ethereum - Enter Details
    3. Next you go back to the homepage and decide whether you want to buy or sell, how much and in what fiat currency. You will then be given options of different sellers that offer the criteria you are after.Local Ethereum - Options
    4. You will then be taken to a confirmation stage where you have a certain amount of time to complete your side of the exchange. This will be you paying the seller for the ethereum, via which ever payment method was agreed.

  7. Should I buy ethereum UK or elsewhere?

    Buying Ethereum in the UK is fairly similar to buying it anywhere else. However each country does have its own set of rules regarding cryptocurrencies in general. For example the Ecuadorian government issued a ban on Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

  8. What about ethereum?

    Before you buy Ethereum, we need to define exactly what it is. A common description is that it's an open-source, public, blockchain-based computing platform. Anyone can use it, anyone add to it, and anyone can use it to distribute their coins. This increased functionality is a big reason for the huge growth we've seen.

    Ethereum ETH is Bitcoin’s biggest rival; it is widely used and hosts a massive range of other altcoins on its blockchain (far more than Bitcoin). The ability to purchase Ethereum is also beginning to be easier than bitcoin, with more Ether wallets becoming available.

    The vast majority of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) accept donations in Ether, Ethereum's native currency, only which has helped raise the profile of ETH considerably. In addition to facilitating the transference of Ether, the Ethereum blockchain also hosts ‘smart contracts’; these contain all manner of information, including but not limited to invoices, employment contracts, and proof of ownership documents. It's worth noting that the Bitcoin network does not support this functionality.

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