How to Invest in Monero: the Anonymous Cryptocurrency

5 Quick Steps to Buy Monero

  1. Go to 24 option
  2. Create an account by entering your details
  3. Deposit funds into your new account
  4. Choose Monero and the amount
  5. Decide your risk and hit trade!

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More places to buy Monero

With a potential user base that spans from investment bankers trying to maintain a competitive advantage, to people who want to order drugs from the Netherlands, I don’t think the question is should I invest in Monero? The question is when is this baby going to moon, and how do I get in on it and invest in Monero? 

The Case For Anonymity and Investing in Monero

Anonymity has a stigma. If you will join me and put on your tinfoil hat for a second, we can blame it on societal programming, the human condition or the lizard people. Whatever your feelings on liberties and privacy, you can’t deny that  we are dealing with an untested, unregulated market of digital currencies. There is going to be friction between government and cryptos. Just take a look at this recent dip in Bitcoin’s value when the Chinese government banned ICOs. 


China Bans ICOs effect on BitcoinCoinbase was told by the IRS that they needed to report on transactions, Indian officials recently visited all the exchanges in the country, South Korean officials are holding an emergency meeting to decide what to do with these new currencies, and who can forget China’s blanket ban on ICOs.

Convinced, Okay Let’s Look at What Monero (XMR) Is

Monero uses three techniques to build anonymity.

  • Ring Signatures
  • Stealth Addresses
  • Ring Confidential Transactions

Information can also be leaked at a network level when making a transaction, or if someone is monitoring a computer, or maybe their machine has some nasty malware. Anyway, Monero fixed this with Kovri. It is a decentralised anonymity technology based on IP2 specification to create a protected overlay network across the internet. This overlay network lets users hide their geographical location IP address and machine information.

The Black Market and Monero XMR

The team won’t openly talk about it, and they conveniently left it out of all their jazzy Youtube presentations, but Monero’s anonymity has lead to it being used on black markets to buy drugs, guns, or less extreme merchandise like say a bible in a Turkmenistan.

Knowing what black market are popular and if they support Monero isn’t a bad idea if you are considering buying Monero. You don’t have to go onto these sites to find out this information. Reading though Reddit forums will tell you everything that you need to know.

Currently Bitcoin is the currency of choice for black markets but a big reason so many traders are buying Monero is that it could increase in popularity and be adopted on these markets. I think that it will continue to circulate around darkweb markets and as law enforcement continues to crack down on Bitcoin, it will be quickly adopted.

Monero and Bitcoin Growth

Information for traders looking to Invest in Monero

Once Monero hits 18.4 million coins in circulation, the amount of XMR coins supplied will slow down to a rate of 0.3 Moneroy (plural of Monero) a minute. They have chosen to do this to focus on securing the blockchain, and it isn’t that far away. There are currently 15,481,770 XMR in circulation. Just to clarify, unlike Bitcoin which will stop mining new coins when the supply reaches 21 million, Monero will change from a decreasing emission rate to a constant one. So there are gradually less coins being created, and this will settle at a rate of 0.3 coins per minute.

Quick Trader Facts

  • More than 15 million XMR in circulation
  • Change from decreasing emission rate to constant 0.3 coins per minute
  • CPU mining and GPU Mining no ASICs on the Market
  • Biggest competitors are Ethereum and Zcash

It is a pretty scarce coin, and long term, if you invest in Monero it could be worth thousands. It is currently valued at a little under $360, but if the team keeps working on the technology and more and more money is invested into crypto, I see that 10xs by 2018 Q2 – Q3.

How to buy Monero

If you want to buy Monero in the UK, we recommend using 24 Option. They are a CFD broker that let you trade Monero with minimal initial investment.

What is a CFD

A CFD or contract for difference, is an agreement between you the and a CFD provider to pay out the difference between the opening and closing price of an asset over the time period of the contract. Using a CFD broker like 24 Option, you can leverage your capital against the asset – the Monero-. You don’t actually buy the Monero, but you can get leverage it 20:1. 

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We tend to prefer CFD providers, mainly because they are regulated and must by law protect your money. Whereas exchanges aren’t regulated and there is the chance that they could pack up and leave with your cryptocurrency.

Investing in Monero (XMR) Using An Exchange

If you would rather buy Monero directly you need an exchange. I recommend Bittrex because that is what I use. It is a U.S regulated exchange with a wide spread of markets. They don’t trade fiat for cryptocurrencies, so you will need to send currency to a wallet before trading on their cross chain. You can use other exchanges like Localbitcoins, Kraken, and Coinbase to buy the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other the cryptocurrency, you want to fund Bittrex with.   

First Buy Cryptocurrency with on an Exchange

It is easier buying Monero with other cryptocurrency than it is to trade for fiat currency. Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin on exchanges such as Coinbase or Etoro and then send it to an exchange that specializes in altcoins like Bittrex, Poloniex or Bitfinex and trade it for Monero.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary digital currency, used both as a means of exchange and a store of value. But if you’re reading this, you want to know the price of Bitcoin and how to buy Bitcoin. If you want to know more about how to buy Bitcoin instantly, check out our complete guide to Bitcoin, or check out the second half of this Bitcoin guide.  If you’re ready to buy Bitcoin now, let’s dive right in.

Invest in smaller altcoins before price rises!

Monero’s Corporate Use Case

Mcafee Monero Pump

John McAfee’s love always pumps cryptos, and had you invested in Monero, this tweet would have been worth about 10% – 15%. It isn’t too late for investing in Monero; this coin is going to moon. Obviously pure opinions here, but the corporate use case for a private blockchain is what could potentially give Monero a lot of value. If you are buying up assets and making sneaky moves, you can’t have that information on a public ledger. I invest in Monero because I see potential for the coin in that space, and their white paper has said it’s a niche they are actively trying to break into.

To bring some reality to my biased opinion, we do need to consider that advances in other coins, Ethereum, or maybe a sneak attack from an IOTA or Dagg could absorb the privacy features of Monero.

The recent Byzantium release was a hard fork in the Ethereum chain that improved basic anonymity, but he second part of Metropolis, Constantinople, has been postponed indefinitely, meaning users will have to wait before they can enjoy maximum privacy on the platform. Just some things to consider if you want to invest in Monero.

Convert Monero to Bitcoin for Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions

if you want to send cryptocurrency anonymously, without going through the trouble of buying Monero: is a site worth checking out. They will act as kind of an intermediary between you and the bitcoin wallet that receives your Monero and sends it to a bitcoin an address. You need to trust a centralised body which the purists might disagree with. The simple solution is to buy Monero.

Project Coral Reef and The Get Monero Forum

If you are looking for a place to spend Monero. Project Coral Reef is it’s own store with links to other stores like it, where you can spend the Monero that you just bought. This was suggested on the Monero forum and funded through those same channels.

Fluffyponyza announced on the 6th of December, on Reddit, that “the original goal was to get like 10 high profile artist stores to accept Monero, and I am pleased to announce today we have over 50 online stores accepting XMR payments.” Merchants incentivised the use of the payment by offering 15% discounts and other promotions.

Another thing Monero XMR has going for it is that it is slowly but surely building an active community that can bring about change in the coin’s blockchain. Ideas are posted on the forum that are vetted by Monroe’s inner circle. Once something is approved, it advances to a funding stage where people can contribute to the ideas that they most agree with and finally projects are put up for developers to attempt and ongoing projects are actively discussed.

Numerai is another coin that development is influenced by decentralised, community consensus but similar to a cooperative hedge fund, developers are directly rewarded for making changes that improve the Ai. “Monero is primarily written in C++. As it is a decentralised project, anyone is welcome to add or make changes to existing code. Pull requests are merged based on community consensus.”

Numerai is ramping up its effort. Three months ago, about 4,500 data scientists had built about 250,000 machine learning models that drove about 7 billion predictions for the fund. Now, about 7,500 data scientists are involved, building a total of 500,000 models that drive about 28 billion predictions.”, or you read the white paper.

Buying Monero on Coinbase

Coinbase only allows you to buy four cryptocurrencies on its platform; bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash. Meaning there is no room for Monero or other altcoins, complete review here.

Buying monero directly with fiat currency is difficult, here at Coinlist we are yet to find anywhere that we would recommend. We still feel the safest and most reliable process to purchasing monero is to buy bitcoin first and then to exchange it for monero. There are plenty of exchanges on the market at the moment, but we feel bittrex offers a great deal of value and security.

The issue with buying bitcoin first is that fees can start to rack up in the exchanges between crypto coins. Look at buying as a CFD for a cheaper option.

Who Mines Monero XMR?  

Monero can be mined with CPU and GPU. It is a proof or work currency based on the hash algorithm and CryptoNote protocol. There are currently no ASICs for Monero which means that you can mine it with any computer.  

There are mining pools, solo miners who run full nodes, and solo miners who run solo pools, that operate in a similar fashion to group pools, the main difference being that solo miners don’t need to run a full node and hold a copy of the entire blockchain. Cryptocompare’s page on Monero mining is an invaluable resource if you want to get started or just better understand the supply of coins, which is important when investing in Monero.

Recommended places to buy Monero

More about Monero

Monero FAQ

How Can I Buy Monero in the UK?
Binance is another great option if you want to Buy Monero in the UK. You can’t buy Monero from Coinbase, although there is talk of adding support for other assets in 2018. If you want to invest in Monero in the U.K, you are best to use Ava Trade and leverage capital against the changing value of Monero. 

Can I Buy Monero with Paypal?
You are going to struggle trying to buy Monero with Paypal. If you need to use PayPal to invest in Monero, the easiest way to do it is probably buy Bitcoins with Paypal first and then trade them for Monero. If you want to buy Monero with cash, or buy Monero with credit card, your best bet would be to trade Bitcoins and then converting that to Monero.

How to Buy Monero on Kraken?
In early 2017, Kraken launched support for trading and investing in Monero. They are a top European exchange that will let you buy Monero with GBP. They also let you margin trade if you don’t want to buy monero directly.

Is Monero 100% Anonymous?
That is a difficult questions to answer. I think that along with Zcash it is the closest thing that we have to complete anonymity. When you buy monero online you need to consider the security of the exchange, but a 3rd party error or information leak is more likely to reveal information about your Monero transaction than a transaction on their blockchain.

How to buy Monero with USD?
I think that the easiest way to buy Monero with USD is to first convert it to Bitcoin and then send it to an exchange like Bittrex to convert it to Monero. You can also trade with USD on Ava Trade. Using a CFD broker is a great way to buy Monero instantly. Typically you will see it portrayed as XMR/USD.

Why can’t I find Monero on the Exchange?
You want to buy moreno coins, so you need to search for XRM on some exchanges. Check to make sure it supports you region. You might not be able to buy Monero coins in the UK on the exchange that you are using. If all else fails, contact the customer support, and ask them, or move to another exchange.

How to buy XMR Using Bank Transfer?
You can buy cryptocurrency at most decent exchanges with a bank transfer. Simply join up to an exchange that will let you buy monero and crypto in this way. I recommend Coinbase, or Bitstamp. You can’t actually buy monero on Bitstamp. They are too interested in listing shitcoins, but it will get on there one day. In the meantime we will just have to settle for buying monero with bitcoin.

How to buy Monero in Australia or New Zealand?

If you want to buy monero in NZ or Australia, the best way to do it is to buy monero with Coinspot. The exchange has a variety of popular altcoins, if you can make it through their lengthy registration process. This exchange make it easy to buy Monero or Ethereum or other altcoins.

Can I Buy Monero at Poloniex?

Poloniex has supported Monero since 2014. The U.S regulated bitcoin and digital assets exchange is one of the big names in centralised crypto trading, and you can buy monero along with pretty much every other popular crypto. It is one of those exchanges that can pump a coin just by listing it.

Can I Buy Monero at Poloniex?

Poloniex has supported Monero since 2014. The U.S regulated bitcoin and digital assets exchange is one of the big names in centralised crypto trading, and you can buy monero along with pretty much every other popular crypto. It is one of those exchanges that can pump a coin just by listing it.

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