How to Buy NEO in the UK - The Coinlist Guide

Investing in NEO has become lucrative, after its’ rebranding from AntShares (ANS) to NEO; the cryptocurrency as of October ranked in the top ten after reaching a $3.4 billion market cap, which now stands at $7.3 billion.

It’s easy to see why there has been plenty of NEO news as of late; a meteoric rise always catches the speculative imagination of would-be buyers and traders. For those who are wondering how to buy NEO, take a look at one of the regulated broker platforms below.  Regulation for a brokerage simply means high accountability and an increased number of safeguards and security to better protect your money.

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Recommended places to buy NEO

What is NEO?

It’s rather important to know what we’re getting into before we start making any purchases. As defined in its’ whitepaper:

NEO is the use of blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed, to achieve “smart economy” with a distributed network.’

NEO, as mentioned earlier, was formerly known as AntShares (ANS). Having begun in 2014 after being founded in China, the NEO token and platform became quickly referred to as ‘China’s first blockchain platform’, which is a title that is destined to garner attention and scepticism. Two years later in 2016, after a genuine increase of interest in AntShares, there was a call from regulators within the government and private companies to create a blockchain solution that meets the requirements of both.

Creating the Smart Economy

And so NEO was born, after AntShares rebranded and updated the platform’s user-interface, NEO began taking strides towards its goals as a functioning blockchain solution. The currency and the NEO platform function as an ecosystem for smart contracts, which allow users to create an automated exchange of stored digital assets; there are plenty of other smart contact solutions available already established within various industries and blockchain niches, NEO competes by utilising the ever-advancing technology in cooperation with governing bodies in China towards creating a ‘smart economy’.

Should I buy NEO?

NEO has demonstrated that it indeed has the capacity to be a great cryptocurrency which will be at the forefront of China’s expedition into blockchain and crypto technologies. NEO investment has erupted and China, the second largest economy in the world, has managed to pull through two major financial crises in the past through innovative means.

For a population as large as China’s, it is only suited that their eager adoption of blockchain technologies is rallying huge amounts of support, from government, industries including the financial sector and the public; this has a significant impact on the question as whether to buy or not.

Simply put, the Chinese government by and large are encouraging the innovation of blockchain and regulations and if this is the case, it is highly likely that many of these cryptocurrencies and their accompanying platforms/ecosystems will have some if not many interactions and implementations of the smart contract 2.0 technologies that NEO brings.

Like any product or tradable asset, having faith in its ability to deliver is a wildly huge contributing factor to their successes and while yes cryptocurrency markets are generally rather volatile, it is something to take advantage of sooner than later.

Buying NEO or Ethereum – Who wins?

NEO uses ‘smart contract’ technology much like Ethereum which has consistently had the second-largest market-cap of all cryptocurrencies. Both NEO and ETH share the ultimately ambitious goal of becoming platforms ready for the new internet, aka internet 3.0, which will serve DApps (Decentralised applications), ICOs (Initial Coin offerings) and as mentioned, smart contracts.

NEO vs Ethereum

DApps vs Smart Economy

Ethereum’s goal to create a DApps development platform for the utopian vision of a ‘globally accessible, more free, more trustworthy internet’ is noble at best; Ethereum has the DApp market largely under their ownership as their roadmap is intent on giving developers and users ownership, control and a tonne of options in their application development. NEO on the other hand is working to create a platform ready for the ‘smart economy’, a new economic system for the future.

The most Important Distinction between NEO and Ethereum

Smart economies have already had some implementations and real-world uses, for example DAOs which are essentially decentralised companies without a single leader. Within these smart economies, digitised physical assets are the mainstays of the new system; assets will have the blockchain provide proof of ownership, all of which can be traded, leveraged and sold through the mutual trust of a smart contract.

Smart Economy

The ‘smart economy’ will be serviced by platforms that are indeed regulated by governments so there needs to be considerable thought put in to how these platforms can accommodate government regulation. To be straight to the point, smart economies are going to be a part of the future and NEO, unlike Ethereum, is actually developing towards that purpose.

Where to buy NEO / How to Trade NEO?

There are a few avenues to explore when it comes to acquiring this cryptocurrency; there are exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex which allow users to exchange their Bitcoins or Ethereum into many other alt-coins including NEO. Buying NEO directly requires you to first buy bitcoin and exchange for NEO.

CFD vs. Exchanges

They are also purchasable as CFD’s (Contract for Difference) through other brokers that which are presently a popular choice for buyers and traders due to their medium / long-term price protection. CFD’s are agreements that are entered into with a broker, the agreement in the context of NEO would make it so that for cent that NEO moves, you receive or give them X amount.  

A contract may represent a figure of £10 per cent, so if you were to buy ten of these contracts then they will give you £100 per cent increase of NEOs price; on the flip side of this you will give them the same amount per cent decrease.

exchange negatives

Brokers typically make their money from CFD agreements in their bid-ask spread, juggling long and short CFD positions to balance them against one-another to remain neutral which is great for NEO as in this ‘exchange’ you don’t actually take the risk of owning a single NEO token so there is no actual connection between the CFD and the underlying asset which in this instance is NEO, keeping the market value of NEO steady. 

Lots of people are now investing in NEO through CFD brokers because the liquidity is higher, which means they can get in and out of a trade quicker.

How to buy with Etoro:

Head to and create your account. Once you’ve input the basic information, head for the NEO trading page, as seen below.

buy neo buy neo coin neo coin price

Click the big blue “Trade” button.

buy neo coin $neo

You can use the above menu to complete your order. Indicate the value you want for your NEO CFD. You can choose to use “Leverage” which will take the money you deposited into your Etoro account and multiply its buying power, allowing you to profit from the price action of more NEO than you could afford if you were buying outright. Now set your “Stop Loss” level – the price at which Etoro will automatically sell your NEO CFD in case of a crash. Also set your “Take Profit” level – the price at which Etoro will sell your CFD if the price shoots up, thus locking in your profits.

Buy NEO at eToro

Top NEO Exchanges:

Once you have decided upon your exchange, you’ll need to find a means of depositing fiat currency such as United-States Dollar (USD) or Great British Pounds (GBP) into these exchanges in order to trade NEO. Some of these exchanges don’t accept fiat, so you will need to either purchase Bitcoin (BTC) of Ethereum (ETH) from places such as CoinBase, LocalBitcoins or even find a Bitcoin ATM machine in a city/shop near you.

Once you have made the purchase of either BTC or ETH, you’ll then need to send it to you’re the address of your exchange wallet, then once processed and the funds have made it across you are able to find the suitable trade pairing for either ETH/NEO or BTC/NEO and make your first exchange.


Bittrex Logo

As the above list shows, there is a significant portion of NEO being traded on their platform; the exchange has gone strength to strength and weathered many storms. It’s prowess comes from the platforms ability to offer hundreds of cryptocurrency trading pairs and furthermore whilst it doesn’t offer fiat trading pairs, some users can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum through bank wire transfer. Due to this buying NEO through Bittrex is one of our preferred exchanges.

The US based exchange is at present one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, having begun in 2014 (similarly to that of ANS now NEO), the site is experiencing 24hr trading volumes of approximately $300M and in its magnificence has not been free of reported hacks.

One of the greatest parts of the Bittrex platform is that it uses a multi-stage wallet strategy that keeps 80-90% of the funds stored offline and safe from hackers, amongst this their site requires two-factor authentication to login, API usage and all withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals are fast, customer support is paramount when compared to many other exchanges and they stay transparent with their fees, which at present are 0.25% on all trades.

Buy NEO at Bittrex


bitfinex logo

Investing in NEO through the Hong-Kong based exchange Bitfinex, is our second recommendation, they are the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange by volume which entices many traders as high volume means low spread, which is the difference between best bids and ask prices. 

Whilst they don’t accept fiat currency, much like Bittrex you can use USDT (Tether) a quasi-fiat token to make purchases; there is also free deposits, relatively cheap withdrawals available for BTC and several other popular alt-coins including NEO.

Bitfinex has endured its fair share of security problems, having fallen victim to the second-largest BTC heist in history but unlike Mt.Gox who were hit the hardest by the heist, Bitfinex spread the loss amongst all clients despite not all users being affected, users took a 36% cut of their account values and one year later, all clients were fully compensated.

The platform also has a customisable GUI (Graphical user interface), over 50 trading pairs and a good variety of order types such as limit, market, stop-limit, stop and many more.

Buy NEO at Bitfinex


Binance Logo

Having had a successful ICO in July 2017, the Chinese exchange platform is one to watch out for as it already has some very impressive numbers tied to it; the website, claiming it has the capability to process 1,400,000 orders per second has also begun to exchange their own coin BNB which is used to pay for transactions fees.

The young website also has a few features to aid with the registration process and put users at ease with their security features such as two-factor authentication, SMS authorisation and other additional layers that users can add.

Trading fees are extraordinarily cheap, by paying for the use of BN you get 50% off from their trading fees, which is already at a miniscule 0.1%.

Buy NEO at Binance

NEO Crypto Wallets

Since we’re buying NEO, let’s set up a NEON wallet to have somewhere to send your NEO coins to. Start at, the official Github page of the NEO development team City of Zion.

Once your wallet is downloaded and launched, you can find your NEON wallet address just as pictured in the image below.

neo coin wallet

Where to Buy?

Platform Currency Rate Volume Change
Bittrex NEO/BTC 0.00414741 BTC 2577153.553 NEO 32.37%
Bitfinex NEO/USD 77.368 USD 2062206.390 NEO 25.9%
Binance NEO/BTC 0.003861 BTC 1506088.870 NEO 18.92%
Bitfinex NEO/BTC 0.0041605 BTC 584698.488 NEO 7.34%
Bittrex NEO/USDT 77.2 USDT 442383.021 NEO 5.56%
Binance NEO/USDT 71.994 USDT 191124.682 NEO 2.4%
Binance NEO/ETH 0.101 ETH 189330.160 NEO 2.38%
Bittrex NEO/ETH 0.10400184 ETH 142819.116 NEO 1.79%
Bitfinex NEO/ETH 0.10657 ETH 66027.089 NEO 0.83%
Hitbtc NEO/USD 75.34 USD 55598.800 NEO 0.7%
Hitbtc NEO/BTC 0.00408 BTC 48691.400 NEO 0.61%
Binance NEO/BNB 12.193 BNB 35794.385 NEO 0.45%
Cryptopia NEO/BTC 0.00408504 BTC 23537.404 NEO 0.3%
Gate NEO/USDT 75.01 USDT 8721.702 NEO 0.11%
Kucoin NEO/BTC 0.0040769 BTC 8693.198 NEO 0.11%
Hitbtc NEO/ETH 0.1057 ETH 7579.600 NEO 0.1%
Gate NEO/BTC 0.00401969 BTC 3958.440 NEO 0.05%
Livecoin NEO/BTC 0.004189 BTC 2492.221 NEO 0.03%
Livecoin NEO/USD 80 USD 1660.153 NEO 0.02%
Cryptopia NEO/LTC 0.23900033 LTC 1424.324 NEO 0.02%
Kucoin NEO/KCS 112.4998 KCS 754.411 NEO 0.01%
Qryptos NEO/ETH 0.1085931 ETH 265.022 NEO 0.0%
Livecoin NEO/ETH 0.10500001 ETH 180.088 NEO 0.0%
Cryptopia NEO/DOGE 12684.21499982 DOGE 137.819 NEO 0.0%
Qryptos NEO/BTC 0.00496471 BTC 66.896 NEO 0.0%
Quoine NEO/USD 13.91 USD 3.772 NEO 0.0%
Quoine NEO/JPY 4000 JPY 2.000 NEO 0.0%

Invest in smaller altcoins before price rises

Can you Buy NEO on Coinbase?

Coinbase is very much a western exchange, the fact that is only allows you to buy four cryptocurrencies with three fiat currencies shows you how hard it is to break into the Coinbase club.

Currently you can only use Euros, British Pounds or US dollars to buy one of the four cryptocurrencies. So given that NEO is Chinas first attempt at blockchain technology, it is not surprising that the two are yet to be compatible. With NEO being very much an Asian cryptocurrency, you cannot buy it directly from Coinbase just yet.

Will we see it on Coinbase in the future?

You cannot rule it out however there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies in line ahead of it and given the fact that NEO is basked by Chinese authorities, I don’t think they are all that bothered right now with Coinbase. They are likely looking to get into the Chinese, Korean and Japanese exchanges before they begin to migrate west.

Recommended places to buy NEO

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