Buying Ripple with Dollars

Ripple has gained attraction of many stakeholders since the year 2017 started. A continuous increase in the price of ripple has been witnessed over the past few months. Ripple is also expanding its network by collaborating with various banks around the world. As per available information, ripple plans to escrow its $55 Billion worth tokens in a special type of contract.


With increasing popularity of Ripple, it has now become easier to buy it with traditional currency. Few exchanges have even started offering pairs of Ripple to trade. Anyhow, today we debrief how to buy ripple with dollars?

Before we move ahead, we would like to insert here a little piece of information explaining what Ripple is? And how does ripple work?

What is Ripple?

It’s a digital currency as well as a network that allows its transactions to take place within a network. It is an open source system for payment that is currently in its testing phase. As per the official website of the “Ripple” its main objective is to eliminate the restrictions in place by different financial networks such as banks, credit cards companies, PayPal, etc. in the name of the processing fee, and charges for exchanging currencies.

How Does Ripple Work?

The parent company of Ripple “OpenCoin” states that the currency will help people to carry out transaction more freely and transparently. It eliminates the role of middleman and removes all those excessive charges involved. Ripple works as a decentralized digital currency network that keeps every transaction recorded on a blockchain.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate USD

Before we discuss various methods of buying Ripple, it is important that you are aware about checking the Bitcoin Exchange Rate USD. You can check out bitcoin’s exchange rate in USD on Google, Investing, Bloomberg and other such portals.

Bitcoin Canadian Dollar

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How to Buy Ripple With Dollars?

There are ultimately two different ways to usd your USD and buy Ripple.

  1. You can buy Ripple through an exchange.
  2. You can buy Ripple as a CFD.

Buy Ripple with USD as a CFD

Given the growth the whole cryptocurrency world has seen, it is not surprising that we are seeing more and more brokers offer Ripple as  CFD and in turn making it very easy to buy with dollars. There are various CFD providers who now offer you the option to buy Ripple with USD. We recommend you try one of the three following:

All have been tried and tested and we feel these are the most reliable and value for money. Click the link to go straight to their website.

Buy Ripple with USD through an Exchange

Many exchanges around the world are offering Ripple sale and purchase these days. Unfortunately, some have a bad reputation and often seen as a scam. Therefore, you need to be very careful with your investment. Do some research on the internet, find the relevant information about the exchange you wish to buy Ripple from and then make your final decision.

ripple dollars

Another important thing you need to know is the requirement of e-wallet accounts by various exchanges. An e-wallet is an online place where you store your cryptocurrency. Some companies don’t allow you to keep your cryptocurrency on their e-wallets once you’ve purchased it from them. Therefore, you need to open your e-wallet account even before you buy any cryptocurrency.

Mentioned below are three reliable sources that you may consider to buy your Ripple.

1)  Buy Ripple With Dollars At Bitstamp

bitstamp logo

Bitstamp is a name of highly trusted exchange founded in 2011. The exchange offers its customer to buy ripples with dollars as well as other methods of payments. Bitstamp allows its verified customer to buy a high volume of ripples with dollars. Customers with non-verified accounts may observe restrictions in buying large volumes of Ripple from Bitstamp.

To buy ripple with dollars at Bitstamp. You need to take following steps.

  • Visit the official webpage of the exchange such as
  • Click the “Sign Up” tab to complete the registration process
  • Upload supporting documents to get your account verified
  • Click on the “Payments” tab to add a payment method
  • Select “wire transfers” as your preferred payment method
  • Enter your bank account’s details
  • Select the Ripple amount you want to buy
  • Click “Next” to proceed to the payment summary page
  • Review your payment details and the amount indicated for buying ripple
  • Click “Pay” to authorize payment
  • Collect your Ripple and transfer them to your e-wallet.

2)  Buy Ripple With Dollars at Kraken

kraken logo

Kraken is another exchange dealing in cryptocurrency trade. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco. The exchange is rated as the best to buy cryptocurrency by independent news media.

The company tends to offer its customers exceptional trading experience as far as cryptocurrency sale and purchase is concerned.

To buy ripple with dollars at Kraken, Mentioned below steps are required.

  • Go To
  • Complete the registration page by filling in your details
  • Activate your account by verifying the link sent to your email address by Kraken
  • Log in your account and upload the supporting documents required for account verification
  • Select the payment method to fund your account at Kraken
  • Enter your payment details
  • Press “Pay” to proceed with the payments
  • Select the ripple amount you wish to purchase
  • Click on “New Order” to place an order to buy ripple
  • Collect your ripple and transfer them to your electronic wallet

3)  Buy Ripple with Dollars at GateHub

gatehub logo

GateHub is an exchange highly recommended for people wishing to buy Ripple. It offers most competitive pricing plan and excellent customer support. The exchange is well known for offering sale and purchase services in cryptocurrency. The company allows its customer to buy ripple with dollars. The company, however, accepts other methods as well such as payments through cards, Skrill, wire transfers, etc.

To Buy Ripple with dollars from GateHub, following steps are needed to be taken.

  • Open
  • Click “Sign Up” to get yourself registered with the company.
  • Type in your details and complete the registration form
  • Setup a “Recovery Key” as it is an essential requirement of the exchange to prevent you from forgetting your password.
  • Validate your account by clicking the link received in your email from GateHub
  • Upload the supporting documents to prove your Identity
  • Wait until your account is verified
  • After verification is done, select your preferred payment method
  • Deposit funds in your account
  • Select cryptocurrency you wish to trade-in
  • Select the ripple amount you wish to buy
  • Press “continue” to place an order
  • You’re done, Collect your Ripple
  • Transfer them to your e-wallet account as soon as possible

Final Words

Buying ripple has now become easier than it used to be in the earlier days. Many exchanges across the globe offer you their services to buy ripple with dollars. The only issue is to locate an authentic website from where you can buy ripple without compromising the security of your confidential information. We believe exchanges mentioned above are the most reliable sources to buy Ripple. However, the final decision lies with you. We appreciate you to do some research before you come up with your final decision.

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