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How to Buy Stratis Coin For When Blockchain Goes Mainstream

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Many people think that 2018 is going to be the year when blockchain goes mainstream. Sure, your grandma has probably heard about Bitcoin at this point, but we’re still a long way from widespread user adoption. Those who actually use blockchain technologies remain a tiny percentage of the population. But this could change in the near future.
But how? First things first, it’s important for businesses to be able to use blockchain to create their own systems and use cases. As businesses become more intertwined with blockchain technology, so will their users. Before you know it, blockchain really will be the new paradigm, with billions using it just as they use the internet today. Stratis is one of the best blockchain projects trying to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow, when blockchain will be everywhere. They’re doing this by focusing on businesses – helping them get into the blockchain world to add functionality and usefulness to their current business models and practices. If Stratis succeeds, this process will be easy.

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The Difference Between Trading and Buying

The ultimate beginner's guide to trading Stratis

How to Buy Stratis Coin

Stratis is a well established coin with a lot of real world users and investors. For this reason it’s available through a number of trusted exchanges (Stratis Bittrex, for example), including the world’s biggest exchange: Binance. Binance has been more successful at integrating new coins and scaling for massive user adoption, so we’ll include them in this review.

How to Buy Stratis from Binance

Like we said earlier, there are a bunch of exchanges that sell Stratis (Stratis Bittrex is popular, Stratis Coinbase is not an option). We like Binance because it is the biggest exchange, with the best scalability, and the highest performance during crypto’s busiest times, as evidenced during the past several months. You can’t just buy Stratis with USD, so you’ll have to first get some Bitcoin, which is tradable against Stratis (STRAT) pretty much everywhere. You can get your Bitcoin from a variety of locations, including CoinbaseCex.ioChangelly, and Coinmama. They’re all great options, so just do the one that works for you.   

buy stratis stratis crypto buy stratis coin how to buy stratis  

Go to Binance.com and and your email and new password. After you click “Register”, you’ll receive registration emails from Binance. Click the links therein, and you’ll finally be led to the following screen where you can add 2 Factor Authentication to your account for extra security. On this page, download the app (iOS or Android) and scan the QR code you see. This will enable 2 Factor Authentication. The app you downloaded will show you a 6 digit code every 30 seconds, all day every day. When you want to log in to Binance, you’ll input your password, then look at your phone for this 6 digit code. No one will be able to get into your Binance account without both your password and the constantly updating 6 digit code from the 2FA app.

Sending Bitcoin to Binance

Now let’s send over some Bitcoin to your Binance account so you can trade it for Stratis coin. Start by going to the exchange which currently holds your Bitcoin (Coinbase, Cex.io, or whatever). Click “Withdraw” or “Send” (as the case may be). Now go back to Binance and click on “Funds”, then “Balances” and look for your “Bitcoin” wallet. Click “Deposit” beside it. how to buy stratis coin stratis buy stratis bitcoin stratis market cap After you click on “Deposit”, you’ll see the image below appear. Copy the address you see here. This is the address for your Binance Bitcoin wallet. Copy it and take it to the exchange where your Bitcoin is currently held it. Paste it into the address line (double check it’s right), then send your Bitcoin to Binance. It should arrive in half an hour or so. binance buy stratis

How to Buy Stratis With Bitcoin on Binance

Now that your Bitcoin has arrived, let’s go through how to trade it for Stratis (STRAT). First, click on “Exchanges”, then “Basic”. This will take you to the screen you see below. On the right side of the screen, make sure the little yellow “BTC” box is checked. Then type “STRAT” into the search bar beside it. This will make the Stratis Bitcoin trading pair appear. Click it. Then at the bottom you’ll see a little menu with a green “Buy Stratis” button underneath it.   binance buy stratis  

The current market Stratis price will already be filled into the “Price” line. Now select how many Stratis coins you want to buy (usually you’ll just click the 100% to indicate you want to spend all of your Bitcoin). Your total will be displayed on the “Total” line. When you’re ready, hit the green buy button. Your order should be completed in a couple of minutes, tops.

How Does Stratis Work?

stratis coinbase stratis exchange how to buy stratis coin stratis market cap

Stratis is complex, but we want to be able to give you a Stratis review that you’ll actually read. Rather than delving into the technicals, let’s talk about what Stratis is accomplishing. This will speak for the technology beneath it which, in Stratis’s case, is remarkably sophisticated. Say a national pizza chain wants to create a blockchain dapp that allows customers to order a pizza for delivery with the click of one button – no calling on the phone, no typing in your credit card number to your browser, no worries that the chain will be hacked and lose your identity. This is a great idea, but the pizza chain doesn’t have any experience in developing for blockchain. They’re not a technology company. They don’t even know how to go about hiring the people for the job. This is where Stratis steps in, helping businesses integrate blockchain by simple means. As Stratis becomes ever more complete, businesses will be able to launch their own blockchain with the click of a button. Or they can have assistance for doing it themselves from the Stratis team and company. Stratis makes it easy to create blockchain apps in C#, a very familiar dev language. Stratis offers many educational opportunities on their site. They also offer simple ways to securely store identity on the blockchain. At the end of the day, Stratis is positioning themselves to be the mechanism by which blockchain becomes to technology of choice for modern business.

What About Stratis Coin?

If a business or individual is going to use the Stratis blockchain to launch a project (like the recent ICO launched on Stratis), they’ll have to use Stratis coin to complete the necessary transactions. As more businesses start subchains running off the main Stratis chain, more applications get constructed, and individuals start interacting with the underlying technology, there will be ever more opportunities for using the Stratis coin/Stratis (STRAT). As for the Stratis price, now (last week of February 2018) is a remarkable opportunity to buy. The All Time High Stratis price was over $21, but today it’s just about a third of that, nestled right under $7.50. For people who buy Stratis today, this price could turn out to be the chance for big gains investors are always looking for. With so many use cases for the Stratis coin, we think that now is the time to buy, from one of several trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why is Stratis Coin Attractive to Investors?

stratis altcoin stratis to btc stratis market cap

Investors love Stratis, and not just for the current low Stratis price. Here are a couple of great reasons why:

  • Stratis is ancient by crypto standards (having ICO’d in 2016!), but its steady development since then indicates that this is a rapidly maturing project, with a great team behind it (we won’t review the Stratis team here, but it’s top notch!)
  • Stratis has a number of significant partnerships, not the least of which is Microsoft, which is allowing Stratis to integrate with some of their technology in order to make Stratis more powerful, scalable, and attractive to new users and investors.
  • Stratis is doing the unsexy work of bringing blockchain into the real world. Sure, it’s harder to explain what Stratis is than, say, NEO, but Stratis is performing as necessary a function. By making blockchain usable in new industries, blockchain will grow.
  • Stratis has its hand in other industry sectors, like cloud storage and computing. Like another favorite coin of ours (ARK), Stratis has great ambitions. Achieving even a few will make them central to the burgeoning blockchain industry now and later.
  • The current Stratis market cap is low. The Stratis price gives Stratis less than $1 Billion market cap (well less, in fact). The biggest blockchain projects have billions of dollars in cumulative market cap, meaning that if Stratis succeeds, there’s room to grow.

This only scratches the surface of Stratis’s great potential, but it should be enough to inform your decision to perhaps check out Stratis Bittrex and other buy Stratis options. The Stratis crypto opportunity is a unique one, and there’s plenty more research you can do to understand Stratis better. This this is a guide meant to show you how to buy Stratis, though, we’ll leave the deeper information dive to you and instead focus on how to buy Stratis.

How to Use the Stratis Wallet

Stratis crypto is stored in a digital wallet, just like every other cryptocurrency. However, Stratis is unlike many coins in that it has a Proof of Stake security and governance model, wherein users can “stake” or “lock in” their Stratis coin in exchange for financial rewards, within the Stratis wallet. To get your own Stratis wallet, go to: https://github.com/stratisproject/stratisX/releases/tag/v2.0.0.3 where it’s available for Mac and Windows.  

 stratis wallet stratis bittrex buy stratis stratis crypto buy stratis coin how to buy stratis   

Once you’ve downloaded and opened your Stratis wallet, you’ll be able to find your unique Stratis Address as indicated in the image above, by clicking on the “Receive” tab. You’ll click “receive” any time you want to see the Stratis address where people will send you Stratis coins, as well as if you want to send Stratis coin (STRAT) to yourself. Take note of the address; we’ll be using it later.

How to Send Your Stratis to Your Stratis Wallet for Safe-keeping

Remember that Stratis Wallet we made earlier in this Stratis coin guide? Go back there and copy that “Receive” address. Now go back to Binance “Funds”, “Balances”. Click on “Withdraw” beside the Stratis Wallet. Paste your Stratis wallet address here, double check to make the address is correct, then finalize the transaction. Your coins should arrive in a few minutes.

Final Thoughts on Stratis Coin

Stratis is a remarkable project with incredible implications for the blockchain space, and beyond. If Stratis succeeds (which many would argue, it already is), then it will bring many new businesses and industries into the blockchain space, which in turn will bring blockchain into the mainstream more than it is today. All of this will have incredible implications for the Stratis price, so that today’s investors will be richly rewarded in the coming months and years. No one can guarantee that this will be the result, but based on what we know about Stratis, we think this is likely one of the best investment opportunities available for crypto traders right now!

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