Should You Buy Tezos Coin Amid the Controversy?

Tezos was one of the biggest ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) that launched last year. Sold as a future smart contract protocol that could rival Ethereum, with fundamental changes that could make it even better, thousands of people leapt upon the opportunity to invest in Tezos coin.

Fast forward half a year, and Tezos is embroiled in controversy. Many early investors have not received the Tezos coins (“Tezzies”) that they paid for, a class action lawsuit has been filed, and Tezos’s direction has just resigned. Is this the last croak of a dying coin?

Nobody can say for sure, but there’s an argument to be made for buying the coin of a strong project when the price is down, because a discount like this might never come again. Sure the Tezos price has suffered; it’s up to you to decide if it’s going to stay that way.

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Quick Steps to Buy Tezos Coin

  1. Buy Bitcoin on an exchange such as Coinbase,
  2. Create an account with
  3. Send your Bitcoins to
  4. Buy Tezos
  5. Send your Tezos coins to a new Omniwallet account address

The Argument for Buying the Tezos Cryptocurrency

how to buy tezosAs fundamentals go, there was a good reason why ICO investors threw their money at the Tezos ICO. Tezos offered a simple way to create smart contracts, an innovative form of Proof of Stake governance/security, and the speed and scale of a truly modern platform.

Even though the protocol release has been delayed, this does not mean that Tezos will never be released. Your investment decisions are, of course, your own, but people are always afraid to buy when the waters are choppy, even though clear waters will make the price rise.

It’s all a question of if and when the Tezos Foundation, and Tezos’s financiers the Brietmans, will recover following the class action lawsuit and the loss of TF director Johann Gevers. The two parties have been in major conflict up to this point.

It’s entirely possible that by getting rid of Gevers, Tezos may be able to be taken in a new and better direction. It’s also possible that the Tezos Foundation, who controls the Tezos coin supply, may now be able to distribute the delayed Tezos coins that caused the stir.

Only time will tell if history will look kindly on Tezos. This is true of all cryptocurrency projects, but especially ones that court controversy. If Tezos rebounds, this will be seen as a critical moment, at which new buyers could get in at the best price for some time to come. 

The Benefits of Proof of Stake Governance

  • One of Tezos biggest selling points is the Proof of Stake model they use for getting transactions completed and for introducing new coins into the network. Anyone who “stakes” their coins (commits them to the Tezos network for a period of time) gets the right to vote for “Delegates”. 
  • Delegates get to vote on potential changes to the network, based on the will of the people who voted them into power. They also get to verify transactions, and in turn are rewarded with new coins which they can save, spend, give away, or use to cultivate the network. 
  • Ethereum itself is moving toward this model, from the familiar Proof of Work mining protocol it currently uses. POS has many benefits, but Ethereum has failed to make the change, even though it was promised to take place before the end of last year.

    Proof of Stake, many agree, is the superior system to Proof of Work. Proponents say it’s greener (no mining), more democratic, and less prone to dangerous centralization, a current major argument against Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. A new coin could solve these problems.

    Tezos may be that coin. It also may not be. Your feelings on this will be the determining factor in whether or not you’re tempted by the current Tezos price and want to buy some Tezos coin of your own.

    How to Buy Tezos Coin to Invest in Tezos

    If you’ve decided that Tezos coin is worth a try in your portfolio, you’ll only have one choice of where to do it. Currently, Tezos coin is only sold on HitBTC has been troublesome for some users, but in most cases its performance is fine. We’ll show you how buying Tezos coin on HitBTC works. But first…

    Buying Bitcoins Before You Buy Tezos Coin


    In order to buy Tezos coin, you’ll need to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the fundamental coins that exchanges use to trade against most of the coins they hold. Head over to Coinbase or Gemini and get some of your own.

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    Various methods to invest in Virtual Currency

    How to Open an Account With to Buy Tezos Coin

    tezos ico

    Step 1: Head over to and create an account the usual way: by entering a working email address and unique password. Complete the Captchas and respond to any emails sent to your email address and enter the site. 

    Step 2: Enable 2 Factor Identification. 2 Factor ID, or 2FA, is a great way to make sure your account is secure. It makes a new code appear on your phone each time you log in. Only you have this code. With your password, security is good. 

    How to Send Bitcoin or Ethereum to Your HitBTC Wallet

    tezos crypto

    Step 1: Buy some Ethereum (or Bitcoin) on an exchange like Coinbase, which makes it possible to use United States Dollars on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The coins will take several days to appear in your account. Be patient. Once you have them you can transfer them to HitBTC and buy Tezos coin.

    Step 2: Go to your HitBTC account where you’ll find your Ethereum wallet. There’s an alphanumeric address associated with that wallet (a bunch of letters and numbers). Copy this and head back over to your Coinbase wallet (pictured above).

    Step 3: Choose to “Send” Ethereum, then paste the address into the address line and then select how much Ethereum you want to send to your account. If you’re unsure you did it right, try sending a small amount first. When you’re ready, hit “Confirm” and the Ethereum should arrive in a few minutes or hours, depending on current network demands.

    How to Exchange Bitcoin/Ethereum for Tezos Coin on HitBTC

    buy tezos coin

    Now that your Bitcoin has arrived on HitBTC, you’ll find it in your HitBTC Bitcoin wallet. Next, head over to the Terminal, where you can choose the XTZ/BTC or XTZ/ETH trading pair (depending on whether you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase).

    On the bottom right hand of the screen, you’ll see a menu labeled “Buy Order”. Here, decide how much you want to pay for a single Tezos coin. You can see the current market rate in the charts above. If you want to use to current price, go for it. If you want to wait for a lower price, specify that price in the “Price” section of the “Limit” tab and your order will be filled if and when the price falls to that point.

    When you’re ready to execute your order, hit “Buy Market” or “Buy Limit”, depending on the type of order you chose, and your order will be completed as soon as possible.

    Register at HitBTC

    Putting Your Tezos Coins in a Personal Wallet For Safekeeping

    There is no official Tezos wallet out yet, and the delay of the network release has also delayed the wallet which was supposed to come with it. You can decide to keep your coins on HitBTC if you choose. The problem with this is that exchanges like HitBTC are sometimes hacked, and sometimes simply drowned in network traffic. That’s why it’s generally never a good idea to keep coins on exchanges. 

    If this simply won’t work for you but you’ve got to have your Tezos coins, there are people online who claim to have found solutions in testnets and Google Chrome extensions. If you’re a little tech savvy this could be a good route for you, but because these methods have not been formally standardized, we will not be making any specific recommendations here. 

    The rest of you can wait (and hope) for the network to drop as planned!

    Alternatives to Tezos


    Whilst Tezos still has growing issues it may be wiser to look elsewhere with your investments, or at least until Tezos can back up it’s initial valuation.

    There are certainly more stable cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment that might warrant a safer investment. The likes of Cardano and Stellar are making their way into the public view and are being backed up by impressive whitepapers and the new type of modern business person; young, progressive and entrepreneurial.

    If you are interested in buying some arguably more stable coins that still possess a good potential growth and return then click the link below.

    Tezos Coin FAQ

    Is Tezos Cryptocurrency Really a Currency?
     Tezos coin is a currency in that people can trade it for other currencies and, someday, stuff. However, Tezos coin’s main function is as a currency of the Tezos network, just like Ether with Ethereum and GAS with NEO. Once you’ve learned how to buy Tezos on a Tezos exchange, you’ll have a coin with the potential for many use cases, currency being just one of them.
    What's the best Tezos Exchange?
     HitBTC is the one and only Tezos exchange.
    Was My Tezos Buy a Good Buy?
    Only time will tell.
    The Tezos ICO Has Come and Gone and I Still Don't Have My Tezos Coins!
    The Tezos community seems to think they’re coming soon. Make sure to keep the receipts from your original purchase and take a look at the Tezos class action lawsuit if you feel the need.
    What Does Tezos Crypto Even Mean?
     Tezos is called “crypto” because it is a blockchain application that uses cryptographic encryption techniques that store data in a way that is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to hack or alter in a dishonest way for any purpose.
    Is the Tezos Price Going to Keep Going Down?
     Nobody knows. Whether or not the Tezos price goes down depends upon the resolution of the current legal battles and the actions of the Tezos Foundation. If the network is released soon, it’s likely that the Tezos price will rise.

    Final Thoughts on Tezos

    Tezos is in a rough patch right now, dealing with the fallout from a delayed launch, two lawsuits, and upheaval in the leadership roles of the Tezos Foundation.

    Analysts have complained that Tezos is an example of a company that got to a valuation that resembles that of a mature company, even though Tezos had only a whitepaper. On the one hand, it is possible that Tezos may never truly be completed, and the Tezos price could never rise above the levels is saw in the not-distant past. This would be a bad thing for investors, and for those who hoped to one day use the Tezos network.

    HOWEVER! There have been countless examples in history of companies in turmoil who have seen their prices fall to record lows…only to recover! Will Tezos be one of those, or will it be relegated to the dust bin of crypto lore? Only time will tell.

    Nonetheless, if this turns out to be a redemption story, those who invest in Tezos now are going to be greatly rewarded. Stay tuned for more details as the situation involved, and if you find yourself believing that Tezos will come back from the brink, make sure to buy at these bargain basement prices!

    Recommended places to buy Tezos

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