Bitcoin Profit Review

In the last 12-18 months, Bitcoin has helped make thousands of people very rich. The value of this original cryptocurrency sky-rocketed in 2017 and, although it returned to more realistic levels in 2018, it is still a high-value digital asset today. To try and get the best possible price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other emerging altcoins, crypto investors are utilising automated trading robots to beat the markets and get top value for their purchases.

According to The Bitcoin Profit website, its unique proprietary trading software allows its members to place automated and manual trades on Bitcoin with outstanding success rates. With 99.4% of all automated trades placed through Bitcoin Profit yielding a profit, it is regarded by many within the crypto sector as a revolutionary crypto trading platform.

But is Bitcoin Profit a scam? That’s what many people fear when something appears too good to be true. That’s why we’ve put the software to the test in our brand-new Bitcoin Profit review, designed to put our readers firmly in the picture.

The Bitcoin Profit homepage says members entrust the platform with doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their investments in Bitcoin and you can sign up to Bitcoin Profit and try the service for yourself.

Who is behind Bitcoin Profit?

At the time of writing, it is not abundantly obvious as to the mastermind behind the Bitcoin Profit platform. The Bitcoin Profit homepage does not offer an ‘About Us’ section and instead prefers to focus on the quality and success rate of the proprietary trading software itself. It’s worth nothing that this software was ranked first in the US Trading Association’s category for trading software, which certainly adds weight to the brand.

Another thing that’s for certain is that Bitcoin Profit is not anything like an affiliate marketing scheme or MLM. The Bitcoin Profit homepage reinforces its position as a unique cryptocurrency trading algorithm, designed to work with 99.4% accuracy in the crypto markets.

How does the Bitcoin Profit software work?

The Bitcoin Profit technology is said to be the most advanced programming the crypto trading industry has ever experienced. Designed to execute trades on Bitcoin 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets, this ‘time leap’ ensures the automated side of things delivers “laser-accurate performance” levels.

Can you really change your life by investing with Bitcoin Profit?

New members are required to register to become part of the Bitcoin Profit network in order to receive their free copy of the platform’s proprietary Bitcoin trading software. Members must then deposit their own investment capital to allow the automated algorithms to execute trades on their behalf. The minimum deposit is $250 which may seem a little steep to beginner cryptocurrency investors.

The Bitcoin Profit homepage states that its members only require 20 minutes a day on average to yield daily profits of £1,300 and above, which goes to underline the power of the Bitcoin Profit trading robot. More experienced crypto traders can also switch from automated to manual trading through the platform for those that prefer to seek out their own trading opportunities.

Our experience

We tested the Bitcoin Profit experience for ourselves to provide our readers with the best possible overview of the service. In our opinion, the Bitcoin Profit platform offers all the requisite security protocols and encryption needed to protect members’ funds while they let the award-winning algorithm do its thing.

Bitcoin Profit looks after its members by promising never to unleash hidden brokerage fees and commissions. This means that every single penny you deposit is yours to keep and spend on buying and selling cryptocurrency. Furthermore, you can withdraw from your Bitcoin Profit account whenever you like; with withdrawals allowed to credit and debit cards as well as bank accounts via wire transfers.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Profit a scam?

Our Bitcoin Profit review concludes by responding to those asking “is Bitcoin Profit a scam?” Well, thanks to 24/7 customer support, automated and manual trading capabilities and the ability to gain access to your trading profits any time should give you the confidence to register for Bitcoin Profit and start making four-figure daily profits on Bitcoin.

Other Trading Robots to consider

As a newbie to the world of automated cryptocurrency trading it can seem like a minefield choosing the right trading bot. The appeal of automated trading for cryptocurrencies is there for all to see. Who wouldn’t want the chance to create a set-and-forget trading algorithm to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies before selling it at a better price? At, we’ve put together a page of recommended trading robots to give you a head start when selecting your first automated software.

Bitcoin Code
Out of all the existing recommended trading bots that we’ve reviewed, Bitcoin Code is one that has garnered the most attention among beginners to automated crypto trading. Masterminded by a former Wall Street software developer named Steve McKay, Bitcoin Code is designed to allow users to place both automated and manual trades within the platform. Check out our latest Bitcoin Code review to understand the full story behind McKay’s development of the software that was originally intended for internal use with his former employer.

BTC Robot
The BTC Robot is reportedly the world’s first automated multi-cryptocurrency trading bot. This proprietary trading software hunts through the various cryptocurrency exchanges seeking out discrepancies in the value of various cryptocurrencies. It is programmed to buy and sell cryptos when those value discrepancies present themselves. The platform offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, offering newcomer automated crypto traders genuine peace of mind. Read our full BTC Robot overview to get the full picture of their service.

Gekko differs from most other automated trading robots as it is 100% open source. This kind of trading bot is audited and tested heavily by developers, coders and investors worldwide, so you can rest assured in the quality and security of the execution of your trades. Gekko makes it possible to develop your own kind of crypto trading bot by telling the platform exactly how you want your automated trades to execute in specified market conditions.


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