Top Bitcoin Casinos 2018: All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is an online payment currency that was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is different from conventional currencies in a number of ways that makes it ideal for online transactions. Those unique characteristics are such as decentralization, anonymity, and security. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, which means a party receiving bitcoins will not know the senders’ details. Decentralization means the no government or central authority has authority over Bitcoin in teblockcrms of its supply, value, and regulation. These features and many more features make Bitcoin an ideal currency for online transactions. One particular area where Bitcoin is ideal is in the gambling niche.

What is Bitcoin Gambling?

Bitcoin gambling has gained prominence over time from its early beginning where a single Bitcoin was valued at 0.01 to its current price of around $10,000. Its prominence and dominance in the cryptocurrency market has made casinos accept bitcoin as a payment method. Some casinos have even introduced bitcoin casino games such as bitcoin poker and bitcoin slots. It is an undeniable truth that bitcoin gambling is on the rise and a lot of gamblers have drawn interest in this new type of betting. Therefore, it is prudent for players to do a thorough analysis of bitcoin betting sites to avoid falling prey to scammers or dubious websites. Bitcoin betting is different from traditional betting. This is in relation to requirements such as wallets, private keys and other requirements that players are required to know when it comes to bitcoin gambling.

Top 12 Bitcoin Gambling Sites That offer Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin betting is on the rise, as a matter of fact, is the new trend and talk in the gambling scene. Casinos and bookmakers are increasingly adopting Bitcoin as a payment option. To get players on board casinos have introduced bitcoin gambling with faucet while others have introduced bitcoin casino free spin. There are others that have introduced bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses perks that have been a great deal for new players. The section below is a thorough review of the best bitcoin gambling sites that offer players the best bitcoin gambling experience.

  • FortuneJack is among the most well known and respected crypto casinos on the internet. They allow gambling using a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, and because no fiat cash is involved, their regulatory burden is much lighter than with a regular web casino. As such, it’s much easier for some to take part! Unless your nation specifically bans FortuneJack, you’ll be able to join the fun without much difficulty. Even among fiat online casinos, FortuneJack is a cut above in terms of service, performance, variety & quality of games, and just about everything else involved with the platform.
  •  has at least 900 games with an exclusive bonus of 200%, at least 7500 bitcoin jackpot, an amazing VIP platform, very fast withdrawals and 24 hours customer care support. The VIP program has 4 levels namely; Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black. When you attain each level, you are allowed to retain your initial benefits and get huge payments with your new level. There are bitcoin online live dealer games available to players who prefer table games with live dealers. Bitcoin slots enthusiasts will love the variety of games from top providers such as endorphin and play’n GO. Auto lottery registrations are held each month. VIPs are rewarded as long as a member was active in the previous month to the lottery draw.
  • NitrogenSports is powered by bitcoin and has many advantages including extra high security to its players such as anonymous account offer (no need to give your personal details). Dice players are treated with a bitcoin jackpot for 13 consecutive rolls on 7s. NitrogenSports also offers quick withdrawal and deposit services. There are multiple choices of games to bet on such as bitcoin slots, bitcoin joker, and others. Though it has no bitcoin casino free spins players are treated with very competitive odds, fun promos, and a very efficient customer support.
  • CryptoWild– Players are welcomed with a deposit bonus of 100 % and 100 bitcoin casino free spins. Has VIP with levels that you get to keep its benefits after attaining. Has a wide range of games (1000 plus games) examples include; bitcoin slots and bitcoin poker, best customer care support who are available 24/7, it has a high-security platform to protect its gamblers details. It is definitely one of the best bitcoin gambling sites.
  • -very popular and globally trusted bitcoin gambling site. Players win the bitcoin jackpot after rolling 77.77 twice in a row. Well for the unlucky gamblers and probably newbies, they can try the bitcoin gambling with faucet at least for a share of the bitcoins. A very easy game, simply enter choose payout and roll the dice.  This game uses the most durable provable fairness, in other words, you don’t have to trust them. Each spin is arithmetically fair and can be proven to be influence free.
  • –Here, you can get something for just Signing up. With the huge list of bitcoin casino no deposit offers. New players to earn up to 100% welcome bonus that is approximately mB1000. It’s free to register an account, and players can opt for bitcoin casino free spin after selecting the promo page and keying in the appropriate bonus code. It has a 2-factor authentication feature that assists to increase security for its clients and 24/7 customer care support. It also offers multiple casino games in many languages and in different locations. Bitcoin slots and bitcoin poker are some of the games available just to mention a few. This bitcoin online site has very pretty girls dealing with their cards.
  • -This bitcoin online casino has 100% deposit bonus. They have a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus program that offers players 10 bitcoin casino free spins when you sign up with this casino. This bitcoin betting site has 3 D bitcoin slots which are a little different from the conventional online slots. High security on client’s private information. 24 hours in 7 days customer support service, quick deposits, and withdrawals.
  • Other bitcoin betting sites that offer nice gambling experience to players are; Bitstarz, Bitcoin Penguin, mars casino, io,

bitcoin gambling

What online games can I play with Bitcoins?

When one decide to play online games using Bitcoins, it should be easy to find the games on any bitcoin betting site. Bitcoin slots is the most common kind of online game, examples include the bitcoin jackpot slot, three reeled slots, bitcoin online, 3D Slots among others.

For those who prefer traditional online casino games, one can still enjoy bitcoin gambling by playing barracat, roulette, blackjack, craps and others. If you are not totally convinced with your own poker skills, you can play the bitcoin poker online game too. It’s an easy hand building game. Here, players are required to build a nice hand to pocket wins and during this time, no dealer or opposition. Currently, Bitcoin casinos are offering live dealer online casino games. These games are played through video streams and thus create a realistic impression of the game.

Why Bitcoin slots, bitcoin joker and Bitcoin jackpot are interesting to players?

It is very common for new players to get attracted to playing slots after signing up with any online casino. Slots are one of the most rewarding casino games and require little or no gambling ingenuity to start counting your profits. In fact, the majority of the slots games have an average of 95% RTP. The same applies to online joker games. This and several other factors have led to casino that accept bitcoin to promote these two games. In fact, Bitcoin gambling sites that have promoted this two games have a bitcoin jackpot exclusively for this two games. A combination of all these factors makes these three games a preferred choice for many gamblers.

Bitcoin Gambling Casino

Are these games similar to games in other online betting sites?

No. Majority of online casino games sites will offer you similar games as other sites do, although Bitcoin casinos only have new optional games for their customers. There’s a wide variety of games that have totally been designed for bitcoins and offer original gambling experience to its clients.

How do you gamble on online games with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin gambling is not complicated as acquiring bitcoins is easy nowadays courtesy of the many bitcoin exchanges. You just need to top up your account with bitcoins and load your favorite game. The games are optimized to enable you break down your Bitcoins into smaller denominations and bets that are within the required Bitcoin range. Afterward, simply select how much you wish to play per game, per spin or per hand and play. Bitcoin betting on online platform games is not quite different from any other online casino game. If you have probably played with real money at other gambling casinos, you will experience no problems when adapting to playing bitcoin online.
Bitcoin Slots

Where can I play bitcoin online games?

Many casinos accept bitcoin as a payment option though not all online casinos accept bitcoins. They are actually innovative sites and one of the best bitcoin gambling sites is They give their customers highest quality casino games that are optimized to use Bitcoins. mBitCasino is another site that offers Bitcoin deposits, promotions, bonuses, great array and support among other bets features. If you are a real gambler, this site is really recommended for you. Bitcoin gambling roulette fanatics can play the French roulette or the transatlantic version at the comfort of their homes. If you a fan of bitcoin slots and bitcoin poker, then is the bitcoin betting site you should sign up with.

Is it a good idea to gamble using Bitcoins?

There are a couple of reasons why gambling with this new flourishing currency is recommended. With this currency, you can deposit coins instantly at no extra charges. That applies to withdrawal which has no extra costs too. Bitcoin casinos have online gambling games with a variety of selections that can never be found on normal gambling sites. If you really want original and new games, playing on Bitcoin Casino is highly recommended. It’s very likely that other casino games will be allowing this optional currency. This is actually the time to transform and start playing online casino with bitcoins if you are not fully versed.

How do you deposit and withdraw bitcoins at Bitcoin Casinos?

Not long ago, the United States casino fans had difficulty in getting their funds on board. The Bitcoin currency matured just right on time. Bitcoin casino usa and other jurisdictions that face restrictions from betting can now deposit and withdraw bitcoins from bitcoin betting sites with no restrictions. To get started you need to follow the below steps.

Your money will be at the casino with only 3 steps:

  • Acquiring a bitcoin wallet for gambling.
  • Purchasing Bitcoins Through exchanges, and
  • Loading the Bitcoins into your Bitcoin Casino.

It has transformed from just being known by geeks to a standard mode of transacting our funds.

How do you get a bitcoin wallet?

If you are dealing with less than $5000 at a time, online Bitcoin wallet is highly recommended. If in any case, you are dealing more than $5000 at a time, then a hard storage is what will be recommended for you to ensure tight security for your coins. Majority of online wallets are easily accessible for Bitcoins transactions with just a single registering process. Common wallets include the, Coinbase and

Buying bitcoins at an exchange

If you have someone willing to sell or send you some bitcoins, this step might not be of any importance. Generally, you are supposed to use an exchange platform to purchase some Bitcoins. These exchange platforms connect buyers and sellers. Here, Bitcoin transactions are done at a small fee. Register with say Coinbase, and send some cash to your bank so as to get bitcoins in your storage/wallet in exchange.

Loading Bitcoins at the Casino

All you need is a wallet with Bitcoins to deposit Bitcoins at the casino. Proceed to the casino banker and click on the deposit icon. It will open a page with many payment selections. Type in the sum you need to deposit, any of your bonus code, and click the icon. A unique identity will be produced, taking 2 layouts. Copy the one with the long number of characters, proceed to your wallet and paste on the available box. Click the send icon, but before even sending, you will be shown your wallet amount in the normal currency (USD). If the amount sent is of small value, it will be available in your wallet in a few minutes.

Big brand offshore casinos will change all your deposits into dollars by the time bitcoins are received. It helps to secure you from swings involved with cryptocurrency values. During withdrawals, which are basically the opposite of depositing, the dollars will be changed back to bitcoins. If you want, you could store some into your wallet. Some people simply go to their exchanges, retrieving their funds as USD into their normal banks.

Advantages of Bitcoin deposits

  • There is no authority that acts as a controlling body. This means that bitcoins have no regulation.
  • No extra charges for deposit and withdrawal at a bitcoin casino. You’ll only pay a little margin at the exchange platform for their services.
  • Easy and quick withdrawals with no admin fee, after deposit, say with a credit card.
  • Huge bonuses from the many Bitcoin casinos.

Disadvantages of using bitcoin

  • Unpredictability: Compared to FIAT currency, bitcoin currencies does not move.
  • Extra costs-these are very small, but can’t be totally ignored, depositing using credit cards is totally free.

Bitcoin Gambling license

Is it essential for a Bitcoin casino to obtain a gambling license?

Online Bitcoin casinos are required to apply for a wagering license so as to be officially accepted by the authorities involved to process payments and access the gaming information of the main software providers. When processing expenditures using Bitcoins, a third party involvement becomes unnecessary. A player deposits and withdraws an amount that is transacted between the casino wallet and a player; hence no need to show a gambling permit. Casino players who transact Bitcoins from their wallets should make sure that they have accounts with reputable Bitcoin Casino that have passed an audit test from an independent body. After there, an online casino with a permit from a reputable jurisdiction becomes a strong marketing tool. Casino players develop more confidence and trust when signing up with them and depositing funds.

How do you bet on Bitcoin Casino?

First, you are supposed to create a Bit casino account that is very simple. Move to the bit casino website ( and click on the sign-up icon at the top right on the homepage. Type in your desired username, security password, an e-mail address, and finally the date of birth. Finishes up by clicking create my account and you are good to go. You will now be having an active Bit casino account and an immediate access to global opportunities through your mobile or desktop.

What amount of bitcoins do I need to play?

Currently, one bitcoin is equal to around 8 thousand dollars. Many players might be left wondering if they have to make such a big investment just to enter a game at bitcoin casino. We’ll prove that myth wrong even though the exchange rate keeps on changing. The least amount of deposit changes from one casino to another and some sites have no limits at all, but basically, it’s always 1mBTC for approximately $8. You can place your bets on bitcoins in fractions like 0.01 mBTC, which is around $0.08c for most of the table games and maybe less for machines with big possible payouts.

Bitcoin Casino SCAM

Is bitcoin gambling legal?

A player will not be accused of a crime for loading funds in Bitcoin casino using Bitcoins. The authority’s goal is to make Bitcoin casino operators stop using bitcoins as a payment mode. Authorities, therefore, make the operators stop offering services, instead of imposing fines on their customers.

Companies with rights to provide wagering services on a worldwide scale to their clients argue differently though. They claim that they do not have to follow the policies in each country where their servers are located, but only to the policies laid by the authorities that gave them the permit.

Avoiding Scam Bitcoin casinos

Gambling through bitcoins is ideal since it saves you some little cash that you would have spent on banking charges. It also keeps you safe by staying anonymous and prevents you from dishonest activities. That’s only applied in Bitcoin casinos which are good enough to be trusted with their customer’s private details.

Casino accepting bitcoin has made things to be more complicated. Some people take Bitcoin casino as a dishonest practice while some say that it’s highly secured than the conventional online casinos. Unfortunately, we have casinos that can’t be relied upon by customers. They either fail to pay winnings to their customers or maybe just staying behind advertisement with impressive bitcoin betting bonus plans.

No deposit bonus Bitcoin casino free spins

Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses are an attraction to experienced players as well as newbies. The same applies to bitcoin casino free spin, but sadly, these two features are uncommon. Bitcoin gambling with faucet is the rarest. Many hybrid deposit casinos give match deposit bonuses while there still exist some online casinos that don’t give free spins and no deposit.

Players that have never experienced the thrill that comes with Bitcoin casino online play, you should maybe consider the terms “free spins” and “no deposit” a little bit confusing. In other words, no deposit means “free cash” that the casino offers just before you risk topping up funds into your casino account. This allows you to play for free but with real cash and have an experience on how the casino works before using your personal money. Free spins are normally offered for specific kind of slot games. You won’t be able to access winnings you get from free spins until you deposit money and meet other extra requirements laid out by the online casino.

Android friendly Bitcoin casinos

Established bitcoin casinos have launched downloadable traditional apps that can be installed on your android devices. They feature popular games and new titles that are constantly added. Those with iPhone operating system can always go directly and download the casino application from the app store. If you own an Android device, visit the casino site and scan the QR code, alternatively, click on the download icon. If a bitcoin casino does not present normal apps, at least it will be designed for access through mobile gadgets.

You will have to search for your online casino via the browser to begin your game in a case like this. Sometimes the mobile version won’t have all the features contained in the desktop version. The version of the game can also be a bit short. Casinos have the tendency to concentrate on mobile bitcoin slots since table games are to be converted into mobile formats, but still, you will find some table games that are worth to play.

How do I know the best Bitcoin Casino?

Mostly, the best bitcoin casinos offer the same things that all other bitcoin casinos offer. The only unique aspect they have is that they do it more efficiently and in a smart way.

  • First, you’ll notice that all these sites have a wide range of games.
  • Bitcoin betting sites interfaces are outstanding and supported with high-quality sound, animations, and graphics.
  • Bitcoin gambling sites work with many software provider platforms.
  • They offer nice perks to their player base and new players. Examples include; bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses, bitcoin gambling with faucet and others.
  • They have a switch to play on the go enabled by a mobile version on the Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin Casino for high rollers

Bitcoin betting is a dream come true for high rollers team. There are no bounds to withdrawals and deposits. These two aspects are costless and instant and the fact that it has anonymous feature offers security and privacy. There are two main features that make some bitcoin gambling outstanding for high rollers. The first one is the amount of limit placed and the other one is how good the VIP treatment is for big gamblers is.

Top Extreme bets

If you are a VIP top roller, you can negotiate an upturn in the maximum bet for you alone, although the casino with top standards will always end up with the top custom maximum bets as good. Vegas Casino and BitCasino are both in the same structure, the difference in these two is that Vegas Casino allows United States players and gives the best treatment to their biggest gamblers. mBit create a wise indicator to their VIPs lately by sending record wallets to them.

The finest Casino for top gamblers

Considering the whole experience from signup to withdrawal, BitCasino offers the finest VIP experience for top roller bitcoin casino gamblers. It’s neat and sophisticated such that it brings out satisfying bitcoin betting experience. If you want the top bet limits or if you are in need of a bookmaker, then Cloudbet are the only bookmaker you need.

Reputable Bitcoin casino

Are bitcoin payouts and bets funds transfers recorded on the blockchain?

When you withdraw and deposit via a bitcoin casino the transactions are usually recorded on a blockchain platform. Everything in between, like your bets and payouts, is just being recorded by the casino not on the blockchain. As such your balance is not absolutely your bitcoins until you withdraw it back to your personal wallet on the blockchain.

Can I place a bet on the price of bitcoin?

At FortuneJack you are able to deposit bitcoins and take a place whether the value of bitcoin will rise or fall in a predetermined period. If you are accurate you will return 1.8 mBTC for each 1 mBTC you’ve staked.

Get some knowledge before you decide to stretch your Bankroll

Probably the most crucial tip in the final bitcoin gambling guide can be summed up as follows: never be scared to study. After you’ve made your Bitcasino account, it can be enticing to top up funds and begin gambling for 6 and 7-figure jackpots right away. If that’s what you definitely want to do and you understand what you are up to then go for it.

Nevertheless, if you’re new in Bitcoin casino, we’d advise you to go through our betting site before you begin placing bets. Inside the Bitcasino betting site, you’ll find a lot of materials from our group of specialists. From the fundamentals of Bitcoin to the best ways to gamble, every post is written flawlessly to ensure that you are well informed before you can put your money on the line. Simply make sure you learn a lot about Bitcoin casino before you consider gambling.

Top Bitcoin Casinos 2018: All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Gambling
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