FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino Review

Account Registration

When you use a cryptocurrency based service like this, you have a right to expect simplicity at sign up. FortuneJack does not disappoint in this regard. Just click the big green “Join Now” on the homepage,b and you’ll be led to a interface where you have to input only simple information like nation, email, and new password. Follow email instructions and you’ll be led into the site itself. From here you can begin making deposits in any of the cryptocurrency types supported by FortuneJack. Then start playing any of the games you wish.

Interface/ Usability/Mobile Friendliness

The FortuneJack interface is highly user friendly. For the most part, people who create an account on the platform will have experience on other online gambling platforms. These users will take to the service like a duck to water. But even those who are new to the format will find it easy enough to maneuver.

All users can take part in the fun on mobile, because FortuneJack has a high quality mobile app for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. All the same rules apply. Simply deposit your crypto of choice and start gaming, without being tied to a desktop. Mobile users get up to 1 Bitcoin for initial deposit, with smaller bonuses associated with deposits that follow.

FortuneJack Interface

Game Selection

FortuneJack is one of the most well respected gambling sites on the web, even when considered beside traditional platforms that don’t accept Bitcoin. One major reason for this is the wide selection of games, from many providers, users can take part in on the FortuneJack platform.

The user can choose from a seemingly endless array of slot-style games from quite a few providers. Other players will enjoy the traditional casino games. There are many forms of Roulette to choose from, all of the popular poker games and styles, and a few dozen forms of blackjack. Suffice to say, no user will come up empty when it comes to game selection. FortuneJack pretty much has it all.

An important thing to note in the FortuneJack gaming experience is the platform’s “provable randomness” feature. We have every reason to believe that the randomness generated by FortuneJack’s engines are truly random, but FJ gives users the option to essentially “cut the cards” following the site’s own randomness measures. This is accomplished a variety of ways, and should put whispers about non-random trickery to rest.


FortuneJack Security

Because FortuneJack is cryptocurrency only, it is inherently more secure than Casino options which involve your credit and banking information. Hacks are real, and people get their personal financial information stolen all the time. However, the very nature of cryptocurrency makes it more private, with no trust put in the hands of third parties for transfer (and the fees that come along with them!). Of course, no casino online is safe from hacking, but we’ve heard no news of any such events in FortuneJack’s history. It really is a safe and secure solution, with a history stretching back more than four years – a long time in crypto!

Deposits & Withdrawals

Users can easily deposit any supported currency into their personal FortuneJack wallet. This process is no different than making any other cryptocurrency transaction. Just be careful to double check the wallet address code before you commit to the transfer. Once you’ve sent your coins, they should arrive in less than half an hour (probably a whole lot less, actually).

Withdrawals are performed the same way, sending coins from your FortuneJack wallet to an external wallet address that you control. FortuneJack doesn’t post much about its fees. Because they obviously make their money when users gamble, it doesn’t seem that they take much or anything when you deposit/withdraw.

Deposits and withdrawals are completed faster than with other services using bank transfer or credit/debit. This is because you have to rely upon proprietary payment channels controlled by corporations. When you use cryptocurrency, no one controls your transaction but you, and the power of the non-corporate, decentralized, hack-proof blockchain.

Choose your destination wallet before you ever create your FortuneJack account. There’s one associated with every coin that FortuneJack supports, and most are free to use. Some support all of these currencies! It’s never a good idea to store crypto long term on a platform like CryptoJack, so make sure to move your winnings to your external wallet on the regular!

Currencies Accepted

We’ve seen some other reviewers give FortuneJack a bit of flak because they don’t accept fiat currencies. This is silly. FortuneJack accepts only cryptocurrencies by design. It’s on purpose. Criticizing them for doing so is like criticizing an apple tree because it doesn’t grow watermelons. What FortuneJack does it does perfectly well – and that’s create a seamless gambling experience online using cryptocurrencies for all games.

These cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, ZCash, and Bitcoin Cash. All of these are high quality cryptocurrencies, and coins like Monero and ZCash specialize in total anonymity. With Bitcoin, someone would have to be very motivated to connect your coins to you personally – but it is possible to do so. Properly used, Monero and ZCash are totally untraceable, giving you complete autonomy when it comes to using and transferring your money.

We like the cryptocurrencies chosen by FortuneJack. All of them are reliable, but each tends to reach out to a different user group. Bitcoin casts a wide net, while dirt cheap Dogecoin might bring in casual gamers. Some users simply have a lot of one or another cryptocurrency and want to use the site without having to first trade their Ethereum for Bitcoin, for example. FortuneJack used to only accept Bitcoin, so we’re happy that they’ve expanded the possibilities for their users.


FortuneJack matches your first deposit 110%, with a limit of 1.5 Bitcoin. Subsequent deposits get smaller match bonuses, with a maximum of 5 Bitcoin matched over the course of 4 initial deposits. There are numerous terms and conditions to read up on, and bonus promotions frequently change. So, if you’re reading this after June 2018, make sure you take a look at what is presently offered on FortuneJack. In general, we find FortuneJack’s bonuses to be generous, but they may not stay the same forever.

FortuneJack Bonus

Regulations/Country Restrictions

FortuneJack is based and regulated in the nation of Curacao. They are audited by third parties, and have been pretty transparent about that process. Not using the traditional banking system gives FortuneJack a lot of freedom around the world. Unless your nation goes out of its way to block the site (China), it will be available pretty much anywhere. Most nations don’t consider Bitcoin currency, in the traditional sense, so your freedom to use it in games is much less legally contentious than your choice to gamble your fiat money. This is true pretty much anywhere, though if you have problems using FortuneJack in your country, please let us know in the comments.

Customer Support

FutureJack doesn’t have live support through phone or chat, but they do offer 24/7 customer support by email. More people have good things to say about FortuneJack customer support than those who complain. FortuneJack clearly wants to be a trusted company, so their efforts in this department are noticeable. They even have a notice clearly labeled on the homepage about what to do if you want to lodge a formal complaint with your nation’s regulatory body. We have only our limited experience making requests of FortuneJack customer service, but by all appearances, they do really well in this regard.

Pros & Cons


✓ Accepts a solid variety of cryptocurrencies

✓ Has tons of games

✓ Has great reputation

✓ Is easier to sign up with and more widely available than fiat currency web casinos


✓ Users without crypto won’t be able to use it

Final Thoughts on FortuneJack

We’re a little biased because we love crypto, but FortuneJack may be the best gambling online platform we’ve ever seen, even when compared to platforms that accept fiat currency. The folks at FortuneJack clearly want to be a world class operation, as widely and popularly available as possible. In the 4 years since their inception, we think they’re well on their way to accomplishing just that. Already a trusted name in web gaming, FortuneJack has set a high standard for cryptocurrency gaming platforms, and we expect this high performance to continue for many years to come.

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