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Bitcoin Price

Founded in 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s most traded decentralized cyrptocurrency. It can be stored and transferred online. Bitcoin transactions are secure and fast. The digital currency has soared more than 600% in value since the start of 2017.

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Get Yourself Updated with Real-Time Bitcoin Price

It has become a prime need for investors and traders to be updated with the real-time bitcoin price. On this page, we share real-time bitcoin quotes and charts along with percentage changes in bitcoin price on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Our bitcoin quotes and charts are sourced directly from a pool of top bitcoin exchanges.  So, whether you are a bitcoin investor or trader, just bookmark this page to be updated with real-time bitcoin price.


Rapid Increase in Bitcoin Value

As mentioned before, Bitcoin has recorded an unprecedented 600% gain in its value this year. There are many factors responsible for the rapid increase in Bitcoin value including regulatory changes in different countries, acceptance from China and increase in bitcoin demand from general public. Economists and analysts are foreseeing the current upward price pattern to continue during the next couple of years, with some forecasts seeing bitcoin value at more than $20k within 12 months.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate vs Major Currencies

Bitcoin exchange rate varies against every currency. US Dollar is widely used as the main currency to gauge the value of bitcoin. On our website, we provide the bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar as it’s the most widely used but we are looking into showing it versus other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum.  It is however pertinent to mention here that the bitcoin exchange rates on our website are for information purpose only, they are not guaranteed to be exact due to varying price in different bitcoin exchanges.

How to Follow Bitcoin Live Price?

To be a successful bitcoin investor or trader, you must closely follow bitcoin live price and charts. Accurate price is considered a foundation for quality technical analysis which in turn helps in successful prediction of future bitcoin price movement.

Excellent platforms where you can follow the bitcoin price live include etoro, for those interested in the CFD price, or Buyvirtualcurrency, for those interested in the live price.

Bitcoin Market Cap

It may come as a surprise for many that the bitcoin market cap (market capitalization) has now surpassed the unprecedented mark of $100 billion, making the cyrptocurrency worth more than many famous US-based corporations. For instance, bitcoin is worth more than eBay or investment bank Goldman Sachs Inc!

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Bitcoin Price
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