How to Sell Bitcoins for Cash

Some of the platforms where we can Buy BTC also allow us to sell bitcoins for dollars (USD) or other currencies, so if you already have your wallet loaded with this digital currency, you will have many options to convert them into fiat money.

How to sell bitcoin for cash

If you want to leave your investment or simply need to change the currency of your country, these are the options that I propose:


For me, it is the best place to buy and sell quickly and easily, especially if you don’t have much experience with cryptocurrency. It is an exchange in which everything is intuitive and it is very clear, you can sell your bitcoins to Coinbase at any time you want and receive the money instantly.

I positioned it first because it offers purchase prices the same or very similar to those of other platforms, but also has a safe trade system and it is extremely simple.

  • Earn $10 when you buy or sell $100 or more of bitcoins, Ether or Litecoin.
  • The commission for selling is 1.49%
  • You can send money to your bank account (0.15% commission)
  • Allows us to sell and send the money to our PayPal account (3.75% commission)


This is also one of the best options because, in addition to having a very fast sign up system, it’s one of the platforms that give us more options to collect.

Collect options: buyers will pay us with the method of our choice, from receiving money in cash and in person to making the exchange online via bank transfer, PayPal, MoneyGram, Skrill and a multitude of options.

  • To quickly sell our bitcoins, we only have to use the search form and find users who are willing to buy at the highest price possible.
  • If we put a notice of sale, we will be those who choose the exchange rate, the number of bitcoins we are going to sell, the type of users that interest us and the form of payment.

With you have the option to contact directly with other users interested in buying so that through these contacts you will be able to sell your bitcoins for USD without paying commissions, and in most cities in the USA.


In this exchange, you’re always going to sell at the market price at which it is quoting in that same time, so placing selling orders can be more stressful, due to the rapid price increases and price decreases.

  • Once you have sold your bitcoins, you have the option to transfer the money to your bank account.
  • The Commission per sale is around 0.25%.
The three options that I propose to you should be enough for any salesperson, but if you still want to evaluate other options, I advise you to take a look at Paxful, or Bitstamp. Options such as selling them on eBay is something I do not recommend, as the sale of cryptocurrency is excluded from all of the rules of eBay and therefore you must sell them at your own risk (PayPal also lets you out of buyer’s insurance).

Bitcoin ATMs

In the United States, the increase in the number of these ATMs is being exponential and each time one may see more and more in shopping centres or sites with a lot of influx of people. They are very similar to those that we’ve seen in our whole life and from which we could withdraw the money from our bank account.

ATMs are a quick way to sell our bitcoins for cash, and we only need have our bitcoin wallet at hand, preferably installed in our mobile as everything works faster if it is done using the QR codes provided.

It is as simple as entering how much money we want to withdraw, then the cashier gives us a QR code and an address that corresponds to the wallet where we should send the bitcoins. At the time that we send the cryptocurrencies and the transaction has reached the necessary confirmations, we will already be able to withdraw the money.

Every day there are more platforms and cryptocurrency markets that allow us to change bitcoins in dollars, so we will be adding the most reliable options and the ones enabling us to sell bitcoins at a higher price.
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How to Sell Bitcoins for Cash
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