CryptoGo Review: the Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin, With No Minimum Deposit!


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If you’re an American looking through for clues about how to buy Bitcoin fast, you might have noticed that some of our guides are for services and exchanges which are not available in the US. This includes the UK’s easiest method for buying cryptocurrencies:

Fortunately, you no longer have to look in from the outside, with CryptoGo. This service with the same business model has just debuted for the American marketplace, and it’s bringing the same remarkably easy buying process to you. To follow, you’ll find a complete CryptoGo review, including CryptoGo fees and service features. For other CryptoGo opinions, the platform is starting to get a buzz on crypto forums around the web.

No Deposit Limits With CryptoGo

With nearly any other crypto exchange you consider, there are limits to either how little you’re allowed to deposit, or how much. This puts a barrier to entry for two kinds of customers. For beginners without a great deal of startup capital, a $500 minimum deposit is restrictive. For so-called “whales”, $10,00o max deposits will make other exchanges useless.

CryptoGo eliminates these restrictions. As a new CryptoGo user, you’ll have the freedom to use the service, no matter your financial situation or experience level. This is unprecedented access and customer-focus from a new generation of crypto exchange. Along with low CryptoGo fees (detailed later in this CryptoGo review), this is a solution for all buyers.

CryptoGo Review: Solving Big Problems in Crypto Buying

If you have never bought cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin before, you may not realize the difficulty of the path before you. To buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using Coinbase, the most significant gatekeeping in all of crypto trading, you’ll have to first link your bank account, wait for your buy limit to be raised to the point where you can get the amount you want, and wait for the coins to be delivered into your Coinbase wallet – a process that often takes a week or more.

It’s honestly difficult for a new user to get into crypto in less than 2 weeks, as exchanges like Coinbase and Bittrex are so strained with new customers that they occasionally don’t even accept new users. This can be a major block in the road for people who want to buy cryptocurrencies because you need Bitcoin to buy almost everything! If you have major delays buying Bitcoin/Ethereum, this will delay the development of your entire portfolio.

CryptoGo changes this. Instead of requiring you to create an account through an exchange and wait for the coins to arrive, then transfer them yourself to a wallet for safekeeping, CryptoGo does all of that work for you. All you have to do is create a wallet for the coin you wish to buy (more on this later), send a wire transfer from your bank to CryptoGo, and wait for the coins to appear in your wallet. CryptoGo’s traders do everything else.


CryptoGo: A Unique and Necessary Service in Crypto Trading

We’ve already given you the “elevator pitch”. With CryptoGo, you choose the coins you want, send in your US Dollars/Fiat currency, and wait for the traders at CryptoGo to send you your coins.

Of course, there are always more details, as anyone searching for CryptoGo opinions will want, and we’ll explain them all by the end of this CryptoGo review. For now, let’s explain to new investors how and why they might need to use CryptoGo.

  • Let’s say you want to buy ARK because you believe that with current development progress, the project should be drawing new attention and gaining a great deal of value soon. On most exchanges, though, ARK trades only with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you don’t have either of those currencies or know quite how to get them. You can’t use US Dollars to buy ARK, and you don’t want to wait days to deal with Coinbase. How do you get your ARK coins?
  • Or, let’s say you understand how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, in theory, but you don’t feel that you have the technical savvy to do it on your own. In reality, you just don’t want to have to deal with the learning curve, or the possibility of messing up (losing your coins by sending them to the wrong address, for example).

In both of these cases, CryptoGo Bitcoin buying will do all of the time-consuming and difficult work for you. All you have to do is choose the virtual currency you want to buy. Then, download the wallet of the coin you’ve chosen. Give this wallet address to CryptoGo. Finally, make a wire bank transfer to CryptoGo, and they’ll do the rest. All you have to do is wait. When your order is completed, your coins will simply appear in the wallet you created earlier. Low CryptoGo fees are built right into the transaction, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before you do it.

How to Create a Wallet to Make an Order With CryptoGo

As you may or may not know, digital currencies have to be stored in digital wallets. A cryptocurrency wallet is basically just a piece of software that stores the codes associated with your unique coins and transactions. Without a wallet, a CryptoGo Bitcoin purchase will have nowhere to be sent.

Each cryptocurrency has a different wallet that’s used to store it. Some have more than one. You may have to do some research to find the wallet made for the coin you want to buy. Or, if you aren’t sure which one to choose or where to get an official version, just ask for help from the support team at CryptoGo.

For this example, let’s say you want to buy Raiden RDN, a cryptocurrency launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Coins like these are called ERC20 tokens, and Ethereum addresses can be used for all of them. The best solution for storing RDN is to make an account with, which is a single wallet for all ERC20 coins.


This is one of the main pages you’ll see in your new MyEtherWallet account. See above the code listed under “Your Address”? This is your digital Ethereum/Raiden address, just like 123 Sycamore Street might be your street address. Copy it and put this code into the order form on CryptoGo.

You’ll receive an email from CryptoGo that will give you a link to complete your order. You’ll do this by finalizing the wire transfer from your bank to CryptoGo, which will pay for your coins and any associated CryptoGo fees. This is your last step. Once finalized, all you have to do is wait for CryptoGo to finish your order and move it to your address.

What About CryptoGo Fees?

CryptoGo has no minimum nor maximum deposits. This isn’t a cost, per se, but it will reflect the value users will extract from the platform, making it relevant to this discussion. As for formal costs:

Cryptocurrency is still the wild west of the internet economy. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all way to buy coins. Some coins are available on only one small exchange, while other coins are available at dozens. Different exchanges have various commission costs and other fees, meaning that there are no set CryptoGo fees at which the company sells their services. If you want a specific cryptocurrency, you just have to ask how much it costs, and CryptoGo will give you a CryptoGo fees quote before you buy.

In some rare cases, a coin that you desire will not be available through American exchanges. Fortunately, CryptoGo has offices abroad and will be able to complete your order, but may have to charge a little more for the effort. This is just one example of costs that new traders don’t commonly anticipate when buying into crypto. But we’re pleased to announce that in all cases, we’ve found CryptoGo’s prices and commissions to be competitive, or even cheaper than industry standard, which is nice to be able to include in our CryptoGo review.

How is CryptoGo, Unlike Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

CryptoGo isn’t an exchange in the same way Binance or Poloniex is. Instead, it’s a third party that interfaces with these exchanges, a process that many new users find extremely difficult to do on their own for the first time. This gives new users a number of advantages, such as:

  • New users will be able to buy any coin they wish to invest in. In a crypto trader’s early days, they may only have an account with a single exchange. No exchange supports all coins. Most only have a few dozen, in fact, making it necessary for new users to make new accounts with several different exchanges in order to create a well balanced, diversified portfolio. This takes time, and usually requires you to give up personal information like your passport. With CryptoGo, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Your coins will be delivered to the address you provide, no other questions asked.
  • There are not many exchanges in the world which accept fiat currency (US Dollars in this case) for coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coinbase, Cex,io, and Gemini are among the only solutions, and at least 2 of those are not currently accepting new customers. CryptoGo takes US Dollars. They’ve already integrated with all the major (and most of the minor exchanges), and they already have certain portions of liquid cryptocurrencies. All this means that your order will be completed fast, even though you are using US Dollars, quite a feat in the modern cryptocurrency trading landscape!
  • CryptoGo will be responsible for sending your coins to the right place. This may seem like not so big a deal, but for new users, it can turn out to be a nightmare. If you make the mistake of, say, sending CryptoGo Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, your CryptoGo Bitcoins are almost surely gone forever. Yikes! There isn’t a crypto trader anywhere who hasn’t sweated the possibility of maybe having sent their coins to the incorrect address. If you don’t want to have this headache (which is something many non-tech-savvy persons will relate to), you’ll be more than happy to have CryptoGo take care of all of this for you.

Is CryptoGo Completely Legit?

You’re right to wonder about scams in the cryptocurrency industry. There are many, and it’s hard for new users to distinguish the odd wolf from the sheep. We’re happy to report that CryptoGo is exactly who they claim to be. They accept fiat Dollars and exchange them for any currency on the market, without the end user having to so much as break a sweat.

With this convenience comes a little extra cost over and above the commissions charged by some conventional exchanges. But remember, conventional exchanges have a learning curve and are anything but idiot proof. We’re not saying you’re an idiot, but if you worry about your experience level in this field, but still want to invest, CryptoGo is in your corner.

CryptoGo lists a number of popular cryptocurrencies on their website, because these are familiar coins that new users may be interested in. This doesn’t mean, however, that these are the only coins available for purchase. In fact, CryptoGo can buy pretty much any currency that’s exchanged anywhere online. There are only two exceptions we can find:

  • Occasionally, a new coin won’t have a wallet. The only place that a holder can store it is on the exchange upon which it was purchased. Because CryptoGo isn’t responsible for your coins once they’re purchased, they must be sent to a wallet you control. But if such a wallet doesn’t exist, there is nowhere to send the coins. This situation is rare, but it’s worth noting if you’re excited about brand new crypto projects.
  • Some people want to buy ICO coins (Initial Coin Offering, just like Initial Public Offerings in the stock market), but CryptoGo is not the place to do this. ICOs do not occur on exchanges, and each ICO has very different rules about who can buy and how they can do it. If you want a brand new coin to be bought for you by CryptoGo, you’ll have to wait until it hits the exchange. Then ask CryptoGo and they’ll be more than happy to help you. When in doubt, just ask the friendly folks at CryptoGo, even if you’ve never made an order.

Can I just Buy My Own Crypto Coins?

Of course. It isn’t rocket science to buy cryptocurrencies, but it is a different and more unfamiliar process compared to, say, using Paypal to buy some new socks on eBay. If you want to start investing in crypto now, to take advantage of the ongoing huge gains many coins in the market are seeing, CryptoGo can give you near-instantaneous ownership. If you want to do your research and buy your own coins in the future and save some little big of cash in the process, by all means, do so.

Final Thoughts on CryptoGo

The crypto market is now filled with hundreds of tokens. With an estimated 1400 trading, and more than 5000 set to launch this year, it can be difficult for anyone to get hold of the coins they believe in most. CryptoGo can find and purchase just about any coins you’ve heard of (and many you haven’t), despite the confusion of the market.

If you can download a digital wallet (CryptoGo will help if you have questions), add your bank account to CryptoGo, and complete a wire transfer, CryptoGo will take care of the rest. CryptoGo isn’t the cheapest way to buy crypto coins, but it is definitely the simplest and most convenient.


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