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How to Buy Bitcoins with Paypal

If you’re looking for a safe and cheap way to buy Bitcoins through Paypal, you may have already read about VirWoX or LocalBitcoins. And if you haven’t, it doesn’t matter, because now I will explain how to buy them using those two platforms and others that also work very well.

Buying Bitcoins with PayPal in LocalBitcoins

This would be one of my first options if I wanted to buy Bitcoins instantly, with my Paypal money.
In this digital currency purchase/selling website, you only need to do a small search and you’ll find dozens of sellers who’ll accept this payment method and with whom you don’t have to pay commissions.

Users charging Bitcoins by PayPal

Each seller will ask you to adjust your terms of sale. Generally, they’ll ask for you to have a verified Paypal account and to be of a certain age, but let’s see an example of what users are asked for:

  1. You must have a verified Paypal account and your real name must match your LocalBitcoins name.
  2. From PayPal, you need to send money to your email through the “Send money to friends and family” mode.
  3. Sending money to family and friends is free. If you don’t have that option, commission will be of 5%.

This is a very secure system, since the seller first deposits the number of BTC you want to buy in the exchange platform, and then as soon as payment is verified, that amount is transferred to your wallet. So there’s no way for either of the parties to not comply with the deal, although it’s always advisable to check the seller’s reviews.

How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal in VirWoX

If you want to convert your Paypal money into Bitcoins this is one of the fastest ways to achieve that, in fact it can be done instantaneously. Commissions aren’t huge and your transactions’ safety is very high.

This exchange has been in operation for 10 years, and is mainly aimed at people who play Second Life and who want to buy the virtual currency “SLL”. And it’s precisely thanks to that, that we can buy Bitcoins with our Paypal balance.

The method is very simple:

1. It’s as easy as signing up for VirWoX (Invitation):
When you put in your data, leave the option “Avatar connection” as it is, unless you actually have one in the game.
2. Make a deposit using your Paypal account (as it is a new account, you’ll have a 90 € limit).

3. Once the money has been deposited in VirWoX you can then buy the Second Life currency.

Exchanging dollars for Linden Dollars
4. Once you have SLLs, you can send the market order and buy Bitcoins!
5. Once the purchase order is executed, you’ll see the Bitcoins in your balance. Then go to the Withdraw option, put in the amount you wish to withdraw and add your wallet’s address.

As for the deposit fees, you’ll pay € 0.35 plus 3.4% of the deposited amount. When changing SLL for BTC you can follow this commissions table to guide you, it’ll depend on the amount and type of order you bid on (Market or Limited).

In addition to Paypal, they also accept other payment methods such as Paysefcard, Neteller, OKPay and credit card.
Commissions vary based on the amount of dollars or currencies we move.

Use PayPal to buy Bitcoins in CRYPTONIT

It’s an exchange platform that’s been in operation since 2013, with which you’ll be able to exchange your Paypal balance for Bitcoins very quickly and with zero complications.

The first time, and in order to verify your account, you’ll be asked to show your ID or Driving License, along with a receipt that shows your address. These verifications will take some time, but they’re a necessary safety measure.

As in other exchange platforms, you’ll use your PayPal account to make a deposit in euros or dollars, to then buy BTC.

In this case, commissions are a bit higher:

  • 9.8% of the amount you deposit (minimum 2 €).
  • 2% if you withdraw the money into your Paypal account (minimum 1 €).

Sending credit from PayPal to Bitcoins with Wirex App

The well-known has released a debit card that you can have both in physical and virtual format. Once you’ve registered in Wirex, you’ll find an option with which you can buy Bitcoins with your Paypal balance. This is how you recharge this debit card, which you can also use to pay anywhere that accepts Visa and MasterCard.

So this is another option to transfer your PayPal credit into Bitcoins to then use it wherever you want.

If for example you decide that you want the virtual model, you only need to add $3 to your account, go to the create virtual card option, and within seconds you’ll get a confirmation email. Once it’s activated, you only need to link it to your Paypal account and transfer the funds to your new card.

Buying Bitcoins in Paxful

It’s very similar to LocalBitcoins, it’s another purchase/selling platform aimed at exchanging Bitcoins between users, where you only have to worry about finding the lowest exchange rates and the most reliable user.

purchase/selling platform aimed at exchanging Bitcoins

In this case the sellers are those who have to pay a 1% commission as payment to the platform that facilitates this exchange.

As on other P2P platforms, it’s a question of finding the users who sell at the best price and see if you can comply with the sales rules they ask for. Usually they are for you to have a verified USA PayPal account or a picture of holding your ID, but if you have a good user reputation, requirements are lower.

Before buying anything, it’s advisable for you to to make sure that the user has good reviews from other buyers.

This purchase is totally safe

  • You begin your purchase and send the payment. Then the seller’s Bitcoins remain on the platform and can’t be removed.
  • Once payment is confirmed, the Bitcoins will be released and will go directly into your wallet. Then you can send them to any Bitcoin address you want.

Paying with PayPal is just one way to do it, if you ever need to change your Amazon or eBay gift cards for Bitcoins, or you want to buy them with Western Union, Payeer, MoneyGram or Skrill, check the payment options they allow and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



Acquiring Bitcoins using Paypal is very practical and a great solution for many users who only have that option. Of course it isn’t the cheapest alternative, but if you need to do it that way, I recommend following these tips:

  • In addition to checking commission fees, also check the Bitcoins’ purchase price.
  • The platforms I suggest are safe, but it is advisable for you to change your deposit to Bitcoins and transfer them as soon as possible to your wallet. That way, only you will have control over your funds.

Your purchase is safe

When you buy Bitcoins with Paypal, you always have an advantage over the seller, and that’s one of the reasons why Paypal doesn’t want you to use their platform to do digital currency transactions.

Imagine that you’re buying your Bitcoins and decide to make a complaint stating that you never received them. If the seller didn’t ask for enough proof for that transaction, it’ll be much more difficult for them to prove that they did send them, and you could end up with the Bitcoins and the money you paid for them.

How to Buy Bitcoins with Paypal
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