Is the Dogecoin Price Going to the Moon?! Here How to Buy Dogecoin

First of all, I just want to say that any crypto trader who wants to be a bit more psychologically healthy should absolutely own some DOGE.

Dogecoin, the “doge” part pronounced like “dough” with the weird “g” sound from “bourgeoisie”. “Doge” is a whimsical internet rendering of the word “dog”, and the Shiba Inu is the mascot dog of this time-honored joke cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin is a meme coin, there’s no denying that. It was basically started as a joke, and has since then brought much mirth to the space. The Doge community brought a Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics. Doge sponsored a Nascar driver and got the car painted with the logo. Doge funds a Kenyan clean water charity. Finally, the Dogecoin community is one of the largest and perhaps the most helpful of all crypto communities. What’s not to like?

dogecoin priceA new investor might feel the need to sneer at all of this, but Dogecoin to USD has proven remarkably resilient over the years. In fact, Dogecoin is one of the space’s big success stories, having grown from a price measured in ten-thousandths of a penny to its current standing at right around 1 cent. Dogecoin has even proved more hearty in times of market turmoil, making it a relative safe haven when compared to other longstanding cryptos.

Buy some for your happiness. Buy some for your financial health. We like Dogecoin for all of the above.

What Does Dogecoin Actually Do?

buy dogecoin instantlyPeople take a look at the Dogecoin price and assume that this joke coin is worthless. The thing is, it has more use cases than many other non-joke cryptos. In fact, behind the scenes and under the hood, Dogecoin is one of the more serious projects around!

Dogecoin is used for tipping all around the internet. When someone makes an insightful comment on Reddit, or posts something helpful on Facebook, Dogecoin are frequently used as a small token of appreciation. Dogecoin has also become a de facto charity coin, as the user base has cooperated to put huge pile of DOGE into charities that reflect the community’s priorities.

Finally, Dogecoin is a currency plain and simple. It is used by merchants all around the web as a supported payment method. For all of these reasons the Dogecoin price has grown enormously since its inception in 2013. Each coin might not be worth very much, but if you bought 1,000,000 of them in 2015, your returns would be very great all the same!

Why Buy Dogecoin?

There are a bunch of good reasons to buy Dogecoin. Most of them have already been stated, but they bear repeating.

  • The Dogecoin price is likely to rise. It’s a massively popular, growing cryptocurrency with real use cases.
  • The Dogecoin price makes it a low risk method for new crypto users to buy, sell, trade, and store coins.
  • Dogecoin buy opportunities are many, because it’s a strong currency that you can buy stuff with.
  • Dogecoin is minable, but you can’t use expensive ASICs on it like with Bitcoin. Doge for all!
  • It’s fun! Crypto gets so serious. Bring a little Wow into your life by becoming a part of the Dogecoin community.

A Note on Dogecoin Culture

Dogecoin culture is cheerfully ironic, and a reflection of a very internet-ish sense of humor. Phrases like “I am amaze” and “Wow! Very profit!” abound on Doge forums, and are meant to be phrases which Doge’s dog mascot might actually speak or write.

If you want to learn about Doge culture, the community is more than happy to answer your questions and to accept you as one of their own. Try Reddit. People are even willing to donate some Dogecoin to the early investor, meaning you don’t even have to earn Dogecoin!

If you like the sound of all this, we’ll now tell you how to buy Dogecoin. A Dogecoin investment can be a sound investment, because as any Doge hodler will tell you “1 DOGE=1 DOGE forever”!should I invest in dogecoin

How to Buy Dogecoin – Step-by-Step Guide

Well that was fun. Now to the nuts of bolts of how to buy a Dogecoin.

Buying Bitcoin So You Can Buy Doge

You can’t just buy Dogecoin with Paypal or buy Dogecoin with a credit card. You’ll have to first buy some Bitcoin and transfer that to an exchange like Poloniex or Bittrex where most of the Dogecoin in the world is bought and sold.

Setting Up an Account With Bittrex So You Can Buy Dogecoin

Now that you have your Bitcoin, you’ll need to open an account with Bittrex, Poloniex, or one of the smaller exchanges out there right now. We’ll go with Bittrex because of its long history with Dogecoin (“very loyalty”).

blackcoin bittrex

Step 1: Go to and make an account just like you would with Facebook or Gmail or anybody else. Choose a unique username and password, then do the thing robots can’t do.

Step 2: Click the link in the verification email that Bittrex sends to you. This will link your email to your Bittrex account, which in turn will allow you to log in for the first time.

Step 3: Engage 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). This is another layer of security you can have on this important financial account. You’ll download a phone app which will display a new 6 digit code every 30 seconds. When you login to your Bittrex account to buy Dogecoin, you’ll have to input this code in addition to your password. Even if a hacker steals your password, they won’t have access to the code on your phone, so you are less likely to be hacked and have your precious Doge burgled.

Step 4: Go back to your email and click the link in the registration message you see there. This unlocks all basic trading functionality. You’re good to go. To the moon!

How to Send Your Bitcoin to Bittrex So You Can Buy Dogecoin at the Low Low Dogecoin Price!

Step 1: Go to the “Wallets” section of your new Bittrex account. Here, click on the “+” sign beside the Bitcoin wallet, which will always be right near the top of the pile (Bittrex gives you 1 wallet for every coin they support, not just the ones you own). The popup screen will show you an address. This is the address to which you will send all future Bitcoin to Bittrex. Copy the address and head over to the wallet that holds your Bitcoin. For this example we’ll use the Exodus Wallet.

buy dogecoin with bitcoin

Step 2: Select “Send Bitcoin”. This will bring up a screen that has a space for the address you just copied. Paste that bad boy. Next, select how much Bitcoin you want to send to your Bittrex Bitcoin address so you can make your first Dogecoin. We recommend “Much Bitcoin, Very Value”.

In a few minutes, the Bitcoin will arrive in your Bittrex account. From here you can buy any coin that Bittrex supports. But you’re not interested in just any coin. You’re hungry for the Doge and the Doge only. Next we’ll show you how to buy Dogecoin to have and to hold.

How to Buy Dogecoin With Bitcoin on Bittrex

We can feel your excitement. It’s time to buy Dogecoin for real.

should I invest in dogecoin?

Step 1: At the top of the screen, click “B Markets”. Type “DOGE” into the text box. This will bring up the BTC/DOGE market link. Click it!

buy dogecoin with credit card

Step 2: In this screen you can see a lot of information. You can see the chart that shows you how the Dogecoin price has grown in recent days. On the right you’ll see what the current highest Bid price (the highest price at which some trader is currently offering to buy 1 DOGE) and the lowest Ask price (the lowest price at which some trader is offering to sell 1 DOGE). At the bottom you’ll see interfaces that will allow you to buy and sell Dogecoin.

In the “Bid” portion of the Buy Dogecoin trading interface, put in the price you would like to pay for 1 DOGE. You may want many more than 1 DOGE, but this system determines your price by learning how much you’d pay for one, then asking for how many you want. Above that, put in the number of DOGE you want to buy. If you just want to buy as much as you can with the Bitcoin you have, click “Max”. Now, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see what this order costs.

If you click “+ Boy Dogecoin”, your order will go out into the marketplace where Bittrex will try to pair your Bid with an open Ask. If you asked for a price right around the Dogecoin price that is currently displayed, your order will usually be completed in seconds. If you asked to buy Dogecoin at a lower price, hoping that the price would go down soon (much frugal!), your order will be filled if and when the market price falls to that point.

How to Send Your Dogecoin to the Dogecoin Wallet For Safekeeping

Dogecoin has some of the best wallets in all of crypto. Head on over to and download the wallet of your choice to your computer or phone. 

Once it’s installed, open it up, follow the prompts, take note of any private keys or secret codes (these are the only way to regenerate your wallet if your phone dies or you lose your password!), and find your deposit address. 

Copy this deposit address and go back over to Bittrex. Go into the “Wallets” section, and click “-” on the DOGE wallet for “withdraw”. Select how many DOGE you want to transfer, then click the transfer button. 

The reason you want to do this is that coins kept on exchanges are vulnerable. Bittrex has had some major difficulties dealing with the overwhelming demand entering the crypto markets. This has led the site to have slow or limited functionality on certain occasions.

The other factor is hacking. There are plenty of thieves who would like to steal your Bittrex DOGE, and this has happened in the past. Keeping your DOGE in a personal wallet makes them much less of a target for thieves.

Dogecoin FAQ

Should I Invest in Dogecoin?

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Final Thoughts on Dogecoin

Dogecoin is more than just the Dogecoin price. Yes, Dogecoin is money. But Dogecoin is also a culture. It’s frequently used as a means of charitable giving. It’s a wellspring of spicy memes.

It’s also a supportive community. In the past, when users have had Dogecoins stolen, even when the sum is the in tens of millions, the community came together to donate their money back.

The Dogecoin price is also likely to rise. There is no more classic, established coin than Dogecoin. We think Dogecoin will still be here in 5 years, at which time the Dogecoin price will most likely be much higher than it is today. Dogecoin may be a joke, but a dogecoin investment is serious business.

Buy some Dogecoin if you’re just learning about how crypto works, because if you mess up you won’t lose much money. Buy Dogecoin as a fun gift for friends and people who might want to learn about crypto. Most importantly, buy Dogecoin for a future that can only be described as “Wow”.

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OK nice Explaination into DOGE now can you walk us threw getting your DOGECoin andmaking it back to my bank or debit card or some nice Cash like option ?

Hi Danny, to buy Dogecoin, you need to buy bitcoin or another coin that you can buy using fiat. You then must exchange that for the dogecoin, the page should give you insight into that process. To then turn your dogecoin back into fiat currency, you will need to exchange your dogecoins for bitcoin using the same process you used to buy the dogecoin. Next, you will need to send your bitcoin to a wallet that allows transfers back into fiat. For your options of selling bitcoin back to fiat, check out our sell bitcoins page.

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