Ethereum Price

Launched in 2015, Ethereum has become the second most popular cyrptocurrency after Bitcoin. During 2017, the cyrptocurrency has recorded an unprecedented surge of more than 3000%. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum also provides a decentralized payment system for secure, fast and free of cost payments.

How to Check Live Ethereum Price

On our website, everyone can check out live ethereum price and charts. Whether you like to trade Ethereum or you are just an investor, getting yourself updated with live ethereum price is essential because accurate price is the most important ingredient for any kind of technical analysis.

Increase in Ethereum Value – A Historical Overview

Ethereum value used to be less than $10 before the start of 2017. On June 13, the cyrptocurrency rallied to more than $368 – printing an all-time high level. After a pullback towards the $155 zone, Ethereum recorded another rally on September 1st, rallying the price of cyrptocurrency to more than $390 – a fresh all-time high level for the cryptocurrency. Analysts now see ether value around the $500 mark in next 12 months.

Ethereum Market Capitalization

Ethereum market cap is roughly $40 billion at the time of writing. According to some estimates, the cyrptocurrency is projected to overtake Bitcoin’s market cap within a couple of years. At present, the older brother is much ahead of Ether with a whopping $100 billion market cap.

It is worth mentioning that the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is around $400 billion out of which Ethereum’s share is nearly 30%.

Ethereum Market Cap

Gauge Future Price with Ethereum Price Analysis

Like any other asset, Ethereum price analysis can lead to successful prediction of future price movement. Traders use a range of methods while conducting technical analysis that include but not limited to candlestick chart analysis, trendline analysis, Fibonacci analysis, and volume spread analysis etc.

Ethereum Exchange Rate vs USD

Just like all other assets, the price of Ether is also gauged in the US Dollar. Ethereum exchange rate verses dollar as well as other currencies can be checked out on our website. We aim to show the most accurate ethereum exchange rate on our website but it may still be slightly different from yours because of varying prices in different exchanges.


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