The History of Ethereum - The ICO Platform |

The History of Ethereum – “The ICO Platform”

With bitcoin taking all the headlines in this recent cryptocurrency explosion, it would be unwise to ignore ethereum and the progress it has had in bitcoins shadow. Given that nearly all ICOs use the ethereum platform to launch their coins, we take a look at Invezz’s the history of ethereum and how it came about.

Ethereum has cemented itself firmly in second place behind bitcoin but we here at Coinlist believe that it is coming for bitcoins title. November 2017 saw the most raised by ICOs, and this looks only set to continue into 2018, with the ethereum platform as the main gateway for these new tech start-ups to launch from it certainly does increase evidence that ethereum will eventually take the crown as top cryptocurrency.

History of Ethereum


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The History of Ethereum – “The ICO Platform”
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