AidCoin ICO


ICO Name AidCoin
Description AidCoin is a decentralized platform established by CharityStars. It aims to empower the Aidchain platform by making it fully transparent for not-profit sector and NGOs.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/16 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/01 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price 0.001 ETH
Funding Target 10,000 ETH
Funding Cap 30,000 ETH
Coins Offered 40% of 100.00 M

What is AidCoin?

AidCoin is a decentralized platform established by CharityStars. It aims to empower the Aidchain platform by making it fully transparent for non-profit sector and NGOs. It is an ERC20 token based platform that supports ethereum as its only currency for making transactions. The platform intends to make the process of donations more transparent by improving ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology. Enabling masses to donate using cryptocurrencies, AidCoin focuses to build trust between donors and charity organizations. Donors are able to track their donations, making sure that their charity has reached its intended destination.

Buying into AidCoin’s Concept

AidCoin provides services ecosystem based on blockchain through a user-friendly operating interface. It is estimated that approximately 43% people all around the world don’t trust charitable organizations. The platform, therefore, intends to bridge the gap of trust between nonprofit community and donors. The services offered by the platform include an exchange to convert different cryptocurrencies into AidCoin token, a transparent ecosystem to track donations, and an e-wallet to store AidCoin tokens.

How Does AidCoin Work?

Charities need to get themselves registered with the ICO in order to receive donations. The platform has an internal exchange setup that converts all other cryptocurrencies to AidCoin tokens. Donors having any other cryptocurrency can get their cryptocurrencies exchanged with the AidCoins tokens. These token can then be utilized to make donations. A receipt is also generated for donors so they can use it for tax-deductible purposes. People making donations can track their donations anytime to make sure that it is spent on a right cause.

Earn AidCoin Token

Investors who wish to buy tokens of the ICO can participate in the launching ceremony of the ICO that is expected to be held this month i-e January 16th, 2018. The pre-sale of the ICO has already been conducted. As per the available information on the official website of the ICO, it has managed to raise ETH 8333 during the pre-sale phase. The ICO accepts people from almost all parts of the world excluding the USA.

Buy AidCoin and Use E-Wallets

AidCoin is ERC20 token based platform and supports ethereum as it based currency. Ethereum can only be stored in electronic wallets, therefore, people who wish to buy AidCoin tokens need to have an e-wallet account. The good thing is that AidCoin offers its own built-in e-wallet to hold tokens. So people buying AidCoin’s token don’t need to worry.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is expected to be launched on January 16th, 2018 at 05:00. It will last for about two weeks. The ICO will end on February 1st, 2018. There will be a total of 30% token supply available to the public. The starting price of the ICO token is expected to be 0.001 ETH. The ICO plans to raise ETH 10,000 at least. The ICO hard capping is defined as ETH 30,000. However, the ICO may end earlier than expected if the funding target is reached.

Token Reserve Split (60%):

The Token reserve split will follow the below-mentioned proportion;

  • 10% token reserve split will be entitled to the team members
  • 10% token reserve split will go to AidPool
  • 3% token reserve split will be held to offer bounty programs
  • 10% token reserve split will be kept aside for Advisors to the ICO & early investors
  • 27% AidCoin token reserve split will be allocated to the Company

Team Members

The ICO has six team members;

  1. Francesco Nazari Fusetti is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the ICO.
  2. Manuela Ravalli is business development manager and Co-founder of the ICO.
  3. Vittorio Minacori is CTO and Blockchain developer at AidCoin.
  4. Alexandra Ducocq is COO and US managing director at AidCoin
  5. Domenico Gravagn is the Co-founder of the ICO.
  6. Robert Robinson is UK managing director at AidCoin.

Invest in AidCoin

After a careful AidCoin review, we hereby conclude that the platform is about to revolutionize the way donations are made. The blockchain based ecosystem is going to make everything transparent. Now needy people will have the access to the funds people donate for them transparently. Donors will also be able to track their donations. We believe AidCoin will become the preferred choice of donors for sure.

Investing in AidCoin should be something you consider or at least consider having it in your cryptocurrency portfolio.
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