ICO Name Algo.Land
Description Facilitates algorithmic trading, mainly via indices and the forex market
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/11/01 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/12/10 00:00
Token Platform ETH
Coin Price 0.01 ETH
Funding Target 10 Ether
Funding Cap None
Coins Offered 100% is a platform that facilitates traders in algorithmic trading and provides token holders a governing power of the pool in a way that affairs of the trading pools are carried out via voting. A decentralized algorithmic-trading pool is based on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts for day to day business. The base currency of is ethereum. All participants are compensated through blockchain transactions. Trading indices and forex appear to be the main interest of pool.

There is a fixed set of rules for smart contracts concerning their online execution and are considered ideally compatible with the trading of algorithms. Developing Interesting smart contracts based on ethereum blockchain is remained no more difficult. Risk management of accounts, as well as payment management, are both part of smart contracts. Blockchain has reduced the cost of bot trading remarkably.

Concept serves traders as a decentralized solution for trading algorithms. The usage of smart contracts and ethereum based blockchain has given a new dimension to bot trading. Traders wishing to use automated trading bots need to purchase the bot through blockchain. The account opening process and minimum deposit transaction will also take place on the blockchain. Similarly, both brokers and traders are facilitated through smart contracts. Profits will be distributed to concerns in their electronic wallets. To make it simple to understand, brings an innovation by shifting the already existed algorithmic trading system to the blockchain.

Earn Tokens

The ICO plans to issue token via crowdfunding. A customized token of is known as “Plasmons”. One Plasmon is worth 0.01 Ethers. As per the available information, the ICO declares its “plasmons” as its pure trading equity, therefore, doesn’t offer any discount. There can be an increase in the numbers of Plasmons if all participants are unanimously agreed. Thus, the only source to become a participant of the pool is to buy Plasmons tokens from exchanges where these are listed. Remember, is offering a limited number of tokens at times following reasonable spreads. Like all other ICOs, too is committed to eliminating the role of the middleman and aims to keep everything transparent.


Since is based on the blockchain, therefore every transaction will be settled in electronic wallets. All participants need to have their electronic wallets accounts to get compensated. The main advantage of electronic wallets is that they are safe and secure as well as transparent. You know exactly how much amount is paid and to whom.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is due on 1st of November 2017. It will last for a more than a month such that it plans to stop its offering on 12th Of December, 2017. All tokens will be available to the public. The token supply will follow the proportion of contributions from token sale and a smart contract will decide the rate of emission. As mentioned earlier a single token of the ICO is equal to 0.01 Ethereum. The ICO has not defined any capping as long as the fundraising is concerned, however, it plans to raise a minimum of $300,000. All funds will be held in escrow which is multi-signature.

Team Members

The teams of the ICO consists of three (03) core members listed below

Eddi Salm is the Founder and CEO of

Jefferson Davis is the Main Developer of the blockchain.

Dieter Bratschi is a Data Analysis Expert.

A summary of The ICO is listed below

Sale Period 1st November to 12th December
Initial Price 100 Plasmons are equal to 1 Ethereum
Distribution Date of Tokens 20th December 2017
Investment Goal (Minimum) 10 Ether
Maximum Investment Capping None
Method For Holding Funds Multi Signature Escrow Account
Pool Starting Date  27th December 2017
Role Of Token Sharing of Profits
Supply Of Token Proportional to contributions from token sale
Token Distribution %age In ICO 100%
Rate Of Emission Evaluated by Contracts
Block Chain Currency Ethereum

Final Words will act as a decentralized algorithmic trading platform. Following smart contracts, it will facilitate traders via blockchain. With innovative algorithmic trading and the incorporation of blockchain, the cost of a trading bot is also going to be reduced. We are quietly hopeful that will bring a positive change in the world of Algorithmic trading.
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