Ambit ICO


ICO Name Ambit
Description Ambit is a decentralized blockchain based mining infrastructure that intends to unite cloud mining as well as hosting services.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/04/20 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/05/10 04:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price $0.5
Funding Target 3 Million USD
Funding Cap 40 Million USD
Coins Offered 85% of the total token supply

What Is Ambit?

Ambit is a decentralized blockchain based mining infrastructure that intends to unite cloud mining as well as hosting services. The platform has proven abilities to run mining operations successfully. The platform has already established 1MV facility of diversified mining in the free economic zone of Tbilisi. It also holds a record of generating more than 99% return on income – ROI over a period of five months only. The platform strives hard to scale its operational activities and make its capacity to host 20MV mining facility. The platform has a team of industry specialists and field experts that allows it to be in partnership with the world’s top hardware manufacturers and corporations to become more profitable.


Ambit is a blockchain based decentralized platform that holds digital currency mining facilities. It is a next-generation infrastructure that offers mining facility. Since the ICO has already a 1MV mining farm in operation, therefore, it plans to scale its business activities instead of starting from scratch. Through the Ambit token, the platform enables its users to become a part of the most profitable platform and earn their share. The platform intends to offer cloud mining services in addition to cloud hosting. Unlike other ICOs, the platform promises to sell only a fully transparent hash-rate.

How Does Ambit Work?

As mentioned earlier, Ambit is a blockchain based digital currency mining infrastructure. We now would like to let you know how the Ambit token actually works. It’s a token that has a payout. It makes holders of ambit tokens receive their share from the profits earned from the platform’s mining activities. The payouts are dispersed twice a week. The platform offers profit in perpetuity provided that it remains profitable. The platform also enables its users to enjoy a 10% discount on all of its services including the hosting as well as cloud mining services.

Earn Ambit Tokens

The platform will be offering its tokens following two phases of sale such as pre-sale and public sale. Those who wish to earn Ambit tokens can get themselves registered on the website of the ICO since the pre-sale of the ICO is currently in progress. It is expected that the ICO pre-sale will end on April 19, 2018. If by chance, anyone misses the closing date, he/she still can earn Ambit tokens from its supported exchanges in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Buy Ambit Tokens Using E-Wallets

The platform is supported by ERC20 tokens. It also accepts ethereum for payments. People who wish to buy Ambit tokens need to exchange their ethereum with the platform. The process to buy Ambit token is simple. You just need to get yourself registered on the official website of the ICO. You may need to provide your Name, email ID, and wallet address to receive Ambit tokens in your e-wallet after the ICO ends. You can also buy Ambit tokens from people willing to sell Ambit tokens.  Remember the ICO doesn’t accept ethereum sent from different exchanges, you need to send ethereum using your e-wallets only.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its token sale on April 20, 2018. It is expected that the ICO will last for about twenty days. It will end on May 10, 2018. There will be a total token supply of 104 million AMBT tokens. The ICO plans to observe a soft capping of 3 Million USD, however, the hard capping of the ICO is defined as 40 Million USD. The starting price of the ICO is expected to be $0.5. The ICO accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as its accepted form of payments. The ICO has also defined a minimum purchase of 100$ worth of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Tokens Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 85% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during the pre-sale and public sale of the ICO
  • 9% tokens are planned to be distributed to the team and advisors of the ICO
  • 3% tokens are planned to be distributed to offer bounty programs by the ICO
  • 3% tokens are planned to be separated as Company’s reserve by the ICO

Funds Allocation

The platforms plan to allocate its funds between different departments of the ICO under the following proportion;

  • 85% funds are planned to be allocated for the construction of facility used for mining purposes in the free economic zone as well as to buy mining equipment to set up a mining farm.
  • 6% funds are planned to be allocated to the Operations department of the ICO
  • 5% funds are planned to be distributed to the Research and development of the ICO
  • 4% funds are planned to be distributed to the Marketing department of the ICO

Bonus Offers

The ICO also plans to offer bonuses to its early contributors, however, it has designed a unique bonus scheme for the same. Contributors participating in the pre-sale phase of the ICO will be getting the ICO token price as 0.40 USD. Those who will contribute to the ICO during the first, second and last stage of the public sale of the ICO will get the token price equals to $0.45, $0.475, and $0.5 respectively.

Team Members

The ICO has following team member;

  1. Beka Vashakidze is the Founder and CEO of the Company
  2. Giorgi Inashvili is the Head Operational Officer at Ambit
  3. David Kochiashvili is the main Software Developer at Ambit
  4. Aleksey Kuksin is the Software Architect at Ambit
  5. David Gelashvili is the Partner at Ambit
  6. George Khmaladze is the Head Financial Officer at Ambit
  7. Levan Nadiradze is the Lead Project Manager at Ambit
  8. Tato Tsintsadze is the Lead Energy Officer at Ambit
  9. Mikheil Todua is the Chief of Marketing at Ambit
  10. Nino Lazarashvili is the Graphic Designer at Ambit
  11. Revaz Kuparadze is the Marketing Strategist at Ambit
  12. Zakro Gogolidze is the Lead Web Developer at Ambit
  13. Tornike Sekhniashvili is the Visual Specialist at Ambit
  14. Lasha Nozadze is the Digital Strategist at Ambit
  15. Vasil Otiuridze is the Hosting and Mining Manager at Ambit
  16. Ioseb Kistauri is the Head Technology Officer at Ambit
  17. Giorgi Jakonia is the System Administrator at Ambit
  18. Markus Baist is the Project Manager at Ambit
  19. Daniel Bianchini is also the Project Manager at Ambit
  20. Karan (Kay) Khemani is an advisor to the Company
  21. Miguel Palencia is also an advisor to the Company
  22. Andrii Matiukhin is yet another advisor to the Company

Invest In Ambit

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Ambit seems to be a profitable venture since it has a realistic objective with sound planning and working of a fundraising campaign. It will also help people to use its cloud mining services and earn profits. We believe the ICO should be given a chance by investing in it. We suggest people come join the ICO and invest in Ambit with full confidence.
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