Assistive Reality ICO


ICO Name Assistive Relaity
Description Assistive Reality is a blockchain based decentralized platform that anticipates an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/03/09 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/05/06 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)

What Is Assistive Reality?

Assistive Reality is a decentralized blockchain based platform that is designed by a team of professionals having expertise in Information System and Bios with a vast experience in Artificial Intelligence systems, 3D modeling, user interface and a motivating interest in the technology of human augmentation. The platform intends to improve the quality of life of humans by providing them more consistency, speed, parallelism, and memory with a unique concept of a software solution based on augmented reality with a comprehensive AI technology embedded into it.


Assistive Reality is a blockchain based decentralized platform that anticipates an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. The platform intends to lead the market by providing high class augmented reality devices based on AI infrastructures. It strives hard to enable people to be exceedingly competitive to perform those complex tasks where Artificial Intelligence has got an inherent edge. It will also speed up the process of adoption of MR/AR/VR technology in corporate sector by acting as a catalyst. The platform also tries its best to increase the awareness amongst people concerning the use and adoption of blockchain networks and smart contracts.

How Assistive Reality Work?

Users need to download augmented reality app available on Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and APP store for their android, windows, and I-OS based mobile phones and tablets. They can then use the app to access multiplayer AR zones – premium mode. People can also rent out, or purchase physical locations for their AR content. The app also helps people to advertise banners in various locations. Other features that people can enjoy using the app includes AR zone bot, content, and consumable tours, within the world 1. The platform tokens are also listed on NebulaExcahnge and EtherDelta.

Earn Assistive Reality Tokens

To earn Assistive Reality tokens, people need to contribute to the crowd sale of the ICO which is just about to take place tomorrow i-e March 9th, 2018. Investors could also have earned Assistive Reality tokens by participating in the pre-sale phase of the ICO. Since the ICO tokens will be listed on exchanges like EtherDelta and Nebula, therefore, those who wish to earn assistive tokens can also get them in exchange for other cryptocurrencies from there.

Buy Assistive Reality Tokens With E-Wallets

Assistive Reality platform is based on ERC20 tokens. These tokens are as equal as Ethereum. The ICO will be accepting ethereum as a supported form of payment. Therefore, people who wish to buy Assistive Reality tokens need to send ethereum using their e-wallets to buy assistive reality tokens.  People who are looking to buy assistive tokens but do not hold e-wallets at present, need to open an e-wallet account so they can receive assistive tokens in it.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is about to hold its token sale tomorrow on March 9th, 2018. The ICO is expected to last for almost two months. It will end on May 6th, 2018. There will be a total token supply of 318,000,000 tokens. The hard capping defined by the ICO is the same as that of a total token supply. However, we couldn’t find information concerning the soft capping or minimum funding target defined by the ICO. Since the ICO is just about to launch, therefore people can wait for a day or two to get the picture cleared.

Tokens Distribution

We explored the official website of the ICO as well as its whitepaper in detail, however, we couldn’t find any information concerning the token distribution plan of the ICO. This is quite unusual for the ICO to not share any detail about the prospected token distribution. However, it is expected that the ICO will be distributing its tokens between the following departments.

  • Advisory Board
  • Research and Development
  • Reward and Bounty Programs
  • Council Members
  • Reserves

Funds Allocation

Likewise token distribution, no information is shared concerning the fund allocation. The ICO has not shared any information about the prospected usage of funds generated through the ICO. Therefore we are unable to present you with figures. We would suggest people to wait until the ICO is launched so that we may see a detailed explanation by the ICO regarding tokens distribution as well as funds allocation.

Bonus offer

The ICO, however, seems to offer a bonus to their early contributors. Those who wish to receive bonus offers need to buy Assistive Reality tokens on or before March 9th, 2018. There is a total of 10% bonus available for early contributors of the ICO.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Travis Roe is the CEO and Lead Product Architecture of the ICO
  2. Craig Straw is the Marketing and Strategy Leader at Assistive Reality
  3. Qingqing Wangis the Research Leader for Human Augmentation and Lens Integration at Assistive Reality
  4. Mark Palmer is the Technology and Concepts Leader Assistive Reality
  5. Elad Dolev is the lead of DevOps / Blockchain Assistive Reality
  6. Lora Yessenova is the Marketing and Communications Advisor at Assistive Reality
  7. Shahar Namer is the advisor to the Company
  8. Assaf Bardougo is also an advisor to the Company

Invest In Assistive Reality

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Assistive Reality needs more time to be developed. The objective of the ICO is quite interesting but is workable or not, we cannot say anything certainly. The ICO didn’t follow its proposed plan for token sale. Moreover, the information presented on the official website as well as in the whitepaper of the ICO is not sufficient. It seems that the platform is struggling hard to capture the interest of the market. We, therefore suggest people to invest in assistive reality only after completing their complete research. We believe investing in the ICO can be risky.
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