ATFS Project ICO


ICO Name ATFS Project
Description ATFS Project is a decentralized Food Science and AgriTech crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/10 07:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/09 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price ETH 0.0002
Funding Target 12500 ETH
Funding Cap 50000 ETH
Coins Offered 65% OF 380.00 M

ATFS Project is a decentralized Food Science and AgriTech crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology. Its supported currency is ethereum and plan executing modes are smart contracts. The ICO is going to bring a revolutionary innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies by employing ATFS Tokens. The ICO aims to meet three core objectives including the development of a decentralized platform, the formation of smart farms, and meat production which is based on plant.


The ICO aims to provide a solution to the problem of food scarcity and limited supply chain that a world is expected to meet in a due time because of its increasing population. It is estimated that by 2050, the headcount will reach 9.7 billion approximately, 34% higher than it is today. Now if we look at the figures of daily protein consumption by humans on an average basis, we come to know that only in the US, an average man consumes almost a double the amount that is prescribed (103 grams per day) and almost 2/3 portion of protein is obtained from animals. Therefore, an agriculture revolution is required and the world needs to look out for alternate sources to meet its food requirements such as plant-based meat.

How Does ATFS Project Work?

The ICO, therefore, plans to ensure that enough funds are available to cater potential food crisis in future. The platform will introduce innovative ideas followed by technological advances in the eco-agriculture system. It focuses to put forward an alternative that is socially acceptable to fulfill meat consumption. It is going to be a total win-win model for both agriculture reforms and crypto-world.

How To Earn ATFS Project Tokens

People who want to buy ATFS Project tokens need to participate in the launch of the ICO that is expected to take place in January 2018. Tokens can also be earned during the pre-sale of the ICO if made available.

Buy ATFS Project Tokens with E-Wallet

The ICO tokens are based on ethereum. Ethereum needs to be stored in electronic wallets. Therefore, people wishing to buy ATFS Project tokens need to open an e-wallet before they buy ATFS Project tokens.

The ICO Distribution

ATFS plans to hold its launching ceremony on January 10th, 2018. It will last for about 30 days. The ICO will end on February 9th, 2018. There will be a total of 65% token supply available. The starting price of the ATFS token is expected to be 0.0002 ETH. The ICO plans to meet its funding target which is 12500 ETH. The hard capping for the ICO is 50000 ETH.

Please note that the ICO will burn any unsold tokens.

Token Reserve Split (35%):

The ICO will follow a token reserve split in a proportion detailed below;

  • 15% tokens are reserved
  • 10% tokens are reserved for founding members and management
  • 5% tokens are reserved for future employees
  • 3% tokens are reserved for offering bounties
  • 2% tokens are reserved for advisors

Remember, the ICO tokens are not mineable.

Bonus Structure

The ICO also plans to offer bonuses for buyers who buy ATFS’ tokens in early days of its launch.

  • 40% bonus is offered to buyers buying ICO’s tokens during the first three days of its launch.
  • 30% bonus is offered to investors purchasing tokens between the fourth and 8th day after the ICO is kicked off.
  • 20% Bonus is offered to people purchasing ICO’s tokens between 9th and 15th days of the ICO launch.
  • 10% Bonus is offered to buyers who buy ATFS Project tokens in the third week after the ICO takes place.
  • 5% Bonus is offered to people subscribing the ICO’s tokens on the 23rd-27th day after the ICO is launched
  • 1 ETH=5000 tokens will be offered as a bonus to people who buy ATFS Project tokens in the last two days of the ICO.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  • David KIM is the chief executive officer and founder of the ICO.
  • Jay CHOI is the chief operating officer and co-Founder at ATFS
  • Austin H. CHUNG is the chief financial officer as well as co-founder at ATFS.
  • Han REW is a graphic designer & web developer at ATFS.
  • Anthony KIM is a software developer at ATFS.
  • Rachel CHUNG is a marketing planner at ATFS.

Invest In ATFS Project

The ATFS is going to bring a revolutionary change by introducing exceptional alternatives to meet the world’s food and supply chain requirements. With the help of smart contracts and blockchain technology, it is going to develop smart forms that will yield plant-based meat following synthetic and biotech technology. We believe people should invest in ATFS Project with full confidence
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