Auctus ICO


ICO Name Auctus
Description Auctus is the world's first blockchain based retirement plan platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/03/27 18:05
ICO Closing 2018/03/31 18:05
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 ETH = 2,000 AUC
Funding Target $3,000,000
Funding Cap $20,000,000
Coins Offered AUC

Nations around the world, an especially the United States, are trying to figure out how to help their citizens retire comfortably. In the US alone, 10,000 people turn 65 every single day, but less than half of them have money saved for retirement. This situation is stretching government retirement assistance programs to the breaking point, and still, unprepared retirees keep aging into this tough situation. Fortunately, technology is being used to help younger people prevent this from ever happening in their own futures.

Robo-advising is one of the best ways for the average person to prepare for retirement, or simply to invest for any future purpose. Buying stocks and bonds used to be an activity practiced mostly by the elite. An investor would have to call a broker, mail or wire funds, and wait for weeks for a simple purchase or sale to be made from their externally managed portfolio. Today, algorithms can do all of this at the direction of the investor, reducing costs and increasing access to assisted self-directed retirement preparation.

Robo-advisor services like Betterment have become the new normal for Millennial investors, who just have to contribute funds and answer simple questions to enjoy a balanced portfolio. But these services are behind the times. As Millennials and Gen Z investors invest more and more in digital assets like cryptocurrencies, there remains no easy way to incorporate these assets into retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(K)s. In the case of robo-advisor managed accounts, it’s impossible to include crypto assets.

Auctus wants to change this. Employing much the winning formula used in the crowded robo-advisor field, Auctus allows users to invest in stocks, bonds, AND cryptocurrencies, all in retirement-advantaged accounts. The Auctus ICO represents an incredible opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of what might become a new standard for pensions and retirement investing. (Note: Residents of the US, China, Kuwait, Singapore, and South Korea are restricted from taking part in the Auctus ICO).

What is Auctus?

auctus aucAuctus is an interesting take on the familiar robo-advisor model, using special blockchain capabilities to bring all retirement investments into one interface, introduce numerous customizable investment applications, and allow viewing/trading of crypto assets alongside traditional assets. The Auctus mainnet won’t be released until Q3 of this year, so we have to wait to see how these plans will actually launch, but here’s more or less what we know now.

  • Auctus will be a place where you can view all of your investment assets in one simple interface. Similar to Personal Capital, no matter where your investment assets are held (Vanguard, Betterment, Wells Fargo, etc.), you’ll see them all in one place so that you can easily make plans based on a holistic view of your financial situation. 
  • Auctus will show your crypto assets alongside your traditional assets, while allowing you to trade crypto assets within the mainnet, thus adjusting your crypto portfolio holdings on the fly. 
  • Auctus will rebalance your portfolio using some mechanism we’re not sure about yet. Robo-advisors like Betterment do this with algorithms, buying and selling assets to keep your portfolio within a risk range that’s best for you and your needs. It’s unclear to what extent Auctus will be able to buy assets (crypto and securities) on your behalf, but there will be some version of this model, allowing you to keep your retirement assets within a certain risk range and asset class structure, whether or not you personally manage your own funds. 
  • Auctus will offer human investment advice. Many robo-advisors do this, so that customers can benefit from the algorithmic wisdom of the platform, without feeling like there’s no flesh and blood person to talk to in order to verify or adjust the strategies being employed. 
  • Auctus will feature a marketplace where users can choose from different applications that will introduce new functionality into their investment experience. This marketplace will be community driven. 
  • Auctus will have 100% fee transparency. With some robo-advisors, there are additional fees that a user pays over and above the standard monthly fee. This will not be the case with Auctus, which will introduce fee structures that are entirely transparent and predictable. 
  • Auctus will feature goal-based functionality, so that users will be able to see what savings and investment actions they must take to achieve what they want to. 
  • Auctus will clearly display how certain investments are expected to perform in the future. These projections are not guaranteed, because historical performance is not always a reliable guide for future returns. However, this will give the user a good idea about how investments historically grow, as well as encouragement for the saving and investment actions which must be performed to achieve these eventualities. 

Like many cryptocurrency mainnets, it’s likely that Auctus’s functionality will evolve over time. This is also typically true of robo-advisors in general. Because blockchain is open source and Auctus’s app market is community driven, it’s likely that these updates can be more organic and timely than those ones would receive from a centralized business.

Why Invest in the Auctus AUC ICO?

The Auctus Token (AUC) will be necessary for all expenses associated with the Auctus platform (fees, advisor costs, apps, etc.). The Auctus coin price will, therefore, scale with the user adoption of the platform. To use the platform, users will have to stake a certain amount of AUC. Staking models like this are proven to create steadier investors in blockchain platforms, and the fact that the program offers such specific financial utility to the user will mean that many investors will also become dedicated users, further cementing the long-term value of the coin.

Auctus is a relatively small project. Their $3 million soft cap is modest to say the least, but the value they are offering the financial industry is well needed. There is currently no reliable way to see crypto investments as part of a wider investment portfolio. And while crypto investors often get painted as inexperienced Millennials with no other investments, the reality is that many crypto investors have well developed general portfolios. Auctus will bring these together in one easy to understand and command interface.

The Auctus ICO will be short, less than a week. This means that it will be overlooked by all but the committed, many of whom will want to become “Whales” by buying as much AUC as possible. Expect this ICO to sell out fast, so if you’re interested, buy as much as you want as soon as the Auctus ICO begins.

How to Invest in the Auctus ICO

The Auctus ICO is easier to sign up with than almost any other ICO we’ve reviewed. We’re not suggesting that you don’t follow the rules, but it should be noted that this American writer was easily able to sign up for the whitelist, even though US (and several other nations) citizens are not allowed to take part. We’ll give you all the steps you need to register with the Auctus ICO by the end of this guide. But first, let’s talk about how to create your Auctus wallet so that the Auctus ICO will have somewhere to send your Auctus coins once you’ve sent in your Ethereum as payment.

Start by going to MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a multi-currency wallet that supports Ethereum and all tokens released on the Ethereum platform (called ERC20 tokens). Because Auctus is being launched on the Ethereum blockchain, it is an ERC20 token, and will be supported by MEW once released.

Once you’ve navigated to MEW, click “create new wallet” and follow the simple steps. You will be shown a Private Address/Private Key. This key is the secret password that can unlock your address, or even regenerate your wallet if you should ever get locked out of it. Write it down carefully (pictures on your phone or other devices may be hacked), preferably two times stored in two different safe locations.

Once inside your new wallet account, it’s important to note a couple of details, visible in the image below. The first is your “Account Address” seen on the right side of the homepage. This is the address that you can use to receive Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens, Auctus AUC included. The other thing to note is the “Show All Tokens” button at the bottom right of the screen, which is what you’ll click to see your AUC after you receive it.

auctus ico

Now it’s time to head on over to to sign up for the Auctus ICO. To take part in this ICO, you’ll need to be accepted to the Whitelist. The whitelist is simply a list of names, addresses, and personal identities of people who will be allowed to trade Ethereum for Auctus during the Auctus ICO. Start on the homepage. We’ll take you from there.

auctus coin

Click on “Token Sale” at the top of the page.

buy auctus

You will land on this page. Click “Join The Whitelist”.

cuy auctus ico

Provide your email address. This is where your verification email will be sent, so make sure you use your real, accessible email. Now go back to MyEtherWallet. Find your Account Address, as discussed above. Copy it and return to the Auctus page. Paste your Account Address into the address line. This is the address to which Auctus will send your AUC coins once the ICO is complete.

auctus exchange

Join the Auctus Telegram group. Telegram is a communication platform for large groups, kind of like Slack. Download it if you don’t have it and join the Auctus channel. This will ensure that you stay up to date with new information about the Auctus ICO, or the Auctus platform in general, as well as promotions, rewards, contests, and other offers.

auctus ethereum

When you see the above screen, this means that Auctus has sent you your Auctus ICO verification email. Go to your email and look for that message. If you don’t see it in a few minutes, check your Spam folder. Inside the email is a link. Click that link and it will take you to the following page.

aubtus auc

This shows that your registration for the Auctus ICO is complete. You’ll see a couple of friendly reminders on this page. All of this information is important, so make sure you’re aware of these points. Now you’re pretty much done! All you have to do is wait for March 27th, and you’ll be able to send in Ethereum and receive Auctus AUC in exchange. 

Final Thoughts on the Auctus ICO

Auctus is ready to introduce important value to the crypto investment ecosystem, by incorporating traditional investment assets with crypto investment assets, in one easy to use interface. Auctus will introduce many of the features that make Robo-advisor solutions like Betterment so popular among conventional investors. By combining this formula with optional human advisors, automated solutions, and a community-driven app market, you can bet that Auctus is going to change the way crypto investors view retirement savings. It will also help generate interest in cryptocurrencies among traditional investors.

We will have to wait to see if Auctus will become the new standard for crypto investing. But even if they achieve only a handful of their goals, you can bet that the price of Auctus AUC will be far higher than it is during the Auctus ICO. We’ll follow this project with interest, and wish you the best of luck if you decide to participate in the Auctus ICO.
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