Autoria ICO


ICO Name Autoria
Description Autoria is a decentralized network based on ethereum blockchain. Its digital currency Autorium is used in all applications of Autoria.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/07/14 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/08/04 00:00

Autoria is a decentralized network based on ethereum blockchain. Its digital currency Autorium is used in all applications of Autoria. Merchants and all development services working in collaboration with Autoria support Autorium. Autoria offers solution to the problems faced by most of current ICOs in their distribution model. The ICO‘s strategy of adopting merchants actively and providing prompt automated solutions has made it stand out of the crowd.


Autoria offers a new distribution model for coins. It doesn’t require any complex mining hardware, instead, people can mine autorium automatically. This feature of Autorium has introduced a new way to offer a predictable liquidity rate in the cryptocurrency world. Autorium is based on ethereum and has a system which is immutable and transparent. The ICO plans to offer its participants an opportunity to claim mining wells. These mining wells will be made associated with the participant’s e-wallet accounts permanently, making them look like mining nodes in the economy of autoirum.

The ICO has a provably fair mathematical formula to predict AUT. All those participants seizing the opportunity for participating in ICO can have their ethereum based e-wallets hardcoded such as mining wells and can become a permanent fixture of the Autorium liquidity.

In addition to that, Autoria is fully committed to developing the economy solely based on Autorium. The ICO plans to extend its operations even further by collaborating with several gaming portals as well as signing agreements with various payments platforms and merchant services.

It is expected that Autoria will be launching its personalized gaming portal including some of the most popular games including but not limited to Roulette, gambling games, and Lottery & dice. Players will have the option to play games using their ethereum or autorium tokens.

Autoria is also likely to get listed on an exchange. If so, there will be two phases in total. The first phase will have post crowdsale autorium tokens available on exchange followed by a listing of autorium tokens on exchange in the second phase. Exchanges such as cryptodao, livecoin, and novaexchange will be added during the phase one, whereas bittrex, bluetrade, poloniex and bter will have their addition during the second phase.

Earn Autoria Tokens

To earn Autoria tokens, investors need to wait for the ICO until its launch. The ICO’s supported currency is ethereum ERC20. People can also buy Autoria tokens in an exchange with other cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, investors wishing to earn Autorias tokens can get themselves registered with the company’s pre-sale campaign by visiting the company’s official website.

Buy Autoria Tokens With E-wallets

The ICO is based on ethereum blockchain technology. All transactions that will occur on this platform will be stored in e-wallets. People need to have their e-wallets available before they buy Autoria tokens.

The ICO Distribution

Like every other ICO, Autoria will also have a distribution plan but for times it is not available. We tried our level best to collect some information pertaining to the distribution and allocation of funds that Autoria will be following but we couldn’t find any reliable information.  The ICO’s whitepaper is also not accessible at times.

Team Members

  • Stuart Farmer is the Technical Architect at Autoria
  • Boris Chan is Business Development Officer in the company
  • Mario Hernandez is the Econometrics at Autoria
  • Nick Huber is Finance & Business Development Manager of the ICO
  • James Munsch is the Merchant Service Developer of the company.
  • Christian Perry is responsible for Public Communications on behalf of Autoria

Invest in Autoria Tokens

After a careful review of Autoria ICO, we hereby conclude that it is going to be the first reliable mining system available in the market. People can undoubtedly trust the ICO and invest their money as much as they wish. The platform is based on ethereum powered by blockchain technology. It offers people to have games and apps accessible on fair basis. It also collaborates with different merchandising services and payment platforms to support and let the network grow even stronger. People should invest in Autoria tokens since it is becoming increasingly popular these days and it is anticipated that it will become the next big thing in cryptocurrency market shortly.
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