Bankera ICO


ICO Name Bankera
Description Bankera is a decentralized blockchain based digital bank which offers all such services that a traditional bank is supposed to offer.
Website URL
White Paper URL
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price N/A
Funding Target N/A

Bankera is a decentralized blockchain based digital bank which offers all such services that a traditional bank is supposed to offer. It facilitates both crypto and fiat currency transactions. The bank is already offering viable products. Now to fit into blockchain era, the bank plans to incorporate payment systems for cryptocurrencies as well. The platform also anticipates providing innovative solutions to its customers by offering them use exchange supported funds and GDP (Gross Domestic Products) linked currencies as an alternative to money.


Bankera is a decentralized bank that aims to provide digital banking and investment solutions to its clients all across the globe. Since the world has been transformed and payment networks are more or less plans to shift their operations from contemporary economic system to modern aged blockchain based ecosystems, the bankera also took an initiative to incorporate digital payment solution where it facilitates both cryptocurrency and fiat currency oriented transactions.

How Does Bankera Work?

The bankera core service includes loans and deposits through which current account holders also receive interest the same way saving account holders do. Bankera also offers low-cost investment solutions to its clients such as crypto funds and funds traded on an exchange. Bankera also focuses on providing investment banking products and services such as corporate strategies of its business clients. The ICO token has a tendency to facilitate affiliate commission distribution that follows on weekly basis easily. The Bankera tokens are known as also known as Bankers Tokens.

Earn Bankera Tokens

Unlike other ICOs, bankera seems to have a different approach for launching its ICO. As per the information available on Bankera’s official website, the ICO has launched thorough SpectroCoin exchange platform. Therefore, investors who wished to earn Bankera Tokens needed to get themselves registered at SpectroCoin exchange to be able to participate in the launch of the ICO.

Buy Bankera Tokens With E-Wallets

Bankera’s tokens are considered to have two functions in a way that they are supported on two different platforms such as Ethereum blockchain and NEM blockchain. The proportion of the ICOs’s tokens was expected to be depending upon the outcomes of the pre-sale phase of the ICO and main-sale phase of the ICO. In any case, one thing is for sure, bankera’s tokens are based on ethereum and ethereum must be stored in e-wallets, therefore, investors who wish to buy Bankera’s tokens need to have an e-wallet before they decide to buy Bankera tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO held its launching ceremony last year and as per the information available on bankera’s official website, the ICO has successfully managed to raise its target funding. The ICO issued 2.5 Billion tokens for 25 Million Euros. The ICO also claims that more than 16000 contributors from all around the world participated in its pre-sale phase only. The ICO offered 30% token to the public to raise the required capital.

The ICO also plans to offer 30% tokens to the public during second coin offering – SCO.

Token Distribution (100%)

The ICO distribution seems to have following proportion

  • 30% tokens offered to the general public to subscribe.
  • 30% tokens are expected to be reserved to offer them in second ICO
  • 40% tokens were planned to be shared among team members.

Please note that the ICO has mentioned that it will re-allocate all unsold tokens to the participants of the ICO on pro-rata basis.

Bonus Offers

Unfortunately, we are unable to find any information concerning bonus offer. Since the ICO token sale has already been completed, therefore it is very unlikely that the ICO offer any additional bonuses now. However, investors who still wish to have bonuses can wait until the second coin offering is launched. We really hope the Bankera will offer bonuses again during its second offering to push customers to buy Bankera Tokens in early days of its second launch.

Team Members:

The Bankers has following team members and advisors.

  1. Vytautas Karalevičius is the CEO of the ICO
  2. Mantas Mockevičius is the CCO at Bankera
  3. Justas Dobiliauskas is the CTO at Bankera
  4. Craig Grant is the VP for B&D – Business Development at Bankera
  5. Susana Wessling is the UX/UI designer at Bankera
  6. Egle Eidimtaite is the also the VP for B&D – Business Development at Bankera
  7. Rūta Čižinauskaitė is the Vice President for Marketing at Bankera
  8. Tse-Hsin Lu is the Vice President for Communication
  9. Lon Wong is the advisor to the company
  10. Antanas Guoga is also another advisor to the company
  11. Eva Kaili is an advisor at Bankera
  12. Audrius Žiugžda is an Expert banker and also an advisor to the company
  13. Martin St-Hilaire is an Accounting & Audit expert and advisor to the company
  14. Modestas Kaseliauskas is the Tax partner at TaxLink and also an advisor to the company
  15. Marc Kenigsberg is the BitcoinChaser’s Founder and also an advisor to the company
  16. Jochen De Weerdtis the Mining Expert and also an advisor to the company
  17. Damon Rasheed is the CEO of the Rate Detective and also an advisor to the company
  18. Warren Lush is the PR expert and also an advisor to the company
  19. Eugene Dubossarsky is the Data Scientist and also an advisor to the company

Think Before You Invest In Bankera

After reviewing Bankera carefully, we are of the view that Bankera launched its ICO just to raise capital funding, their main objective has been achieved. We have some reservations as to why Bankera has not launched its ICO through its own platform instead of launching it through SpectroCoin’s platform. We suggest people should undergo a complete research before they decide to invest in Bankera.
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