Description BANKORUS is a decentralized blockchain based digital currency wealth management platform powered by artificial intelligence.
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Token Platform ETH (ERC20)


BANKORUS is a decentralized blockchain based digital currency wealth management platform powered by artificial intelligence. The platform is the world’s first digital asset management marketplace that offers HNWIs along with a complete solutions suite to access cryptocurrencies using traditional assets. The platform has proven expertise to offer reliable and trusted fintech wealth management services. It has an open source API protocol based on NEM blockchain and is increasingly efficient as well as secured by cryptography encryption. The AI feature of the platform helps it to deliver high-quality data-driven insights making HNWIs become more effective as far as the crypto-investment is concerned.


BANKORUS is a blockchain based decentralized network that aims to offer cryptocurrency wealth management system using artificial intelligence techniques. The platform intends to transform the traditional approach of funds management by introducing blockchain and smart contracts. BANKORUS is going to be the market leader to offer HNWIs accompanied by a range of solutions to access cryptos along with traditional assets. The platform has a team of exceptional experts including management veterans, investment advisors and technology champs having years of experience in the same industry.

How Does BANKORUS Work?

BANKROUS aims to provide digital asset management system to the masses. It anticipates using artificial intelligence based on blockchain technology. The system incorporates HNWIs and offers multiple asset management solutions. Its protocol is an open sources API which is based on blockchain of NEM. The platform intends to offer high quality safe and secure cryptocurrencies asset management module followed by API integrated data-driven insights. People who wish to use the platform need to download the BANKORUS app from Google Play Store and App Store for their android and iOS-based devices including mobile phones, and tabs.

Earn BANKORUS tokens

Since the BANKORUS has not announced any information concerning the sale of its tokens, therefore, we can only anticipate that the ICO is likely to be offering its tokens following two phases of sales that includes pre-sale and main sale. People who wish to earn BANKORUS tokens can get themselves registered on the official website of the platform so they can contribute in the pre-sale and main sale of the ICO to earn BANKORUS tokens. People can also earn additional BANKORUS tokens by participating in the ICO during early days of its launch.

Buy BANKORUS Tokens With E-Wallets

BANKORUS platform is powered by ERC20 tokens. The supported currency of the platform is ethereum. Therefore, those who wish to buy BANKORUS tokens need to have ethereum in their wallets. The platform is likely to ask people to send ethereum in order to buy BANKROSU tokens. E-wallets are also important in a sense that they are used to store cryptocurrencies. So anyone wishing to buy BANKORUS tokens or invest in any other cryptocurrency need to buy E-wallet first.

The ICO Distribution

Since the ICO is currently planning their way to introduce its tokens, therefore, it has not shared any information concerning the prospected token sale. We couldn’t find any information about the token sale of the ICO, therefore, we are unable to provide you with other details such the minimum fundraising target of the ICO, the soft or the hard capping, the starting price of the ICO and bonuses offered if any. We would like to request you to please wait until the ICO updates its official webpage mentioning the complete detail about its prospected token sale schedule.

Token Distribution

The ICO hasn’t shared any information about its tokens distribution as yet. However, we can expect the ICO will be distributing its tokens between following main categories that include;

  • Foundation and Advisory Team
  • Research and Development Department
  • Reserves
  • Bounty and Reward Programs
  • Public
  • Team Members of the ICO

Fund Allocation

There is no information available concerning the prospected usage of funds. We can only guess that the ICO will be using its funds in following categories;

  • It may use a certain percentage of its funds collected through the ICO for the development of the information technology
  • It may also use some funds to capture the market share by advertisements
  • It may also spend some funds to meet the legal and regulatory requirements
  • It may use some of its financial resources to offer referral programs

Bonus Offers

It is anticipated that the ICO will be offering some bonuses to its early contributors, however, we need to wait until the ICO announces the schedule of its token sale.

Team Members

The ICO has a team of following members;

  1. Gregory Van den Bergh is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BANKORUS
  2. Eagle Ann is the Co-Founder and President of BANKORUS
  3. Anne-Flore Goldsberry is the head Marketing Officer at BANKORUS
  4. Prof Geert Bekaert is the Co-Chief Officer for Investments at BANKORUS
  5. Prof Ouyang Hui is also another Co-Chief Officer for Investment at BANKORUS
  6. Stephen Kade is Lead Technology Officer at BANKORUS
  7. Lon Wong is an advisor to the Company
  8. Chris Van Aeken is yet another advisor to the Company
  9. Roger W. Kirby is also another advisor to the Company
  10. Charles-Edouard Bouée also serves as an advisor to the Company
  11. Antanas Guoga is also the part of the team serving as advisors to the Company
  12. Sebastian Quinn-Watson is another name is the list of advisors to the Company


After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that BANKROUS is currently in the developing stage. Its objective is unique but needs some time to become realizable. Since most of the details are missing, therefore we are unable to express our opinion on the prospect of the ICO. We, therefore, suggest people complete their research workings before they decide to invest in BANKORUS.
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