Bitcomo ICO


ICO Name Bitcomo
Description Bitcomo is a system and decentralized network ideal for providing marketing solutions to corporate sector.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/16 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/16 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price USD 0.3000
Funding Target N/A
Funding Cap 51000000
Coins Offered 170.00 M

Bitcomo is a system and decentralized network ideal for providing marketing solutions to the corporate sector. The blockchain based innovative platform has paved a new way for companies to run their online advertising campaigns. In past, companies used to struggle to get their message delivered to the right audience. The ICO is going to introduce advanced marketing tools to companies so they can target their audience more specifically as far as online marketing of their product is concerned.


Bitcomo has revolutionized the concept of online marketing by providing cutting-edge technology based on the blockchain. The ICO offers innovative marketing tools for online advertising and marketing campaigns at much cheaper cost. With Bitcomo, clients need topay only for the advertisement that brings them benefits. It is an affiliate marketing network that is fraud-free and provides optimum payment solutions. Both advertisers and clients can have a reasonable deal following blockchain smart contracts without having any intermediaries involved. The ICO will be providing a cost-effective solution to companies, enabling them to run more successful advertisement campaigns and get their business grow.

Earn Bitcomo Tokens

Investors wishing to earn Bitcomo tokens need to wait until the ICO is launched. The ICO is expected to be launched in January 2018. There will be 170.00 Million tokens at the time of issue and out of which a total of 72% of tokens will be made public. The ICO will be offering a bonus scheme as well for the people who would buy Bitcomo tokens in early days of its launch. The pre-sale the ICO is closed now. The ICO’s accepted payment methods are Bitcoins, ethereum, PayPal, Shapeshift, and SWT.

Buy Bitcomo Token With Electronic Wallet

Like every other ICO, people wishing to purchase Bitcomo tokens need to have an electronic wallet account. The ICO is based on ethereum. Since ethereum is a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies are stored in e-wallets, therefore, one must have an e-wallet before he/she buys any token at the ICO. There are many online sites available where e-wallets can be opened. E-wallets are considered to be safe as the address is encrypted with a long series of numbers and alphabets making it almost impossible to behacked or scammed.

The ICO Distribution

The expected date of the ICO is 16th January 2018. It will last for a month and will end on 16th February 2018. The ICO plans to raise funds up to $51,000,000. The ICO is expected to offer 122,400,000 tokens and the worth of each token will be $0.30. The reserves allocation of the ICO is as follows

  • 8% of funds will be allocated for bonus and bounty programs
  • 11% will be allocated for the ICO’s team members
  • 9% will be reserved for advisors to the company

Bonus Offers

The ICO also plans to offer bonus incentives to its early subscribers. There will be a 20% bonus available for buyers who buy Bitcomo tokens in early days of the launch of the ICO.

Team Members

The ICO has a long list of its founding members and peers.

  • Ivan Karadzhov is the Co-founder of Bitcomo (CEO Adpop).
  • Nick Evdokimov is Blockchain Advisor at Bitcomo.
  • Lavrentios Penklidis is Head of Public Relations Department at the company.
  • Aline Angheluta is LATAM and EU markets manager of the company.
  • Ekaterina Kozhina is US and Pacific Asia markets manager of the company.
  • Tuan Anh is Southeast Asia markets manager at Bitcomo.
  • Alina Yakubenko is CIS market manager at Bitcomo.
  • Artem Kravchenko is Marketing Director of the company.
  • Roman Dubina is Bitcomo’s Platform Developer
  • Elena Merkulova is CIS market manager at Bitcomo.
  • Alexandra Eltysheva is Head of publishing department of the company.
  • Dmitriy Fedotov is Latam market manager of the company.
  • Alex Grus is CMO Bitcomo.

Invest In Bitcomo

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that it is one of the best options available for investors to invest in. The blockchain based affiliate marketing network is increasing rapidly. The only reason for its successful business approach is its transparency. People investing their money will have a clear idea that where their money is and for what purpose it is used. Since the ICO is all about productivity, so it also eliminates the concept of third parties intermediaries. Users now have the option to pay for only those advertisement that served their cause. All we wish to say is that do yourself a favor, Invest in Bitcomo today and have its value increased in near future.
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