Bitfincoin ICO


ICO Name Bitfincoin
Description Bitfincoin is a decentralized, ERC20 token based platform that aims to introduce its users a passive way of generating income with ultimate financial risk management strategies and transparency.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2017/12/26 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/01/26 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price $0.6/token
Funding Target N/A
Funding Cap N/A
Coins Offered 23% OF 100%

The world has advanced and so does the currencies, particularly digital currencies that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Investors are showing keen interest to invest in cryptocurrencies. A recent survey disclosed that a good number of businesses are looking to shift their financial transactional activities from fiat currency to cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why corporations came up with an idea to launch blockchain based decentralized platforms for fundraising as well as operational activities. In this piece we are talking about a recently launched Bitfincoin ICO. To know more details, please read the full review.

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What Is Bitfincoin?

Bitfincoin is a decentralized, ERC20 token based platform that aims to introduce its users a passive way of generating income with ultimate financial risk management strategies and transparency. The platform intends to develop a place where funds are raised to help both large and small investors by means of lending. As per the official website of Bitfincoin, it focuses on wealth creation with simple, safe and sound means of payments by incorporating high liquidity. The platform’s supported cryptocurrency is ethereum. It also has a BIC AI trading bot to help traders gain more than ever. Investors participating in its lending program can earn a return of up to 48% on their investment.


Bitfincoin is a blockchain based platform that is developed to generate wealth following more advanced form of risk management. The platform brings multiple ways for its users to make money including investment, trade, mining, and affiliation. It claims to be the world’s most secure and anonymous platform that doesn’t only help novice traders to learn but also enable professionals to earn without having to worry about financial risks. The platform uses BIC tokens as fundraising tools for potential investors. Understanding the needs of modern-day traders, the platform intends to develop a trading bot based on AI – artificial intelligence.

How Does Bitfincoin Work?

Bitfincoin holders can bet their asset tokens or trade them on Bitfincoin platform. Tokens can also be used for transactional purposes. Users can also use these tokens to access blockchain data and tools for portfolio analysis on the platform. With the lending feature of the platform, users can earn a maximum of 48% monthly return on their investment.

What Bitfincoin Has To Offer?

The Bitfincoin has two core features to offer including Bitfincoin AI and Bitfincoin trading bot. People who are fed-up of losing money while trading because of fast fluctuating market prices should give it a try for once. Investors, who feel desperate to invest in cryptocurrencies but are reluctant to invest for any reason, be they are inexperienced or they don’t have enough time to trade cryptocurrencies themselves, should invest in Bitfincoin. The platform intends to develop a trading bot based on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to help investors increase their revenue.

Earn Bitfincoin Tokens

Like all other ICOs, Bitfincoin also published its whitepaper to let all stakeholders know about their planned schedule. As per the available information, the ICO had launched in December 2017.  People who wanted to earn Bitfincoin participated in the launch and earned Bitfincoins. The ICO offered its tokens following different selling phases. The 22nd phase of the ICO is scheduled to end today i-e January 17th, 2018. People who wish to earn Bitfincoin tokens can also exchange them at major exchanges of the world.

Buy Bitfincoin Tokens with E-Wallets

Bitfincoin is an ERC20 token based platform. ERC20 is also known as ethererum. Ethereum needs to be stored in electronic wallets. Therefore, investors who wish to earn or buy Bitfincoin tokens need to open an e-wallet account even before they decide to buy Bitfioncoin tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO held its launching ceremony on December 26th, 2017. It is expected that it will last for a month. The ICO will end on January 26th, 2018. There will be a total of 23% tokens available for the public to subscribe. The starting price of the ICO is expected to be $0.6/token.

We couldn’t find any supporting information about the distribution and allocation of funds. Usually, ICO presents their planned fund’s distribution and allocation but Bitfincoin has shared no such information. We do expect that some portion of the funds will be reserved for founding members. The rest might be divided in different proportion between other portfolios such as legal department, HR and employee recruitment, Information technology etc.

Bonus Offers

The ICO plans to offer bonuses to its subscribers. Unfortunately, there is no clear information on how to claim bonuses and to whom these bonuses are entitled to. However, the bonus percentage is mentioned on the official website of the ICO which is 8%, 4%, 2%, 1%, and 1%. The exact sequence of the days in which bonuses are offered is currently unknown.

Team Members

Unlike other ICOs, Bitfincoin has not shared details about their core members. Generally, an ICO is supposed to be sharing details of their CEO, Founders, Co-Founders, Architects, and IT professionals. Since we couldn’t collect any information about team members of the ICO even after reading their whitepaper, therefore, we won’t comment on them.

Think Before You Invest In Bitfincoin

After a careful review of the ICO named Bitfincoin, we hereby conclude that the ICO doesn’t sound to be a successful venture. It claimed to be the world’s most transparent blockchain based platform but to us, it appeared suspicious. It has not shared any information about the usage of funds. It also hasn’t shared information about their team members especially the ones who are behind it (founding member). It also has not shared clear information concerning bonus offers. We, therefore, suggest investors, to go through a detailed research on the ICO before investing any money.
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