Brewery Consortium ICO Review – Is BEER a Good Investment?


ICO Name Brewery Consortium
Description Blockchain platform for beer brewing, marketing
Website URL
White Paper URL /BB_whitepaper.pdf
ICO Launch 2019-03-15 00:00:00
ICO Closing 2019-05-30 00:00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 BEER = $0.05 USD
Funding Target $2,500,000 USD
Funding Cap $25,000,000 USD
Coins Offered Brewery Consortium Coin [BEER]

What is Brewery Consortium ICO?

The Brewery Consortium ICO Concept

People love the taste and quality of microbrews, but small brewing companies have high costs that prevent them from sharing their products around the world. Brewing Consortium offers these brewers the chance to network with international brewing facilities so that microbrews can be created in other countries. This way, the resulting product is made within the regional market in which it will eventually be sold, eliminating shipping cost and time from the owner’s nation to the consumer’s nation.

The project is based in a UK-owned Portugal brewing company, Algarve Rock Craft Brewery. BEER holders will have equity ownership of the brewing company’s physical assets. The BEER coin will also entitle holders to discounts on beers sold within the Beer Consortium blockchain network. It’s an investment opportunity for beer lovers like nothing else in the crypto space.

Which Blockchain Will Brewery Consortium ICO Launch On?

Brewing Consortium ICO launches on the Ethereum blockchain network this March.

The Brewery Consortium ICO Team

the beer ico team
The BEER team

The Brewery Consortium ICO has a small team, with a single engineer working in a consultant capacity. There are half a dozen or so advisors and a single investor as well. This might explain the barebones appearance on the BEER ICO website. However, despite not being the most aesthetically impressive project in the space, everything seems to work, and there’s nothing to suggest fraud or unfair dealing.

The Brewery Consortium ICO Roadmap

The Brewery Consortium ICO roadmap is pretty straightforward. The company wants to launch its protocol in 2019 and steadily build partnerships in the months following. The first joint brewing project will be completed in little over one year, and many more are slated to follow as international partnerships between brewing companies build.

the Brewey ICO story
The BEER story

Is Brewery Consortium ICO a Scam?

The Brewery Consortium ICO doesn’t appear to be a scam. One has to recognise that the ICO’s ambitions are incredibly high. However, they seem to be transparent and honest in all of the material we’ve been able to review.

We think it may be possible that BEER could run afoul of some securities regulations. The company is accepting cash payments via PayPal, not just Ethereum (ETH). The way they have set it up makes it sound like they’re offering real equity value in the brewery to investors, so make sure to do your own research if you live in a country that has punished ICOs that behave like securities offerings.

Strengths & Challenges of Brewery Consortium ICO

Brewing Consortium is essentially trying to create a major industry sector by cobbling together a large basket of international cottage industries. It may be possible for their cross-border brewing agreements to work on an individual basis, but whether or not hundreds of other microbreweries will want to jump aboard is another thing entirely. We like that they’ve got the BEER coin name for this project because it could help this stand out as they pursue their big goals.

The Brewery Consortium Token Sale

The token sale goes live on March 15, 2019. From that point, investors will have more than 2 months to buy BEER coins until the ICO wraps up on May 30, 2019. Early bird bonuses are available.

How to Buy Brewery Consortium ICO Coins

The Brewery Consortium homepage
The BEER homepage

Start by going to the Brewery Consortium website and clicking “Buy BEER Coin”, as seen in the upper right-hand corner.

The BEER registration page
How to register to buy the ICO

Input your email address and new password.

Registration details to add to purchase BEER
Registration details to add to purchase BEER

Click the link in the email sent to you. Input all of the information you see above and submit.

Token page for BEER
BEER token page including promotions

You should be taken to the page above. Click “Buy More” in the golden box telling you about your 20 free BEER coins.

How to send BEER
How to send BEER

Buy BEER via PayPal, ETH, or Bitcoin (BTC).

Should I Invest in Brewery Consortium ICO?

We think that Brewery Consortium’s concept is one of the most ambitious in the space. As it requires collaboration between breweries spread across the globe, its success will be thanks to diplomacy as much as luck. Perhaps you know a great deal about the international brewing sector and can better analyse the project’s chances of success than we have.

If you do believe that this concept is gold, then consider investing in BEER. At the very least, holding the coin should get you some nice discounts to interesting international microbrews not otherwise available in your area. If you get some equity value and investment returns in the bargain, so much the better.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to Brewery Consortium ICO

We’re unaware of any blockchain project or upcoming ICO attempting this kind of international indie beer collaboration network. BEER is right at home on the Ethereum (ETH) network, as this is the technological centre where which this sort of thing could be successful, if anywhere.
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