Centra ICO


ICO Name Centra
Description Centra is a blockchain based platform that offers four products including centra wallet, centra card, centra network, and centra market
Website URL
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price N/A

Today we review an ICO named Centra. We hope you would like our efforts. Since investing in a good ICO is critical for making good profits, therefore, we wish to have your attention towards some key guidelines on how to sport a good ICO.

How To Spot A Good ICO?

Although, investing in an ICO and making reasonable profits sounds good but can be very challenging. Why is it so? Because cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate more than fiat currencies do. You need to have strong analytical skills with sound experience in forex to be able to predict if the ICO you are going to invest in could be successful or not. However, if you do not have relevant experience or expertise, you still need not to worry. In this piece, we try to mention some important factors so you may consider them before making a final choice.

Visit Cryptocurrencies Platforms

You can try visiting different cryptocurrencies networks and platforms where people share their views and experiences of investing in variant cryptocurrencies. You can have an idea as to what cryptocurrency is being regarded as favorite and which cryptocurrency has lowest votes. You can also try talking to some of the forum members asking them their personal opinion on a particular cryptocurrency. Remember, after gathering information, you need to review all points and figure out the best option available.

ICO Websites

Almost all ICOs are supposed to have a full fledge descriptive website. ICOs tend to explain their agenda, launch date, end date, capital requirements etc on their websites. You may also see some flashy images and astonishing videos pulling you to invest your money in the ICO. Here, we would like to mention an important point that some people assume that a website with bulky content is mostly misleading. This is not always true. Think the other way, what if you visit a website that has no image, no presentation, and unattractive appearance. Would you be willing to invest your money in it? No, because you may then think that people behind the website are not competitive enough that they even couldn’t manage to present their information reasonably well.

Whitepaper Of ICO

Whitepaper of an ICO is supposed to be an authentic document that almost every ICO publishes. The objective to publish the whitepaper is to present the masses with a brief summary of the ICO. In a whitepaper, the ICO may tell about its objective, its funding cap, funds raised up to date, soft capping, hard capping etc. In short, you can form a general opinion after reading a whitepaper of an ICO as whether the ICO is a worthwhile investment or not.

Team Members

Every ICO has team members and successful ICOs tend to feel proud in introducing their team members. However, you may also find some ICOs that do not provide any information about their team members. At this point, you may start thinking, why the ICO has not shared any details about their team members? Is it trying to conceal something? Anyhow, you should not be investing in an ICO that even doesn’t provide you with the information about its founding members or other team members. This obviously makes sense.

Centra ICO

Centra is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology offering products such as cryptocurrency wallets and cards to spend or use digital assets. The platform also plans to start offering services through which people can buy different products using their digital assets, can exchange, buy or sell cryptocurrencies and a DPoS blockchain.


Centra is a blockchain based platform that offers four products including centra wallet, centra card, centra network, and centra market. The platform’s centra card integrates cryptocurrencies into a useable one link virtual and physical card. The card facilitates its users to shop at more than 36 million outlets and stores around the world. Centra wallets facilitate P2P transactions. Users can trade assets against major digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. on centra network. Capitalization of cryptocurrencies exponential growth rate is facilitated at centra market.

How Does Centra Work?

Centra issues centra cards to its users so they can use these cards to purchase different products. Whenever a transaction using centra card is initiated, it first gets communicated to centra wallet where all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Zcash etc. are stored, then centra app allows transactions to be carried out. The same process applies to transactions which are initiated using smartphones.

Earn Centra Tokens

Investors who wish to earn Centra tokens can exchange them against major cryptocurrencies on major exchanges.

Buy Centra Tokens With E-Wallets

Centra tokens are based on ERC20. ERC20 is also known as ethereum. Since ethereum is a digital currency and all digital currencies need to be stored in electronic wallets, therefore, investors who wish to buy Centra tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they buy Centra tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO has been over. It was launched in last year. As per the available information, the ICO offered its token to the public following two phases of sales including pre-sale and main sale. Since the ICO has already been concluded so there is nothing much we could find about the ICO’s distribution as what was the ICO’s target funding? What was the starting price of the ICO etc.?

Bonus Offer

Usually, ICOs offer bonuses to their early investors/contributors. Unfortunately, there is no such information available on the official website of the ICO in relation to bonus offered.

Team Members

  1. David Brill is the CEO of the ICO
  2. Robert Farkas is the Chief Admin Officer of the ICO
  3. Allan Shutt is the CCO at Centra
  4. Steven Sykes is the CTO at Centra
  5. Chase Zimmerman is the head of marketing department at Centra
  6. Michael Hadzipanajotis is the CFO at Centra
  7. Tom Warburton is the Operating Officer at Centra
  8. Enrique Perez is the head of Information Security at Centra

Invest In Centra

Centra is a decentralized network that offers its users all in one feature including a debit card to make payments, e-wallet to store digital currency, as well as an exchange to buy/sell and exchange all supported cryptocurrencies. Due to the fact that we couldn’t gather much information about the ICO, we would suggest people should complete their research on the ICO before making any final decision.

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