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ICO Name Civic
Description Civic is a decentralized identity verification platform based on blockchain technology.
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Have you got some extra funds available? Are you considering a safe and sound investment opportunity? If so, investing in an ICO could be the right choice. People are making handsome profits by investing in ICOs, you too can be one of them. Before we move further telling you how to spot a good ICO, we would like to share a common perception that ICOs are risky. This could be true as long as you are failed to pick the right ICO.

Given below are some points that you may consider to choose a good ICO.

1.      Public Forums for Cryptocurrency

You can visit different public forums discussing cryptocurrencies. You may find people sharing their views and experiences about variant cryptocurrencies. Some of them may seem to be appraising bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Whereas, others may hold a view to invest in small cryptocurrencies then to go for major ones. At the end, it’s you who need to decide which cryptocurrency sounds more appropriate for investment purposes. Whatever you decide, just make sure that you have taken into consideration all possible factors those can affect your returns.

2.      ICOs Official Websites

You can also visit the official website of the ICO you wish to invest in. Official websites of ICOs are anticipated to be more informative than any other source of information. You may get to know the proposed schedule of the launch of the ICO. When the ICO will start and end. How much funding does the ICO plan to raise? What is the soft and hard capping of the ICO etc.? In short, a website of the ICO you wish to invest in should sound appealing. If, however, it appears to you like a nightmare, try not to invest in the ICO. Obviously, what can be expected from people who just couldn’t sound reasonable?

3.      Whitepapers of ICOs

Almost every ICO issues its whitepaper before it announces its token sale officially. The whitepaper is supposed to be a legitimate authentic document that describes information such as the ICO funds distribution and allocation, the supported cryptocurrency for the ICO, the information about team members of the ICO etc. You can have an idea by just reading the whitepaper of the ICO that whether it going to be a successful ICO or not?

4.      ICOs Team

A good ICO is supposed to have a competitive team of members. The information about team members is usually written in the whitepaper of ICOs, however, you can also search the ICOs team members over the internet to collect some information about them. This is just to know how competent they are and how likely they are going to make ICO shine brightly.

The list goes long but following above mentioned points, you can save yourself from getting into a bad ICO.

What Is Civic?

Civic is a decentralized identity verification platform based on blockchain technology. The platform intends to incorporate the mechanism through which verification of personal information can be more simplified. Applicants or institutions are no longer required to undergo the whole process of identity verification from the start for each newly submitted application. The platform is already offering its products used for identity verification purposes across the globe. It has also won the best startup title from K(NO)W Identity Conference held in 2017.


Civic is an identity verification decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology. The platform intends to bring the world an innovative, low-cost, and efficient module for ID and data verification. Civic has launched its own utility token which is commonly known as a Civic Token – CVC to embrace the concept behind the ICO’s launch which is to develop an ecosystem based on truly decentralized parameters.

How Does Civic Work?

Civic identity verification system has two modules including Civic ecosystem and Civic token. Through its ecosystem, the platform incentivizes only trusted ID verification providers such as utility companies or banks. These identities can verify the attributes and details of the individuals or corporate identity and attest them on the blockchain. Using smart contracts validators can price their ID verification and offer others to benefit as well.

When identities get approved by other participants, validators receives CVCs. On the other hand, users of the Civic ecosystem receives the Civic tokens for providing their information confidentially. In short, all token holders can use their tokens for ID verification products and services offered by the platform. This is how the concept of a decentralized ID verification ecosystem prevails.

Earn Civic Tokens

To earn civic tokens, investors need to exchange them against major cryptocurrencies since the public token sale of the ICO has already been concluded.

Buy Civic Tokens With E-Wallets

Since the ICO is an ERC20 token based platform, therefore, people who wish to buy Civic tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they buy Civic tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO was launched in last year. As per the information available on the official website of the ICO, Civic has issued around 1 Billion tokens so far. The maximum capping defined by the ICO was $33 Million. The platform supports Ethereum as its base currency. The ICO planned to distribute its tokens under following proportion.

Token Distribution (100%)

The token distribution of the ICO was planned to have following proportion.

  • 33% tokens were planned to be sold in the ICO’s token sale
  • 33% tokens were planned to be retained by the ICO itself.
  • 33% tokens were planned to be allocated to sales and distribution
  • 1% tokens were planned to be kept aside to cover token sale expenses.

Bonus Offers

Although the ICO might have offered bonuses to its early subscribers but we couldn’t find any such information on the ICOs platform.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members.

  1. Vinny Lingham is the CEO of the company
  2. Jonathan Smith is the CTO at Civic
  3. Matt Roszak is the financial advisor to the company
  4. Jeff Garzik is also the financial advisor to the company
  5. Juan Benet is another financial advisor to the company
  6. Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar is also another advisor to the company
  7. Anthony Di Iorio is also an advisor to the company
  8. Jeffrey Paul is also another advisor to the company

Invest In Civic

After a detailed review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Civic has a lot of potential to witness growth in its value due to the fact that it incorporates blockchain technology to improvise information data and identity verification processes. The platform appears to be a safe investment opportunity for investors. We suggest people should give it a try. We believe they won’t regret their decisions.
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