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Cool Cousin

Cryptocurrency for Social Travel Platform and offering a true blockchain innovation for a reasonable price


ICO Name Cool Cousin
Description Cryptocurrency for Social Travel Platform and offering a true blockchain innovation for a reasonable price
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/03/15 17:33
ICO Closing 2018/04/14 11:52
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 ETH = 3,770 CUZ
Funding Target 4,000 ETH
Funding Cap 17,500 ETH
Coins Offered CUZ

If you’re a crypto investor, you know that the market is inundated with ICOs. The Initial Coin Offering is the most significant advancement in public funding of private enterprise since the Initial Public Offering was introduced to the world of stocks more than 400 years ago (back in Tulip Mania – the thing anti-crypto people always accuse the market of being!). Like all revolutions in global finance, there is a feeding frenzy going on in the ICO marketplaces. It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But occasionally there comes along an ICO of such high quality that it’s an immediate no-brainer for investors. Cool Cousin is one such ICO – an established company offering a true blockchain innovation for a reasonable price. Cool Cousin is an app for travel, specifically marketed to the Millennials and Generation Z. It seeks to eliminate the inconvenience of national and international travel, while adding a strong social element that connects travelers with people who can show them a great time in a new place.

What is Cool Cousin?

cool cousin app

Millennials are proven travelers – willing to catch a flight to a foreign land and spend more time and money there than previous generations. This doesn’t mean that Millennials and Gen Z’ers are just a bunch of tourists, though. On the contrary, the younger generations are much more likely to personalize their journeys, seeking out the less traveled path, and creating new friendships along the way.

Cool Cousin sets out to make this style of travel much more convenient, while offering users a financial incentive to feed into the ecosystem. With Cool Cousin, you’ll be able to connect with “Cousins” – registered users who live in a city you may be visiting. The Cousins know the city, and are willing and able to show you around, or simply connect you via text with the best activities the city offers. Cousins are rated so that trustworthy people rise to the top.

There are numerous other features built into Cool Cousin (which is already available for iOS and Android), with more being added all the time. Cool Cousins also features important user types and positions, all of which involve monetary incentives through CUZ coin.

  • Cousins and Pro Cousins. Cousins are the people who you can connect with in a new place. These are the everyday users, to be compared to the hosts on a network like Couch Surfers. Pro Cousins are the cream of the crop, active and knowledgable to the point where the can act almost like travel agents. Both Cousins and Pro Cousins are paid for their time and energy in Cool Cousins coin CUZ, and if the system expands, these positions could present real income opportunities for motivated users. 
  • Users. Certain functions on Cool Cousins are free for users who travel, but the meat of the project is only available when you spend CUZ tokens. This isn’t just some new version of the hated “freemium” business model, it’s a way of giving back to the Cousins and Pro Cousins (and others) who make the network great and provide good times to travelers. Users will also receive CUZ tokens for using and improving the network, so payments don’t just travel one way. Cool Cousins rewards activity, no matter from whom it comes. 
  • Contributors. Contributors are users who gain enough experience to act as curators and content creators for the network. These experienced users will help newer users learn the ropes, and will earn a steady stream of CUZ in the process. 
  • Editors. Editors are among the most respected members of the Cool Cousins community. They are recognized as authorities on travel, be it generalized or relegated to a certain city or region. They are given the right to present information as semi-formal representatives of the Cool Cousins network. 
  • Board of Representatives. The board is comprised of power users and businesses, who will be responsible for the development, culture, and future of the platform. They will also be incentivized with CUZ coins. 
  • Businesses. Businesses willing to provide value for the Cool Cousins network will be allowed to promote themselves, offer deals, and generally connect with travelers who would benefit from their services. 

Cool Cousins also has numerous features to make the most difficult aspects of travel a whole lot easier.

  • Filter Users and Cousins by age, gender, interests etc. to find people with whom you have much in common.
  • Book flights, hotels, or AirBNB.
  • Set up local transportation.
  • Ask a real local for help through text if you get lost or confused in your new city.
  • See where you are in the city, and how to get to your next location.  

As you can see, Cool Cousin does a lot. But what about its investment potential?

Why Investing in Cool Cousin CUZ Might Be a Good Idea

Cool Cousins is already active, with 500,000 users, and activity in more than 70 cities worldwide. We all know that most ICOs don’t have a working product when they raise their funds, much less one that is well past beta and already in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users. Cool Cousin doesn’t require investors to cross their fingers and hope that goals are achieved, at least on the core product level. Cool Cousin works. People like it. Blockchain and CUZ simply add new security and incentive for more people to use the system. 

The Cool Cousin ICO will make 90% of CUZ’s 300,000,000 coin supply available to investors. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD are all accepted at this ICO (as are US investors!). CUZ will be an ERC20 token, so Ethereum is advertised as the currency of choice, with 3,770 traded for 1 ETH. The minimum order is 0.1 ETH. The soft cap is 4,000 ETH, with a hard cap at 17,500 ETH. The upper limit would bring the Cool Cousin ICO’s full haul to about $16,000,000. That’s a lot of money, but not for an ICO in 2018. 

All of this means that Cool Cousin is very inclusive for the American investor (and western investors in general). You can get in for as little as 0.1 ETH, or you can become a whale if you’re willing to bet a larger stack. What’s more, because Cool Cousin is already a working product, you’ll be able to use your coins immediately upon receipt, or benefit from the price action caused by their release into the general cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Create a MyEtherWallet to Take Part in the Cool Cousin ICO

To take part in this ICO, you’ll have to have an address from which to send Ethereum as payment, as well as an address to which you shiny new CUZ coins will be sent when your payment is received. Fortunately, you can kill both birds with a single stone by using MyEtherWallet. MEW is a multi-currency wallet which supports all of the many dozens of cryptocurrencies launched on the Ethereum blockchain. If you don’t already have one, go to and start your account.

cool cousin cuz

As you’re creating your account, MEW will show you your Private Key. This is the key through which you can start a new wallet with access to your coins, regenerate this wallet, or control your currencies in various other ways. It’s vital that you write down, take a picture of, or otherwise record this private key. Store it in a safe space (a couple of safe spaces if you want to be thorough).

On your MEW homepage, you can see a number of things. The issue most relevant to our conversation is the Account Address, which you can see in the upper right hand corner. You’ll need this to sign up for the ICO, as well as for sending payment. 

How to Sign Up for the Cool Cousin CUZ ICO

By now you know just about all the basics of Cool Cousin, the app and the blockchain ICO. Now it’s time to get you signed up for the ICO. You can do this through a very simple “whitelist” process. There is no set date for when the Cool Cousin ICO will begin, but you can bet that once you’re whitelisted, you’ll be ready and informed with every update. First things first, let’s head to the Cool Cousin ICO website.

cool cousin app

Right here on the homepage, you’ll see a one-line contact entry form to get signed up for the whitelist. Slap your email in there, crush that join button, and we’ll see you on the next page.

cool cousin app

Here are the terms of service. Everybody reads the terms of service, and so should you. Once you’ve polished off this literary morsel, truthfully answer the questions at the bottom by checking the boxes. Then crush the Next button.

cool cousin app

Throughout this guide, we’ve given directions for using Ethereum as payment for the Cool Cousin CUZ ICO. As you can see here, Bitcoin and USD are also valid options. Use the one that works best for you.

cool cousin app

Here, paste your Ethereum address (the MyEtherWallet account address we talked about earlier in this Cool Cousin ICO guide). Then indicate how much ETH you plan to spend on this ICO. Utterly obliterate that Next button.

cool cousin app

Here, put the personal information requested of you. This is a simple version of the KYC process we know from other ICOs, only meant to establish that you are who you say you are, and to prevent fraud of various kinds. No ICO wants to have a reputation as being slack on ICO security, especially with congressional regulations looming, so put in the correct info here. Decimate that Next button.

cool cousin app

Here, add your Passport and Utility Bill to complete the process. This lets the Cool Cousin ICO formally verify your identity. Render that Next button concussed, and that’s it. You’re done!

You should receive confirmation from the Cool Cousin ICO in a few days, about whether you are accepted to the whitelist or not. If you input the right information and answered the questions truthfully, we don’t think you’ll have any problem at all.

When the ICO begins and you send your Ethereum in as payment (or Bitcoin or USD), your coins will be sent straight to your MyEtherWallet address, where you can hold them, send them, trade them or any other common crypto behavior. We hope their value quickly increases and that you enjoy the Cool Cousin network! 

Final Thoughts on the Cool Cousin ICO

As we’ve already described, Cool Cousin is an awesome application with many ways to use its upcoming cryptocurrency, CUZ. With half a million registered users, and adoption rates increasing week by week, it seems inevitable that CUZ coin will hit the ground running. If you’re an investor, you should really thinking about putting some money into this one, especially if you’re an American who is often blocked from participating in quality ICOs.

No one can say for sure if the price of Cool Cousin CUZ will increase, but we think there is a very strong chance that this turns out to be one of the best ICOs of the year. Get whitelisted now and you’ll be all set when the ICO formally launches. In the meantime, download the Cool Cousin app and learn about this system yourself. It could give you an appreciation for what you’re buying, and who knows? You may end up using Cool Cousin yourself.

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