Covesting ICO


ICO Name Covesting
Description Covesting is a decentralized platform based on blockchain that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market for P2P asset management.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/12/25 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/15 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price ETH 0.001
Funding Cap ETH 25000

What Is Covesting

Wondering what is Covesting and how does it work? No problem, in this review we cover everything from covesting operations to its ICO launch. Covesting is a decentralized platform based on blockchain that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market for P2P asset management. Covesting brings people a smarter way to invest by allowing them to copy cryptocurrency traders automatically. The platform claims to be offering the most reliable and advanced infrastructure for cryptocurrency traders as well as investors. Covesting allows investors earn the same profit as other cryptocurrency traders do. The platform allows investors to earn a reward of up to 18% for allowing their trades to be copied by other traders.


Covesting is the world’s leading cryptocurrency asset management platform that helps investors and traders to interact with each other and make profit together. It is a type of a peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform that enables its users to replicate the asset management trading activity of other professional cryptocurrency traders with the help of an innovative user-friendly interface. Users are able to search the best traders, filter them and select a trader of their choice to mirror their trading activities in their covesting accounts.

How Does Covesting Work?

Investors, who wish to invest in covesting, need to download an app available on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and i-OS based mobile phones and tablets. After installing the app, Investors need to follow a three-step easy procedure as described below to get started with the Covesting platform;

Step 1

Investors need to find out the cryptocurrency trader of their choice. This can be done by looking at the traders’ ranking chart that is based on performance.

Step 2

Once the best trader is selected, investors need to allocate the amount they wish to place for trade and click follow. All trades will start getting copied in investors’ accounts.

Step 3

Here comes the most interesting and exciting part which is to sit back and watch your account accumulating profits for you. Obviously thanks to professional traders who perform the job.

Earn Covesting Tokens

Investors who wished to earn Covesting tokens had bought covesting tokens by participating in the ICO launch. Please note that the ICO has already been concluded with its launch. However, investors still have a chance to buy covesting tokens at exchanges.

Buy Covesting Tokens With E-Wallets

Like many other ICOs, covesting is also an ERC20 based platform. Its supported currency is ethereum and ethereum needs to be stored in e-wallets. Investors who wish to buy Covesting tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they decide to buy Covesting tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO held its inauguration ceremony on November 24th, 2017. The ICO offered its tokens to general public for about 40 days. It was ended on January 15th, 2018. The ICO had managed to rise its defined hard capping which was ETH 25000. The ICO was not supposed to offer its tokens once it had reached its hard capping or the date it ended whichever came first.

Covesting Funds Allocation

As per the available information, the ICO planned to generate a maximum of 20,000,000 covesting tokens. It planned to offer 1500,000 tokens in the pre-sale phase of the ICO.  2500,000 tokens were planned to be shared between founding members of the platform. The rest of the tokens were reserved for sharing between advisors and programs to offer bounties.

Covesting Funds Distribution (100%)

  • 75% tokens were offered to the general public for subscription
  • 13% tokens were reserved for covesting team
  • 7% tokens were entitled to pre-contributors of the ICO
  • 5% tokens were reserved to offer bounty programs

Funds Allocation

  • 40% funds of the ICO are kept separated for research and development
  • 25% funds are reserved to meet marketing expenses
  • 30% funds are allocated to new employees and to form partners-exchanges
  • 5% fund is to be kept reserved to meet legal obligations

Bonus Offer

Unlike other ICOs, we couldn’t find any information about bonus campaigns being carried out. Although it is very unlikely for an ICO to not offer any bonus, but it seems true in case of covesting ICO.

Team Members

The ICO had following team members;

  1. Dmitrij Pruglo is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the ICO.
  2. Tim Voronin is the COO and Co-Founder of the ICO
  3. Dinis Guarda is the Co-Founder of the ICO
  4. Kurt Carlsson is the chief commercial officer of the ICO
  5. Peter Kristensen is the head of the Marketing Department and Department Of Investors Relations
  6. Paul Hinrichsen Is the Business Development Director at Covesting
  7. Ivan Klykov is responsible for managing investments for Products Development
  8. Sergey Sevantsyan is the Officer Chief Of Technology Department
  9. Andrey Nenadov is the Project Manager of the ICO
  10. Alex Strakh blockchain is the lead in Covesting
  11. Konstantin Zherebtsov is the Manager of Information Security
  12. Max Sayganov is strategist for Digital Marketing
  13. Philipp Kallerhoff is the advisor of the company
  14. Alexander Perkins is also an advisor to the company
  15. Aleš Tomažin is an advisor to the company
  16. Simon Choi is also an advisor at Covesting
  17. Mounir Fallah is another advisor to the company
  18. Mike Bishop JD is the advisor to the company

Invest in Covesting

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby, conclude that Covesting is a revolutionary blockchain based trading platform meant to trade cryptocurrencies. It provides its investors an advance feature of mirror trading along with user-friendly trading interface so that users and investors both can benefit from trading activities. Covesting ICO has already been concluded, however, investors from all over the world are still suggested to invest in covesting by purchasing its tokens from exchanges.
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