Description CPROP is a decentralized blockchain organization focuses on real estate transactions.
Website URL https://cprop.io/
White Paper URL https://cprop.io/whitepaper
ICO Launch 2017/10/01 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/10/31 00:00
Funding Target 25,000,000 USD
Funding Cap 35,000,000 USD

CPROP is a decentralized blockchain organization focuses on real estate transactions. The company’s core objective is to make its operational activities more effective by reducing cost and risk by improving the accuracy of the information necessary for its all stakeholders. To make it happen, the company intends to shift its transactional activities from traditional fiat currency to blockchain. The platform has two mediums for people wishing to access it including a web interface and mobile application. People can use the platform to interact with one another and carry out blockchain transactions.


The real estate market is ready to embrace a technological change as far as its operational activities are concerned. A traditional real estate business involves manual documentation, slow processing, vague intermediaries as well as huge extra cost. The technological advancement and incorporation of blockchain in real estate business have given a whole new dimension to the industry. Companies can now carry out their real estate business more effectively without incurring any additional cost.

CPROP is designed to counter the challenges that are common for every other real estate business such as delayed processing and absence of security. The ICO intends to bring automated and standardized harmony in real estate transactions to make procedures efficient and reduce the associated cost. The ICO plans to make the life of concerned parties’ way easier than it is at times.

The best thing about blockchain technology is that all transactions carried out on the platform are secured, transparent and recorded immutably. In addition to its existing services, the ICO also plans to offer digital financing solution along with other services such as escrow, e-signatures, translation and document storage. Doing so will enable the ICO to break down restrictions i-e language barrier, currency, location or processes that keep it from becoming a globally accepted real estate blockchain platform.

Parties that are intended to receive benefits from the ICO include;


  • Buyers can make payments in cryptocurrency that is more secure than any other payment method.
  • Buyers can access listing from the sellers worldwide through this platform
  • Buyers can undergo transactions remotely from any part of the world
  • Buyers are protected from the risk exposure concerning title defects


  • Sellers can target international market to locate potential clients
  • Sellers can sell their property at competitive rates
  • Sellers can enjoy the benefit of payment protection and can easily receive payments from buyers residing in remote locations
  • Sellers can close their sales at much reduced time


  • Governments will have reduced inaccuracies in documents
  • Government can easily identify and eliminate paperwork that is incomplete
  • Government risk is reduced as far as the tempering of documents, fraud and corruption are concerned.


  • Lenders will have lesser risk in terms of inaccuracies of documents
  • Lenders will have reduced risk of mortgage loses
  • Lenders will have permanent record accessible easily

Other Service Providers

  • Other service providers such as engineers, inspectors, attorneys, brokers etc. can easily monitor all transactions and control the time required for processing and closing the case
  • They will have standardized documents generated automatically
  • They can have their profile visible to non-local buyers as well resulting in a possible increase in their customer base.


How Does CPROP Work?

Agents doing real estate business or brokers need to pay an annual membership fee of worth $100 to buy CPROP tokens. These tokens can then be used to gain access to the platform and have their profiles listed. CPROP holds tokens in a secured wallet that cannot be circulated. To cover membership fee, the ICO will facilitate purchasing of tokens from the exchanges.

Once the procedure of profile listing is completed, users will have the option to buy incentive tokens of the CPROP provided that they are willing to get their property affairs managed by CPROP.

Buyers can also access incentive tokens by writing reviews for agent or broker’s services they used. Buyers are free to either trader their tokens or they can simply hold them for future use.

Earn CPROP Tokens

People who wish to earn CPROP tokens need to participate in the launch of the ICO to buy CPROP tokens.  The ICO plans to hold its inauguration ceremony in December 2017. Investors wishing to buy CPROP Tokens need to wait until the ICO is launched.

Buy CPROP Tokens With E-Wallets

To buy CPROP tokens people can use their E-wallets. The platform is based on ethereum and ethereum being cryptocurrency is supposed to be stored in e-wallet. Therefore, you need to have an e-wallet opened prior you buy CPROP tokens.


The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to take place in December as per the available information. There will be 50% token available for the public to subscribe. Out of 50% tokens, 30% tokens are expected to be sold during the pre-sale phase of the ICO. The initial price of the ICO token will be $0.50. The ICO plans to raise funds up to $25,000,000 at least, with an upper cap of $35,000,000.

Total token reserve planned to be split under the following pattern

  • 80% – distributed
  • 10% is to be reserved for the founding team members
  • 5% is to be reserved for the future members of the team
  • 2% is to be reserved for bounties and translation programs
  • 3% is to be reserved for consultants

Team Members

The ICO has following team Members

  • Adam Koehler is the Founder of the ICO
  • Sanford Selman is the Founder of the ICO
  • Luke Sestito is the Founder of the ICO

The other team members are

  • Fabiano Távora
  • Jay Fortin
  • Eric Wang
  • Saleh Bawazir
  • Justin Davis
  • Steve Weathers
  • Jon Zinman
  • Nick Selman
  • Jeremy Begley
  • James Spence


Invest In CPROP

We reviewed the ICO and found it to be a safe investment opportunity for investors wishing to invest in real estate industry. The ICO has bright future since its core team is based on people having proven entrepreneur skills and extensive experience to manage investment and offer world’s best alternative real estate investment plans. We believe people who wish to invest in CPROP can go ahead without giving it a second thought.

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