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What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is the world’s first decentralized cryptobank which is supported through an open platform and facilitates cryptocurrency lending. Crypterium is supposed to be leading the emerging banking revolution. The platform enables its users to have reliable, fast and secured services in terms of making payments, international funds transfer, and securing loan etc. The platform anticipates delivering its blockchain based extraordinary services throughout world round the clock. The platform intends to bring the world fast and affordable financial settlements.


Crypterium is an ERC20 token based decentralized platform which offers all such services that a traditional bank is supposed to offer. In other words, it’s a cryptobank offering digitalized payment solutions to the world with the help of blockchain technology, making the payment mechanism more simple, transparent, fast and secured. The platform claims to have most technological capabilities, making things run smoothly and accurately. The crypterium has its own centers for payment processing and clearance. The platform has four core elements including cryptocurrency lending system, mobile cryptobank, merchants-oriented cryptocurrency acquiring, and developer’s API.

How Does Crypterium Work?

The mobile cryptobank of crypterium has an edge over all other mobile wallets in a sense that it is anticipated to be an alternative to the existing repository of altcoin, bitcoin, and digital assets as well as ICO tokens. It facilitates users to make payments through 42 million online stores across the world using cryptocurrencies. The users of crypterium don’t need bank cards rather cryptereiums’ NFC protocol with Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay enable the members of crypteriums’ mobile banking to pay directly through their mobile phones using the crypterium application.

Earn Crypterium Tokens

The ICO was launched in October last year. It offered its tokens to the public following two phases of sales including pre-sale and main sale. Investors who wished to earn Crypterium tokens participated in the launch of the ICO and have earned crypterium tokens. Anyhow, since the ICO supports all major cryptocurrencies, therefore, people who still wish to earn crypterium tokens can earn crypterium tokens by exchanging other cryptocurrencies against them on major exchanges.

Buy Crypterium Tokens With E-Wallets

The platform supports bitcoin and ethereum as its base currency. Both bitcoins and ethereum are cryptocurrencies and need to be stored in e-wallets. People who wish to buy crypterium tokens need to open an e-wallet account first. Many companies are offering free e-wallet accounts these days. You only need to make sure that you open an e-wallet account with a reputable company.

Token Distribution

Like all other ICOs, the crypterium also launched its ICO last year. As per the available information on crypterium’s official website, the tokens sale of the ICO has been ended. The ICO managed to raise 2981 BTC worth of $3364763 successfully. The ICO remained open for almost 75 days after its launch on October 31st, 2017.  The starting price of the ICO was 0.0001BTC. The ICO had defined a hard capping of $47 000 000 USD.

Token Distribution

The token distribution of the ICO was expected to follow the following proportion;

  • 70% tokens were made available to the public to subscribe
  • 15% of the tokens were separated for marketing, customer’s retention and loyalty
  • 9% of the tokens were reserved for the founding members and the team of the ICO
  • 3% of the tokens were reserved for advisors to the ICO
  • 3% of the tokens were reserved for the marketing team.

Bounty Structure

The ICO had not defined any bounty structure, or maybe we were unable to find it. Reputable companies usually offer bonuses to their early investors just to pay them gratitude for showing their confidence in them. We believe, the ICO will also post some information about the bonuses. It may well be the case that the ICO had already offered bonuses to its early investors and it is just that it has removed any such information now.

Team Members

  1. Gleb Markov is the COO and Co-founder of the ICO
  2. Steven Polyak is the Managing Director and Co-founder of the ICO
  3. Vladimir Gorbunov is the CCO and also a Co-founder of the ICO
  4. Austin Kimm is the Financial Director and also another Co-founder of the ICO
  5. Pavel Rasputin is the CMO at Crypterium
  6. Dimitriy Fomin is the CTO and Head of Security & QA at Crypterium
  7. Ilya Churakov is the Video Producer at Crypterium
  8. George Ermakov is the Manager for Strategy Development at Crypterium
  9. Igor Tszyan-Nyn-Tsay is the Head of Law & Regulation at Crypterium
  10. Ruff Rubaker is the Аrt Director at Crypterium
  11. Ivan Vasiliev is the Senior Research and Development Engineer at Crypterium
  12. Igor Semenchenko is the Architect Developer and Lead Mathematician at Crypterium.
  13. Keith Teare is the advisor to the company
  14. Elie Galem is also an advisor to the company
  15. Katrina Arden is yet another advisor to the company
  16. Fabio Tamburrano is also an advisor to the company

Invest in Crypterium

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Crypterium appears to be a well-planned ICO with innovative banking revolution ideas. The platform intends to introduce the world a fast and reliable digital payment solution. The mobile cryptobank application has made life simple. People do not have to carry their bank cards with them all the time. Rather using crypterium’s crypto mobile banking application they can shop around 42M online stores round the clock. So far, crypterium appears to be a good investment opportunity. We, therefore, suggest people try their fate by investing in it. We believe it will prove to be a good decision of their life.
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