CryptoPolice ICO


ICO Name CrytpoPolice
Description CryptoPolice is the world’s first community-driven decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to help people to use technology in a safe environment.
Website URL
White Paper URL
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Funding Target 12,500,000 OFCR
Funding Cap 510,000,000 OFCR
Coins Offered 51% of the total token supply

What Is CryptoPolice?

CryptoPolice is the world’s first community-driven decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to help people to use technology in a safe environment. The platform strives hard to develop an ecosystem where the threat of scam is minimal. By incorporating blockchain technology, the platform ensures to protect people against online scam and fraud. CryptoPolice brings an innovation to the world of online security management and sets forth an ecosystem which has transformed from a hierarchical management structure to a complete people oriented autonomous body. Blockchain technology and smart contract execution make the platform look different than that of state management culture based on centralized knowledge sharing.


CryptoPolice is a blockchain based decentralized network that helps people use the information technology without the fear of getting scammed. The platform ensures the safety and protection of users’ online information by incorporating blockchain technology. It’s a community-driven ecosystem which aims to bring information technology and people together in order to prevent unwanted online scams. The platform is committed to developing products that can make sure that people are well protected against increasing internet fraud.

How Does CryptoPolice Work?

As it has already been shared that CryptoPolice is the world’s decentralized platform which is developed to protect users from online scam and fraud. We now would like to mention how it works. When a user suspect anything while surfing online, he/she can submit an application or raise a request with CryptoPolice telling them about the thing he/she finds unusual or threatening. The application submitted by a user is then reviewed by the platform’s officer in order to establish the fact whether or not it needs to be probed further depending upon the intensity or nature of the event. If something is found alarming, then it is forwarded to the team of CryptoPolice to look into it in detail. All data get stored in an archive that is then used for generating spam alert notifications to users across the globe.

Earn CryptoPolice Tokens

People who wish to earn CryptoPolice tokens need to participate either in the pre-sale or crowd sale of the ICO. Remember, to earn CryptoPolice tokens you must qualify as a whitelisted member of the ICO. The platform is currently accepting requests from people who wish to get whitelisted. CryptoPolice tokens are likely to get listed on various exchanges of the world as well. Anyone who misses out the crowd sale of the ICO can still earn CryptoPolice tokens from all such exchanges against other cryptos.

 Buy CryptoPolice Tokens Using E-Wallets

The platform is based on ERC20 tokens and supports ethereum as its base currency. So people who wish to buy CryptoPolice tokens need to send ethereum to the platform. The platform will be distributing its tokens one week after the ICO ends. People may also consider buying CryptoPolice tokens from people willing to sell them. They can buy CryptoPolice in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to launch its token sale in the second quarter of 2018. However, the exact dates concerning the start of the token sale of the ICO have not yet been finalized. The ICO plans to generate 1 Billion OFCR tokens. The soft capping of the ICO is expected to be 51,000,000. The hard capping of the ICO is defined as 510,000,000 OFCR. The ICO plans to raise a minimum funding of 12,500,000 OFCR. The starting price of the ICO token is not known yet.

Tokens Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 51% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during the pre-sale and public sale of the ICO
  • 35% tokens are planned to be distributed to offer rewards by the platform
  • 05% tokens are planned to be distributed to team members, advisors, and partners of the ICO
  • 07% tokens are planned to be separated for the referral programs and airdrop by the ICO
  • 02% tokens are planned to be distributed in bounty programs by the ICO

Funds Allocation

The ICO has not shared any information concerning the prospected use of funds generated through its token sale. However, it is anticipated the ICO may allocate its funds between departments mentioned below;

  • Some funds might be allocated to the Research and Development department of the ICO
  • Some portion of funds may be allocated to the founding team of the ICO
  • Some funds may be allocated to the legal affairs department of the ICO
  • Some funds may well be allocated to the Operations department of the ICO
  • Some funds may also be allocated to improve the information technology of the ICO

Bonus Offers

Unlike other ICOs, there is no information shared concerning the bonus offers by the ICO. However, it is unusual for an ICO to not offer any bonuses to its early contributors. The ICO may announce some bonus offers for its early contributors soon before the launch of its tokens sale.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Artūrs Rasnacis is the Chief Executive Officer at CryptoPolice
  2. Elvijs Teikmanis is the Chief Technical Officer at CryptoPolice
  3. Valera Matulenko is the Project Manager at CryptoPolice
  4. Oskars Podziņš is the Cyber Security Specialist at CryptoPolice
  5. Karolīna Gavrilova is the Chief Commercial Officer at CryptoPolice
  6. Maksim Kuzmin is the Chief Operating Officer at CryptoPolice
  7. Agris Vītoliņš is the Senior System Administrator at CryptoPolice
  8. Artūrs Budžis is the System administrator at CryptoPolice
  9. Igors Savins is the Blockchain developer at CryptoPolice
  10. Aivis Krafts is the Graphic designer at CryptoPolice
  11. Aleksandrs Prokofjevs is the Project Manager at CryptoPolice
  12. Dmitrijs Valaks is the Senior Front-end Developer at CryptoPolice
  13. Vladimirs Vorobjovs is the Back-end & Blockchain Developer at CryptoPolice
  14. Arturs Borščiks is the Content marketing specialist at CryptoPolice
  15. Juris Švarnovičs is the Technical Support & QA specialist at CryptoPolice

Invest In CrytpoPolice

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude the CryptoPolice can be a great investment opportunity for people looking to invest in information technology sector. The platform has the most wanted objective which is very likely to be accomplished. The platform intends to benefit people by introducing people oriented crypto police to act against online frauds. We believe, people should definitely invest in CryptoPolice.

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