Cyber Capital Invest ICO


ICO Name Cyber Capital Invest
Description Automated investment ICO
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/10/29 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/11/26 00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 CCI = $0.20
Funding Target 15,000,000 CCI
Funding Cap 175,000,000 CCI
Coins Offered CCI tokens

Cyber Capital Invest

The Cyber Capital Invest ICO offers investors effortless returns. Traders are currently picking up CCI tokens at the Cyber Capital Invest ICO presale. The ability to use access a braintrust of expert crypto investors would indeed be a valuable use case for new traders. Find out what we think about the Cyber Capital Invest ICO in this complete ICO guide.

What is the Cyber Capital Invest ICO?

The Cyber Capital Invest ICO offers investors the chance to pool their resources so that professional investors can make their capital grow. Returns will be distributed according to the amount each participant invests. Payments can be made in fiat, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, and the ICO buyer will receive CCI tokens in exchange.

The Cyber Capital Invest ICO Concept

The CCI ICO concept is familiar enough. Users trade ETH tokens for CCI tokens. ETH will be virtually pegged at $430 for the duration of the ICO, due to price volatility. Because ETH is trading at about half of that price at the time of this writing, believers in the Cyber Capital Invest ICO will find this to be quite the bargain.

Once users have their CCI, they’ll be able to stake them in the CCI platform. These funds will be pooled with other user investments, and the resulting balance will be invested in worthy crypto projects by CCI’s team of expert investors. Withdrawals will be available daily. The better the returns of the CCI investor team, the better the profits of the CCI ICO buyers.

Which Blockchain Will the Cyber Capital Invest ICO Launch On?

The CCI ICO will launch on the trusted Ethereum blockchain.

The Cyber Capital Invest Team

The Cyber Capital Invest team is relatively new to the blockchain space, but is highly visible on the internet. CEO Nikita Kaperzov leads this Estonian team, along with a lean team of blockchain developers, marketing specialists, and corporate governance figures.

The Cyber Capital Invest Roadmap

The Cyber Capital Invest roadmap calls for a mainnet platform release for August 2019. The Roadmap indicates that, as of Q3 2018, development of this platform and its associated apps/technologies has already begun. CCI investors may have to wait a while before they’ll see investment returns on their CCI tokens, but they may not be able to get these coins this cheap ever again.

Is Cyber Capital Invest a Scam?

It’s always recommended that ICO investors do their own research before risking their money on an initial coin offering. Cyber Capital Invest has a simple strategy for user returns. And while this business model is inspiring and simple to understand, you must make sure you read deeper into the details of CCI before staking your money on their ideas.

Putting your investment capital into the hands of a third party must be a calculated risk. But CCI may be timing their ICO at a unique time in history, one which will amplify the efforts of their investor team.

There have been a number of similar investment expert and automated investment crypto ICOs. The majority of these were at their peak during the bull run of 2017. During these months, knowledgeable investors made millions based on their analysis of the best-performing crypto assets. Many believe that we are on the verge of another bull run. The coming months could bring another market upswing, perhaps one even more significant than last year’s boom. Such an environment could yield great returns for new traders who employ the skills of expert investors.

We can’t say for sure that CCI is the best way to achieve this goal, but time will certainly tell.

Strengths and Challenges of the Cyber Capital Invest ICO

This Estonian ICO must distinguish itself during a major down cycle in ICO fundraising. Despite the bear market, profit sharing ICO marketing seems at least somewhat effective, as almost 10 million CCI have already been sold.

The Token Sale

Cyber Capital Invest ICO
The CCI ICO token distribution plan

68% of the CCI supply will be distributed following the CCI token sale. 32% will be reserved for other purposes, pictured above.

How to Buy CCI Tokens/CCI ICO Registration

Cyber Capital Invest ICO

If you were to invest in the CCI token sale, all you would have to do is go to the CCI homepage and click the blue “Investor’s Cabinet” button. Note: the ICO here indicates that they accept fiat payments and Bitcoin, in addition to ETH. Though convenient, this places limitations on who may legally buy CCI, because of federal regulations. This is one reason why the CCI ICO is not available in the United States.

From here, you would submit your email address and create an account. Your coins will be delivered to your Ethereum address, and your new account will go live when the CCI mainnet drops next year.

Should I Invest in the CCI ICO?

There is no way to know for sure if an investment strategy like this will be successful. For safer returns on cryptocurrencies, try investing with eToro (trusted, well regulated, available in the US, true social investing).

Similar Projects and Alternatives to Cyber Capital Invest

Perhaps the most similar crypto project to Cyber Capital Invest is Rialto. Rialto is an Italian arbitrage blockchain platform. Basically, it looks for price discrepancies in major crypto asset exchanges, buying Bitcoin on one exchange and immediately selling for a slightly higher price on another.

CCI’s strategy uses human ingenuity to observe long-term trends, not momentary arbitrage opportunities. There are other, more informal investment pools, but Cyber Capital Invest may be one of the few cryptocurrencies built around human investment expertise.
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