DECOIN ICO Review – Is DECOIN a Good Investment?



Profit-Sharing Multi-currency Exchange Coin. Unlike other exchanges, you will receive a share of DeCoin's profits


Description Profit-Sharing Multi-currency Exchange Coin. Unlike other exchanges, you will receive a share of DeCoin's profits
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/10/01 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/10/26 00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price $0.67 during presale (already in progress); $0.90 during ICO
Funding Target $30 million
Funding Cap $30 million
Coins Offered DECOIN (DTEP)

DECOIN will be a cryptocurrency exchange that shares its revenue with DECOIN holders. Crypto investors are more than familiar with coin exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Bittrex. Like other exchanges, DECOIN will feature an ever expanding array of high quality cryptocurrencies. Unlike the competition, DECOIN gives profits back to its stakeholders. Investors involved in their POS system will receive revenue shares at 6.2% annually, relative to their token balance.

DECOIN is currently in presale, with the full ICO starting on October 1, 2018. People who invest now pay only $0.67, compared to $0.90 during ICO.

What is DECOIN?

DECOIN is attracting investors due to the innovation and feasibility of its revenue-sharing concept. DECOIN has big plans. Following the launch of its exchange, DECOIN plans to introduce physical credit/debit cards, along with other interesting products and services.

The ICO Concept

DECOIN’s target of $30 million is an enticing number. Many ICOs try to raise way more money than they need. $30 million sounds like a reasonable target for a startup. 60% of all tokens will be sold at pre-ale and ICO. Many ICOs withhold a majority stake from ICO buyers, making it possible to devalue the currency through inflation if they were ever to introduce those coins to the supply. By distributing the remaining 40% between the founders, the DECOIN reserve, a bounty program, and the DECOIN team & advisors, DECOIN ensures that not too much of the supply is controlled by a single player.

Which Blockchain Will DECOIN Launch On?

Like so many other high quality crypto projects, DECOIN will launch on Ethereum. Ethereum is a world class cryptocurrency in its own right, with a high valuation and endless use cases already in operation. Ethereum’s industry leading technology will ensure that DECOIN’s launch will be smooth, and that investors can buy with confidence.


DECOIN is led by Nadav Moshe (Founder & CTO), Shay Perry (CEO), and Michael Kogan (COO). A team of more than a dozen developers and corporate managers fills out the DECOIN team.

The DECOIN Roadmap

DECOIN’s roadmap indicates that Q4 2018 will be spent carrying out the ICO, launching the DECOIN exchange, and distributing DECOIN tokens. Q1 2019 will see the launch of a DECOIN trading platform.

Is it a Scam?

DECOIN does not appear to be a scam. Their technology is clearly communicated, and their exchange will fill a unique niche in cryptocurrency trading. Their dev and leadership team is front and center, with professional histories accessible online. The presentation of the project is professional. Most ICO reviewers agree that DECOIN has the appearance of a legitimate ICO startup, with good possibilities of success in both fundraising and business operations.

Strengths & Challenges of DECOIN

There are many exchanges with which DECOIN must compete. However, their revenue sharing model will attract many users and stakeholders. DECOIN’s eventual expansion into physical product (like credit cards) will be a challenge, as many similar products are vying for adoption in the crypto world. However, as the exchange appears positioned for success, subsequent products will have an advantage.

The Token Sale

DECOIN’s wallet will launch with the DECOIN exchange in 2018. Users who buy in the ICO will see coins delivered directly to this wallet, and will immediately be able to use them on the live DECOIN exchange platform.

How to Buy DECOIN Tokens?

Buying DECOIN in the presale or ICO is very easy. Start by going to Click the “Buy DECOIN” button on the homepage.

Input the requested information as seen in the image below. American users are not supposed to sign up for the DECOIN ICO.

Check your email for a verification message from DECOIN. Click the link therein.

The yellow button you see in the DECOIN email is the one you want to click.

You’re registered, yeah! Once you click the yellow button pictured in the image above, you’ll be taken to your new DECOIN account dashboard.

Click “Buy DECOIN”.

Choose whether you will pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Credit Card. Specify how much you’re spending on DECOIN. Click “BUY NOW” once more.

You’ll be shown a screen very much like the one above, with an address to which you must send payment. Complete payment within 4 hours. Then wait for the network to go live in Q4. When you log in after the platform goes live, your DECOIN tokens will be there waiting for you.

Should I invest in [ICO] ICO?

We can’t make the decision to invest (or not) for you. Evaluate what we’ve said and do your own careful research before buying in the DECOIN ICO.

For beginners and experienced traders alike, we like to point out that Coinbull is a safer investment opportunity than any ICO. This CFD investment platform offers trading in a variety of crypto assets for users in nations around the world.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to DECOIN

We’re unaware of any other exchange offering a profit sharing business model. Binance and Kucoin both offer discounts and other advantages for token holders, but DECOIN appears to stand alone for this particular use case.


How Will I Receive My Profit Shares From DECOIN? Profit shares will be distributed at a rate of 6.2% annually to all DECOIN stakeholders. Profits will be shared in the form of DECOIN tokens, and distributed straight into stakeholder wallets. The amount you receive will be based on the portion of the total DECOIN supply that you have staked.

Will Whales Buy Up All of the DECOIN? You never know when a whale will strike, so it might be a good idea to get to buy DECOIN during the presale if you plan to invest at all.

Is DECOIN’s POS Unusual? Not at all. While crypto started out as a POW-only technology, more and more projects are debuting with or switching over to POS in 2018.


DECOIN is one of the more promising ICOs we have on our ICO radar. We’ll follow it with interest, as should you. There are no certainties in the world of ICO investing, but DECOIN has real potential, and their of revenue sharing at a very reasonable 6.2% is just icing on the cake. Color us intrigued.

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