Description DFINITY is a decentralized blockchain based cloud computing network. The platform intends to introduce an internet framework mainly 3.0 which incorporates the features of a giant computer accompanied by extraordinary radical as well as disruptive properties
Website URL https://dfinity.org/
White Paper URL https://dfinity.org/pdf-viewer/pdfs/viewer?file=../library/dfinity-consensus.pdf
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)


DFINITY is a decentralized blockchain based cloud computing network. The platform intends to introduce an internet framework mainly 3.0 which incorporates the features of a giant computer accompanied by extraordinary radical as well as disruptive properties. Corporate servers based on this supercomputer wouldn’t be needing complex components including databases, system restoring points, and system backup.


DFINITY is a blockchain based decentralized cloud computing resource that incorporates governance based on algorithms such a Blockchain Nervous System. The platform intends to develop a mechanism through which users are protected from the attacks of unwanted intruders or able to restart their broken systems. Users could also optimize network security protocols by restricting illegal access to the systems. This might sound costly, but the platform seems to be making every possible effort to introduce a budget-friendly blockchain based ecosystem through which not only sensitive information is well protected but also transactions are more secure, identifiable, arbitral, and functional.

How Does DFINITY Work?

DFINITY is the world’s first decentralized unbounded supercomputer distributed across the globe having enough capacity for anything that is meant to evolve to change as the mankind changes. DFINITY enables its user to run business logics securely, create apps and store data. DFINITY acts as an innovative, virtual, blockchain based computer that is free from power or speed limitations enabling people to simplify ecosystems at a reduced cost. It also helps to create new systems, business models, and economies driven by decentralized applications. With DFINITY, the issue concerning speed, governance, and capacity are well addressed.

Earn DFINITY Tokens

To earn DFINITY tokens people will need to participate either in the pre-sale phase of the ICO or in crowd sale. DFINITY has not yet announced any schedule for the launch of its token sale officially. However, it is anticipated that like all other ICOS, DFINITY will also be offering its tokens following two phases of sale mentioned above. Investors who wish to earn DFINITY tokens can also get DFINITY tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies provided that DFINITY tokens are supported at major exchanges across the globe.

Buy DFINITY Tokens With E-Wallets

The ICO is expected to be based on ERC20 tokens. It will also be accepting ETH only for contribution purposes. To store and transact Ethereum, it is pertinent to have an e-wallet since all cryptocurrencies are stored and exchanged in e-wallets. Many companies around the world offer free e-wallets these days, however, DFINITY users may not need to go for all such companies because the platform is expected to introduce its own wallet.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is currently developing, and, therefore, has not shared any details about its token sale. We explored the ICO’s official website as well as its whitepaper in detail. We couldn’t find any supporting information concerning the opening or closing date of the ICO. Nothing was mentioned in relation to the target funding of the ICO, an expected soft or hard capping, the starting price of the ICO or total token supply as well.

Tokens Distribution

Although we couldn’t find any supporting information about the token distribution of the ICO, however, we anticipate it to be distributing its token between following possible departments that may or may not be included

  • The team members of the ICO
  • Founding members of the ICO
  • Research & Development of the ICO
  • Bounty and Reward programs
  • Legal Affairs
  • Operations of the ICO

Usage of Funds

Since no information is available about the usage of funds by the ICO, therefore, we also cannot say anything in particular. However, following possible departments can have funds been allocated to;

  • Foundation of the ICO
  • Advisors to the ICO
  • Blockchain Development Department
  • R&D
  • Legal Department of the ICO

Team Members

No information about the team members of the ICO is available on the official website of the ICO.


After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that DFINITY is going to be the world’s first most powerful blockchain based computer that incorporates a robust self-governance system that enables the network to be fully adaptable. The blockchain based nervous system monitors, interpret and updates the network harnessing the skills and expertise of the people to educate and train its governance based on algorithms enabling them to take best decisions without needing to stop or restart.

It is surely going to be the first blockchain based computer that is made to run infinitely.  However, since the ICO has not yet been launched, and no certain schedule of the token sale published, therefore, we suggest, people should wait until the ICO comes up with all such information.

A Few Tips to Identify a Good ICO

Investing in ICOs and making quick profits seems not to be a big deal these days. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular over time. Investors from all around the world anticipate more returns by investing in ICOs than from any other investment opportunities. You can also be a part of this profit-making game. However, you must not invest your money that you can’t afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate more than Fiat currencies, therefore, selecting the best ICO is crucial in order to have sound profits. Listed below are some important Tips that can help you locate a good ICO.

Visit Public Forums

You can visit various public discussion forums to have an idea about the most favorite cryptocurrency. You may notice people suggesting each other to invest in a particular currency or avoid investing in it. You need to filter out the cryptocurrencies that seem to have more votes on average.

Explore the Official Website of the ICO

You can also visit the official website of the ICO to observe how well the information is presented on the official website of the ICO. A well planned ICO will have all necessary information that investors may wish to know including the ICO’s token Sale schedule, minimum target funding, potential hard capping, and an expected starting price of the ICO etc.  You can easily get to know if the ICO is committed to excel or is just the waste of time.

Read the Whitepaper of the ICO

You can also consider reading the white paper of the ICO, it will detail all information such as the objective of the ICO, its token sale schedule and planed funds distribution, and a brief description of its team members etc. A whitepaper should be enough to arrive at a decision as to whether you should invest in the ICO or not.

The list doesn’t stop here, there are many other factors that are equally important to be considered before making any final decision. However, above-mentioned points can at least help you to avoid any scam ICO.

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