DMarket ICO


ICO Name DMarket (DMT)
Description Dmarket is a platform where every virtual item can be converted into a real commodity.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2017/10/30 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/11/17 16:00
Token Platform ETH
Coin Price 0.001333 ETH
Funding Target 5,000,000 DMT
Funding Cap 50,000,000 DMT
Coins Offered 50 Million

Dmarket is a platform where every virtual item can be converted into a real commodity. It is a decentralized market which will unlock global economy by connecting more than 2.3 billion gamers to blockchain platform. It will help gamers to trade in gaming items virtually. It is estimated that out of 100% gamers, only 6% of gamers are actively making profits by spending time and using their skills, while 94% gamers are not aware of this profit-making potential of the gaming industry. Dmarket is thus going to connect the gaming industry with blockchain technology to bring an economic boom.


Dmarket is a decentralized platform with integrated blockchain technology as well as smart contracts. It will make users sale or exchange virtual gaming items in a matter of a single click. Individuals or groups developing games will benefit from smart contracts by selling their items to the public using blockchain technology without any third party’s intervention. Resultantly all revenue will belong to game developers, and ownership rights of the game will be transferred to buyers, and nothing will be spent on commission. Being based on blockchain technology, Dmarket is considered safe and secured.


The best thing about blockchain technology is that it is safe, secure and transparent. By using smart contracts, involved parties are compensated via blockchain transactions and funds will be transferred to their electronic wallet accounts.

Earn Token

People can earn token at the launch of the ICO. The ICO also held presale of the token during August 2017. The second phase of the sale will take place in November. People wishing to earn token can also receive a bonus on purchasing token in first three days of the launch of the ICO.

Functionality of Tokens

The ICO will initiate a Dmarket coin which will be representing a Dmarket token. Those coins will serve the purpose of buying and selling items as well as compensating players and developer within the Dmarket platform currently. Please note that Dmarket coins will be used for transactions inside or outside the platform.

Other key features include

  • These token can be used as base currency for buying or selling items
  • These tokens can also be used to compensate game developers
  • These token may be used to buy premium wholesale or individual accounts.
  • These token can also be used to purchase data analytics.

As per the company’s declared information, the number of tokens will be limited.  As soon as the second phase of sale is closed, the company will further issue 15% of all Dmarkets token sold so far. The company says that they will never issue token after the additional 15% sale.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO has conducted a presale phase for 5 days such that it started on 17th of August and ended on 21st August 2017. Its sale cap during the first presale remained 50,000,000 Dmarket Tokens. The ICO aimed to achieve the minimum goal of raising 5,000,000 Dmarket tokens. The ICO’s one ethereum token is equaled to 1000 Dmarket tokens. The second phase of the Dmarket token sale will start on 3rd November 2017 and expected to last for fifteen (15) days.  One ethereum token during the ICO’s second phase will be equal to 750 Dmarket tokens.

Further breakdown of ICO distribution and allocation is as follows

Allocation of Funds

  • 18% of total fund will be allocated for bonuses for game developers
  • 32% will be allocated for marketing and advertising
  • 10% will be allocated for sales and business analytics
  • 34% will be allocated for development of products
  • 6% will be spent on general and administrative purposes.

Distribution of Tokens

  • 85% will be sold to the public
  • 5% to advisory board
  • 10% will be reserved for core activities

Bonus Scheme

The ICO plans to offer a bonus scheme for people buying the ICO on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of the launch. People buying on the 1st day of the launch of ICO will receive 10% bonus. Those purchasing on the second day can get 5% bonus. Buyers on third days of the launch will receive 3% bonus.

Team Members

Volodymyr Panchenko- Founder and CEO

Alexander ZeroGravity Kokhanovskyy – Co-Founder

Andrly Khavryuchenko – Blockchain architect

Sergey Nemesh- CTO

Final Words

Dmarket is a decentralized blockchain technology for gaming lovers. It will not only help the global economy to grow but will also make players to make maximum benefit by actively making profits for the hours they spend on gaming.
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