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Electroneum is a mobile currency designed in a way that it helps users to access cryptocurrency easily.


ICO Name https://electroneum.com/
Description Electroneum is a mobile currency designed in a way that it helps users to access cryptocurrency easily.
Website URL https://electroneum.com/
ICO Launch 2017/09/14 05:00
ICO Closing 2017/10/31 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Funding Cap 40 Million

Investing in ICOs and making good profits is not a secret anymore. Investors from all parts of the world tend to invest in ICOs more than investing their money elsewhere. You might also be thinking to invest your money in an ICO. If so, we suggest doing a good research before you invest your money in an ICO.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a mobile currency designed in a way that it helps users to access cryptocurrency easily. It is the world’s first mobile cryptocurrency that only requires you to install the app on your mobile phone. As soon as the electroneum app is installed in a mobile phone, etectronium becomes visible in their wallets through a sophisticated mining mechanism.


Electroneum is the world’s first digital coin that facilitates common usage because of being able to be used by an ordinary smartphone user. Earlier than electronuem, there was a stereotype that only tech savvy or speculators are able to use cryptocurrency. But electronuem has changed the way people looked upon cryptocurrencies. It incorporates fast execution of micro transactions and allows its users to transfer it to play different games, use various apps and funds other user wallets.  It has an electronic wallet that users can easily manage on their smartphones. Electronium coins can also be generated using a unique mobile mining interface that runs as a background activity.

How Does Electroneum Work?

All other cryptocurrencies require you to follow a formal process including a purchase of a G.P.U mining machine or rig and submitting copies of your passport, ID cards or photographic documents to prove your identity on different exchanges in order to access them. However, electroneum has made things easier, you just need to install an app on your smartphone and you are ready to start using electroneum. In addition, by running actively in the background on the user’s smartphone it provides users a unique mining experience without requiring them to have any technical knowledge concerning how to mine cryptocurrencies.

Earn Electroneum Tokens

Unlike other ICOs, earning electroneum tokens is quite a fun. Investors who wish to earn electroneum tokens need to download the supported app available on Google Play Store and App Store for android and i-OS based mobile phones, tablets, and other supported devices.  After downloading the app and finishing installation, users can start receiving electroneum in their e-wallets right away.

Buy Electroneum Tokens

Electroneum platform is based on blockchain technology and therefore it uses cryptocurrencies to settle transactions. Cryptocurrencies are stored in e-wallets. Therefore, investors who wish to buy Electroneum tokens need to have an e-wallet account first.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO held its launching ceremony in the last year such as September 14th, 2017. As per the information available on the official website of the ICO, the Electroneum has successfully managed to raise 42058.31 ETH and 4872.16 BTC. The ICO ended its token sale prior to the scheduled end date which was October 31st, 2017 because of reaching its hard capping that was set at 40 Million. The ICO also claims that it reached 120,000 contributors in excess of what was anticipated. Although we couldn’t find information about the starting price of the ICO, still the ICO sounds quite successful.

Bonus Offered

Like other successful ICOs, Electroneum also offered bonuses to its early investors in following proportion.

  • 50% bonuses were made to Investors who bought Electronuem tokens in the first week of its launch.
  • 40% bonuses were offered to contributors invested their money in the second week of the launch of the ICO.
  • 30% bonuses were offered to subscribers who made contributions in the third week of the launch of the ICO
  • 20% bonuses were offered to the ones who purchased ICO tokens in the 4th week after the ICO was launched.
  • 10% bonuses were made available for subscribers who bought Electronuem tokens in the 5th week of the launch of the ICO.

Team Members

  1. Richard Elis is the Co-founder and CEO of the ICO
  2. James Atkinson is the Head Of Development Team at Electroneum
  3. Dean Cole is responsible for blockchain development
  4. Adam Atkinson is the lead JavaScript development partner at Electroneum
  5. Ben Whomsley head of UI/UX at Electroneum
  6. Costin Cristoi is the part of the Electroneum App development team at Electronuem
  7. Robert Hopkins is the general developer in the Electroneum
  8. Terry Hunter is the member of Electroneum development team
  9. Imogen Dale is the member of social media and PR team at Electroneum
  10. Michael Wiltshire is responsible for marketing and social media campaigns
  11. Natalie Hayon is the head of the social media team
  12. Barbara Southwell looks after the management of the Electroneum project
  13. Mark Robinson is the advisor to the company
  14. Andy Denton is also an advisor to the company

Invest In Electroeum

After a careful review of the Electronuem, we hereby conclude that the Electroneum is not less than a blessing for ordinary smartphone users. It simplifies the way cryptocurrencies are accessed and traded. It doesn’t only provide an easy access to cryptocurrencies but offers its own wallet to make users able to store their cryptocurrencies in it. It is also one of the successful ICOs which ended their tokens sale way before the scheduled ending date because of receiving the overwhelming response from the crowd. This surely speaks itself about the worthiness of the ICO. We suggest people should invest in Electroneum and try their fate.

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