Elements Estates ICO


ICO Name Elements Estates
Description European Real Estate ICO
Website URL https://elementsestates.io/
White Paper URL https://elementsestates.io/ElementsEstates-whitepaper.pdf
ICO Launch 2018/10/29 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/11/30 00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 ELES = $0.55
Funding Target $2,500,000
Funding Cap $50,000,000
Coins Offered ELES

Elements Estates ICO ELES ICO

Elements Estates is a real estate company that sells distressed properties in Southeast Europe. These properties and real estate services will be available on the blockchain, using ELES as a payment currency. The Elements Estates platform launches next year, allowing you to invest in European real estate with an investor-focused cryptocurrency, while the Elements Estates ICO starts in late October.

What is the Elements Estates ICO?

Elements Estates is a Southeast European (SEE) real estate company specialising in distressed properties. The SEE real estate market was devastated by the 2008 global financial crisis. Innumerable residential and commercial properties went into default. Banks suddenly had a glut of properties for which they would never be repaid. Many of these properties were in various states of disrepair. The banks couldn’t afford to hold onto them.

Elements Estates bought up hundreds of such properties at steep discounts. They still do so today, often representing the financial interests of clients. With the Elements Estates blockchain platform, ELES ICO investors will be able to buy and rent SEE properties, as well as other real estate investment actions.

The ELES ICO Concept

ELES will not act as a security token. Users will not receive dividends. Instead, ELES users can use the currency for all financial transactions on the Elements Estates platform – buying property, acting as a landlord, etc. It can be difficult for foreign investors to access SEE markets, so ELES is easily changeable for your local fiat currency.

Which Blockchain Will the ELES ICO Launch On?

The Elements Estates platform will run on the Ethereum blockchain, and ELES will be an ERC20 token, storable at any Ethereum address, where you would normally store the ETH you buy.

The Elements Estates ICO Team

The Elements Estates team is an impressive bunch of real estate professionals specialising in Southeast European distressed markets. Peter Gorinšek and Žiga Silič are chairman/founder and CEO/co-founder, respectively. Both have noteworthy accomplishments in their industry, and their active team of real estate professionals is no different. Those specific to the blockchain project number nine, with five additional advisors.

The Elements Estates ICO Roadmap

The Elements Estates Roadmap is as simple as it gets. In late October, the ICO will begin. In November, it will conclude. Corporate funding will occur in Q1 2019 (Elements Estates is not just a blockchain company). The Elements Estates blockchain platform will launch June 2019. Properties will be acquired at all stages of these processes.

Is ELES a Scam?

It’s very unlikely that the Elements Estates token sale is a scam. This is a well established company in its market, and the team seems to have an innovative and legal way to introduce investors to these markets, even if they don’t live in this part of the world or trade in the regional currencies.

Of course, it’s incredibly important for international investors to carefully vet investments they can’t physically investigate or manage. This is a risk, but it doesn’t speak to the validity or lack thereof of Elements Estates or the ELES ICO. The team seems strong, the vision is clear, the marketing is crisp – this seems like a solid ICO if you believe in the ELES concept.

Strengths & Challenges of the ELES ICO

Elements Estates is offering distressed real estate in Southeast Europe to international investors, so they must convince international investors that distressed SEE real estate is a good investment! It’s unclear whether or not international crypto investors will take the bait (hence the big gap between ELES’s $2.5 million and $50 million soft and hard caps).

Nonetheless, the Elements Estates team knows this market intimately. If anyone can make this business model work on the blockchain, it’s them. Some have questioned whether this company really needs a blockchain, but the fact that investors will be able to easily buy in no matter where they live in the world validates this decision.

The Token Sale

ELES ICO token distribution
ELES ICO token distribution plan

ELES tokens will be available for about a month during the Elements Estates ICO. ELES tokens will be delivered to Ethereum addresses, where they’ll wait until ELES is listed on exchanges and/or the Elements Estates platform finally goes live sometime next summer.

How to Buy ELES Tokens

ELES ICO whitelist
Elements Estates ICO registration: Click the Whitelist Button on the Elements Estates website to sign up for the ICO

Would-be ELES investors must be whitelisted, and must submit information to the ICO for KYC on the Elements Estates ICO website. Once a user is verified and the delivery address is validated, the user just has to wait for the ICO to start. ETH, BTC, and BNB are all accepted payment currencies.

Submit your email address and “Get the KYC Form” to complete the Elements Estates ICO register process

Should I Invest in the Elements Estates ICO?

Whether to invest or not is up to you. Real estate investment is risky, but can be profitable. Elements Estates is going to lock away 50% of every ELES transaction, so investor funds are likely to appreciate in value, but the platform must be a success for this to be truly successful.

To invest in more mainstream currencies without the risk of ICOs, eToro investing may be the most convenient option available, especially for newcomers to the industry, as we’ve noted in our in-depth eToro review.

Similar Projects & Alternatives to ELES Token Sale

There are many other real estate cryptocurrencies, though none that we are aware of in Southeast Europe specifically. Some of the most well known include LaToken, Propy, Real, Atlant, and Rex. Without projects like these, investors are much more likely to be limited to their own regional markets, so standard real estate investment is a safer, but more limited, alternative.

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