Experty ICO


ICO Name Experty
Description Experty is a decentralized knowledge sharing app based on blockchain technology. It allows experts such as doctors, legal advisors, bloggers, and advocates to monetize their services through a VOIP based application.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/25 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/25 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price ETH 0.001
Funding Target N/A
Funding Cap ETH 33,000
Coins Offered 33% of 100.00 M

Invest In ICO – Make Quick Profits

Are you looking for a safe investment opportunity? Would you like to make quick profits? If so, invest in an ICO. The world is witnessing a new trend of fundraising and crowdsourcing ever since the concept of ICOs erupted.  Blockchain-based ICO tends to be more transparent than any other investment companies and probably worth more than the companies since each token of the ICO is based on ethereum. ICOs offer their own utility tokens to the public. Investors can purchase them through pre-sale offering or by participating in the launch of the ICO. The ICOs tokens are usually tradable on many supported exchanges.

Remember, investing in ICOs can be fatal in case you are inexperienced. More than 1000s ICOs have recently been launched. Some of them are good and some appear suspicious. You need to be very careful before you make any move investing in an ICO. Always seek advice from professional traders, check their rating on the internet, read their reviews, and try to think rationally about the ICO you are planning to invest in. Assert if the ICO is going to be a successful venture or you might end up losing all of your investment. ICOs feasibility and sustainability really matters. The tokens that an ICO offer must be tradeable. Otherwise, don’t waste your money by investing them in the ICOs that appear to be fake or seems to have no purpose to serve.

Today we’ve reviewed an ICO named as “Experty” for you. Please continue reading below.

Experty ICO

Experty is a decentralized knowledge sharing app based on blockchain technology. It allows experts such as doctors, legal advisors, bloggers, and advocates to monetize their services through a VOIP based application. The platform involves smart contracts to handle payments using Ethereum as its native currency.

What is Experty ICO – Concept

Experty is a blockchain based cryptocurrency supported application that allows users to connect through a voice or video calling software such as skype, WhatsApp etc. for sharing knowledge and exchange services. Using the application, professionals are able to provide online consultation services and earn money. The blockchain-based system makes transactions safe and secure.

How Does Experty Work?

People who wish to use Experty app need to download it from Google Play Store or App Store for their android and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets respectively. After installing the app, users need to configure app, indicating the amount of ethereum they wish to charge per minute. To make calls, contacts need to be added. Contacts can be added by scanning QR code of professionals you want to seek services from. After a call is concluded, a detailed summary of the transaction is displayed on phone.

Earn Experty Tokens

To raise funds ICOs offer their digitalized tokens to the public. Holders of the ICO tokens can use these tokens for different purposes such as buying various services and products or trade them on major supported exchanges for a better value. Tokens can also be exchanged with other ICO tokens provided that both ICOs are supported on exchanges.

Participants who wish to earn tokens of the Experty need to make contributions using Bitcoin. Unlike other ICOs, experty doesn’t accept contributions made through the experty website or any other social media platform. Investors can also wait until the ICO is launched in order to buy the ICO tokens. The pre-sale phase of the ICO has already been concluded.

Buy Experty and Send to E-wallet

Experty is based on blockchain and supports ethereum. Since ethereum is a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies need to be stored in electronic wallets, therefore, participants buying experty tokens need to have an e-wallet prior to buying any token of the ICO. Like most ICOs, to buy experty you must purchase them through the ICO, once the ICO is completed you will be sent your experty tokens to the wallet you create either with Experty or another companies wallet, often MyEtherWallet accepts new ICO coins.

The Experty ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its launching ceremony this month i-e January 25th, 2018. It is expected that the ICO will last about a month. It will end on February 25th, 2018 at 05:00. There will be a total of 33% token available for the public to subscribe. The starting price of the ICO is expected to be ETH 0.001. The ICO has not defined its funding target as yet. However, the ICO plans to observe a funding cap of ETH 33,000. The supported currency at experty is Ethereum.

Token Reserve Split (67%):

The token reserve split of the ICO will follow the proportion as mentioned below;

  • 33% token reserve split will be separated for company tokens vested for 3 years.
  • 30% token reserve split will be entitled to partner tokens – locked for 18 months
  • 1% token reserve split will be reserved to cover the cost of Token Sale
  • 3% token reserve split will be held to offer Bounty programs.

Bonus Structure:

Like all other ICOs, Experty also plans to offer bonus offers to investors making early contributions in the ICO.

Those buyers who bought the ICO during its pre-sale phase have been awarded a bonus of 1 ETH which equals to approximately 1400 EXY

Those participants who will buy the ICO coins during its main sale will receive a bonus of 1 ETH which will be equal to 1000 EXY.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members:

  • KAMIL PRZEORSKI is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the company
  • TOM DYL is the CTO and CO-Founder of the ICO
  • GREG KUCMIERZ is the Solidity engineer and also a co-founder of the ICO
  • BLAISE MATHAI is the Communications Manager at Experty
  • SARAH KHAN is the Project Director of the ICO
  • ANATOLII MENLYK is Full Stack Developer at Experty

Invest in Experty – Final Words

Experty is going to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency based decentralized platform that helps entrepreneurs, influencers, and corporations to offer their expertise and services for a fee using a voice over internet protocol software. Smart contract execution and blockchain technology make users feel more secure than ever. We really look forward to the launching of the ICO and hope it will bring a positive change in social media application’s world.
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