Fishcoin ICO Review – Is the Fishcoin ICO a Good Investment?


ICO Name Fishcoin
Description Fishing industry supply chain management
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch November 14, 2018
ICO Closing November 30, 2018
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 FISH = 0.00002898 ETH
Funding Target 40,000 ETH
Funding Cap 40,000 ETH
Coins Offered FISH

Fishcoin – funny name, useful technology. Global fishing industries have new stringent requirements, compelling them to provide careful tracking of all harvests. This new generation of data recording will protect vulnerable species, preserve healthy ecosystems and sustain industries that 1 in 10 citizens depend upon for income globally. Blockchain’s excellence at supply chain management is the perfect solution.

What is the Fishcoin ICO?

Fish used for food is often sourced from poor regions with poor record-keeping practices. As these industries are forced to improve tracking, Fishcoin will introduce a blockchain supply chain dApp that makes the process easy.

Fishermen will log catches, locations and other conditions into the application, and the catch will then be tracked geographically from net to table. Fishermen who use the app will be incentivised with Fishcoin payments, which are tradable for fiat and other cryptocurrencies, and which clear faster than standard payment channels.

The Fishcoin ICO Concept

The Fishcoin token sale introduces Fishcoin to the market. The cryptocurrency will be used for all payments in the forthcoming Fishcoin supply chain tracking platform. Investors will benefit as the network grows and as Fishcoin becomes a standard currency throughout the international fishing industry. As the Fishcoin network slowly grows, simple laws of supply and demand will increase the market value of Fishcoin. As such, Fishcoin investors should consider FISH tokens as a potential long-term hold.

Which Blockchain Will Fishcoin ICO Launch On?

Fishcoin will be an ERC20 digital asset on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is home to hundreds of decentralised applications (dApps), many of which are providing value in diverse industries that have never before had access to decentralised applications, trust-free systems or borderless client access. Ethereum is perhaps at its best when it launches unassuming but highly useful protocols. Fishcoin seems to fit this bill nicely.

The Fishcoin ICO Team

(Fishcoin has a full-time team of 14 with a further 13 blockchain and fishing industry experts as advisors)

Fishcoin has an excellent team with easily verifiable credentials in blockchain and conventional technology markets. Founder Mark Kaplan works in Sustainability for Unilever (the international consumer goods corporation). Qualified technologists from Eachmile Technologies and engineers specialising in blockchain round out the team.

The Fishcoin ICO Roadmap

(the future portion of the Fishcoin roadmap)

The Fishcoin ICO roadmap doesn’t give specific dates but does provide very specific milestone goals, each pertaining to the launch of the token, the Fishcoin platform and the integration of the technology with various existing industry cells.

Is the Fishcoin ICO a Scam?

Fishcoin is almost certainly not a scam. Supply chain management is one of the real world use cases for which blockchain is best suited. The involvement of conventional industry players in the development of Fishcoin is another point in Fishcoin’s favour. Fishcoin may not be the flashiest entry in the upcoming ICO calendar, but it’s definitely one of the most legitimate in appearance.

Strengths and Challenges of the Fishcoin ICO

We’re unaware of any other ICO or existing cryptocurrency aimed at the fishing industry specifically. This is a good thing for Fishcoin because there is little competition. However, the fishing industry is fractured, with regional micro-markets contributing to global supply chains that are endlessly complex and often poorly understood. To harmonise these discordant industry fragments is a tall order – one which could net Fishcoin incredible value returns, or spin it into failure.

The Fishcoin Token Sale

(Fishcoin tokens will be distributed according to the allocation pictured above)

Only 40% of the Fishcoin supply will be sold at the Fishcoin token sale. The Fishcoin ICO registers the rest for marketing (10%), the Fishcoin team (10%), Reserve (33%), and for Advisors (7%). It seems wise to hold so much in reserve because Fishcoin is tackling a very unpredictable industry. Having cash to spend on unforeseen issues will come in handy.

How to Buy Fishcoin ICO Tokens

(The Fishcoin ICO Register page at

The Fishcoin ICO registration process is straightforward and can be completed on the Fishcoin homepage, as seen above. Potential investors will be vetted and contacted by Fishcoin via the users’ provided email. Once the user has been approved, funds can be sent directly to Fishcoin. Fishcoin (FISH) will be returned to the investor’s Ethereum wallet address.

Should I Invest in the Fishcoin ICO?

Fishcoin is an ambitious project with potentially great returns. However, with all ambition comes risk. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency with significantly less risk, established cryptocurrencies may be a better choice. Our eToro review describes one user-friendly possibility. eToro has been in business for more than 10 years, is well regulated in more than 60 nations and has a carefully curated cryptocurrency investment selection that includes NEO, Ethereum, and Stellar Lumens. While high-risk/high-reward ICOs may be a good investment strategy, most users agree that well-known crypto coins should be a part of every portfolio.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to the Fishcoin ICO

We’re unaware of any other crypto supply chain management token aimed at the fishing industry. However, projects like Waltonchain supply tracking services and VeChain tracking also provide blockchain supply chain tracking services. “Supply chain management” is a simply massive industry.

Every product and material you own once existed on a supply chain. If blockchain is to truly revolutionise complex systems like these, the process will take many years. No one blockchain will be immediately sufficient. Therefore, a blockchain like Fishcoin, directing its efforts to a single international market, essentially knows no competition.
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