Galleon Quest ICO


ICO Name Galleon Quest
Description Galleon Quest is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to recover as well as preserve the treasure of ancient sunken as a valuable asset for the backing of cryptocurrency
Website URL
White Paper URL
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price $0.50
Funding Target $5 million USD
Coins Offered 70% out of total token supply

What Is Galleon Quest?

Galleon Quest is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to recover as well as preserve the treasure of ancient sunken as a valuable asset for the backing of cryptocurrency. The platform enables investors to buy a part of its projects which are backed by its historic shipwreck by introducing an opportunity in the market via ICO. The Galleon Quest is committed to bringing the value to its ICO through silver, gold, gems and other treasury assets backup for its coin holders.  Initially, the ICO plans to use 20% revenue generated by recovering valuables to buy back coins from coin holders. The ICO will then put a stop to purchases to lift the worth of SEA coins. This is how the ICO will be lowering the tokens price volatility thereby increasing the demand for coins because of limited supply.


Galleon Quest is a blockchain based decentralized platform that involves collaboration with those who already have devoted their time and resources to locate ship-wreck treasures in the ship-wreck world. The platform strives hard to recover ancient assets by investing enough capital to take a share of its due right. The Galleon Quest provides funds for the recovery of treasury projects. The best projects are filtered out for the funding purposes following Galleon Quest determination. The platform selects projects through a rigorous procedure and most of them are based on scientific surveys and historical research. These projects are expected to generate valuable recoveries.

How Does Galleon Quest Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Galleon Quest is an investment company that intends to recover the ancient treasure. The platform incorporates a risk-averse strategy to gain more potential returns. The platform works in a joint venture with a selective list of industry partners. In other words, the Galleon Quest is the last finance company that goes beyond limits to realize moments of riches and discoveries that are being pulled out from oceans. The company has a team of experts in marine technology having years of experience in the relevant field. The platform offers a helping hand in examining the site, its scope of operation, and its history followed by a solid plan of recovery.

Earn Galleon Quest Tokens

The pre-sale phase of the ICO is just about to launch, most likely within a week. Its starting date is expected as April 15th, 2018. Investors who wish to take a part in the crowd sale of the ICO needs to get themselves registered during the pre-sale phase of the ICO. People can also earn more Galleon Quest tokens by contributing to the ICO during early days of its launch. If anyone misses the chance to participate in the public token sale of the ICO, he/she may still be able to earn Galleon tokens in exchange of other digital currencies from the supported exchanges all around the world.

Buy Galleon Quest Tokens Using E-Wallets

Like most of the ICOs, Galleon Quest is also backed up by ERC20 tokens. The platform supports ethereum as its base currency. Those who wish to buy Galleon tokens need to send etherum to the platform to buy Galleon tokens. As per the information available on the official website of the ICO, tokens will be distributed one week after the ICO ends.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO hasn’t shared its starting date yet. However, it plans to continue its token sale for around 75 days. Expectedly, the ICO will start in the following month, most probably in the last week of April 2018. There will be a total token supply of 400,000,000 tokens. The soft capping of the ICO is defined as 10,000 ETH or $5 million USD. The hard capping figure isn’t shared by the ICO. The starting price of the ICO is $0.50.

Tokens Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 70% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during pre-sale and crowd sale of the ICO
  • 15% tokens are planned to be distributed to the founding team of the ICO
  • 10% tokens are planned to be distributed to the reserve control fund of the ICO
  • 5% tokens are planned to be distributed to the early contributors of the ICO
  • 5% tokens are planned to be distributed to the advisors to the Company

Funds Allocation

The ICO plans to allocate its funds under the following proportion;

  • 55% funds are planned to be allocated to the research and development department of the ICO
  • 25% funds are planned to be allocated to improve the infrastructure of the ICO
  • 13% funds are planned to be allocated to Operations department of the ICO
  • 05% funds are planned to be allocated to meet Contingencies of the ICO
  • 03% funds are planned to be allocated to legal affairs department of the ICO

Bonus Offers

Unlike other ICOs, Galleon Quest hasn’t shared any defined structure concerning the issuance of bonus to its early contributors. However, it may announce some bonus offers shortly before the ICO begins.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members. Listed below are their names, however, their exact roles and designations in the ICO haven’t been specified as yet.

  1. Lee Spence
  2. James Sinclair
  3. Lawrence Duprey
  4. Keith Duffy
  5. Dave DeBorde
  6. Robert H. Baer
  7. Cameron Cox
  8. Adam Strothman
  9. Sam Talari
  10. Dali Kranzthor
  11. Aleksi Aaltonen
  12. Mari Luukkainen
  13. Olga Krynina
  14. Jan Borgelin

Invest In Galleon Quest

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Galleon Quest in one of the unique ICOs we have reviewed ever. Its concept is also excessively different than all other ICOs. The platform claims to go beyond limitations. Although everything sounds satisfactory, we still have some reservation concerning the success of the ICO. The objective of the ICO may not prove understandable for the majority of people. We, therefore, suggest people invest in Galleon Quest only after undergoing a complete research on the ICO.






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