ICO Name GATcoin
Description GATcoin is an ultimate platform that allows merchants to issue customized digital tokens for public so they can use them as gift cards, discount claims and shopping vouchers at different shopping points across the globe.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/14 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/01/15 00:00
Coin Price ETH 0.00006757
Funding Target $20M
Funding Cap $35M
Coins Offered 1,000.00 M

GATcoin is an ultimate platform that allows merchants to issue customized digital tokens for the public so they can use them as gift cards, discount claims and shopping vouchers at different shopping points across the globe. Its supported currency is ethereum and the whole system is based on blockchain.


GATcoin is a decentralized network which facilitates both merchants and consumers in a way that they can have complete flexibility to use the platform as per their needs. Merchants can upload their merchandises for selling and have full control to host their personalized cryptocurrencies.

GATcoin serves as a bridge to connect merchants and consumers and allow them to trade and shop using merchant tokens. In addition, consumers can trade these tokens on GATcoin cryptocurrency exchange without any inconvenience.

How Does GATcoin Work?

In GATcoin system, customized digital tokens are also known as merchant tokens. These merchant tokens are made available on restricted consortia networks. Those private networks can also be accessible by participating consumers and enterprises. Consumers can then use these merchant tokens to redeem or buy real products or services from the concerned businesses.

Let us be simple in our wordings. You sometimes receive gift cards, reward points or discount vouchers from different retailers while shopping. Often these gift cards or reward points go unused. Why, because you may never return them to specified outlets or merchants again. GATcoin offers you a simple and secure mobile wallet where you can not only accumulate all your rewards points but can also trade them at GATcoin exchange to avail discount from other retailers.

In short, it’s a global platform that enables merchants to not only issue their personalized digital tokens to the masses but they can customize them as well. The GATcoins intend to put forward a controlled environment where enterprises can deploy their tokens without facing traditional barriers that they sometimes have to face when adopting blockchain innovation.

Another prominent feature of the GATcoin is A-drop feature. It automatically drops reward points to the devices of consumers awarded by companies to their loyal customers.

Earn GATcoin Tokens

People can earn GATcoin tokens by participating in the pre-sale of the ICO which has already been launched. Further, people wishing to buy GATcoins can wait until the ICO is launched. They can also earn GATcoin tokens and avail some great discount offers that will be available for investors who buy GATcoin tokens in first two weeks of the launch of the ICO.

Buy GATcoin Tokens With E-wallets

Since GATcoin system is based on the blockchain, and its supported currency is ethereum, so people who wish to buy GATcoin tokens need to have an e-wallet. Remember, all cryptocurrencies can only be stored in e-wallets. Many companies offering e-wallet these days, you can search the best one online.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is expected to take place on January 14th, 2018. It will last for about two weeks only. The ICO has announced that it will stop its offering on January 28th, 2018. There will be 50% token supply available out of the total of $1 Billion. The initial price is expected to be ETH 0.00006757. The ICO plans to raise funds up to 31,049 ETH which is around $20 Million. Hard capping of $35 Million has been defined by the ICO. To date, the ICO has managed to raise $1.05 Million successfully.

Token Reserve Split (50%):

The token reserve split of the ICO will follow below-mentioned proportion.

  • 22% of the token reserves are to be allocated to founders, partners, and advisors to the company
  • 14% are to be sold via App;
  • 14% are to be reserved for customer & merchant acquisition.

GATcoin ICO also plans to run a bonus campaign. However, tokens of the ICO are not mineable.

Bonus Structure:

The ICO plans to offer its participants a bonus as per following structure. Since the ICO will last for only 14 days. Therefore, buyers who wish to buy GATcoin and take benefits of the bonus offer need to buy the ICO tokens in the first week of its launch.

  • 20% of the bonus will be offered to those participating in pre-sale of the ICO
  • 5% bonus will be offered to the buyers investing in ICO during the first week of its launch.

Team Member:

  • The ICO has following team members
  • SIMON CHEONG is the Founder & CEO of the company
  • JAMES KONG is senior Dev advisor at GATcoin
  • GARY LING is the founding Dev Engineer at GATcoin
  • KARANDEEP SINGH is also a founding Dev Engineer of the company

Invest In GATcoin Tokens

GATcoin is going to be a game changer in the retail world. It has the enormous tendency to bring real disruption in the world as far as businesses of the retail sector are concerned. The ICO is going to give its consumers innovative ways to use their rewards and point of loyalty they earned from different resources. In short, life is going to be much easier than ever before with the launch of this amazing life changing platform. We suggest people should invest in GATcoin tokens for once at least.
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